UK: Posters Warning of Grooming Gangs Investigated by Police as “Hate Crime”

Sharia is becoming the law of the land in the UK. Source: UK Police Are Investigating My Group for “Hate Crime” for Posters Warning of Grooming Gangs

So-called civil rights activists, liberals and feminists claim one of their primary objectives is combating violence against women and misogyny. Yet in spite of the literally thousands of young girls who have been sexually assaulted by Muslim grooming gangs, Muslim citizens and migrants, the Left have been silent.

No condemnation, not a solitary drop of concern for the innocent lives that are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

A report, published by the Rotherham Council – a name now synonymous with child rape – originally uncovered by a British investigative journalist working for the Daily Mail, found that the authorities were aware of more than one third of the approximately 1400 children who’d been sexually exploited and abused between 1997 and 2013.

Yet they did nothing. In fact, I’d say they facilitated it.

I founded the British Renaissance Policy Institute (BRPI) in 2014, precisely because I wanted to see this horrific trend stopped. Not only in Rotherham, but across the country.

My men do this on a national level by seeking to shift the Overton window with our work online. On a regional and local level, we protest and hang up posters exposing crimes against children, as my men in the Worcestershire and Herefordshire Branch of the British Renaissance Policy Institute did this past week in Worcester.

The placard, which you can see in the original Worcester News article here, never even mentioned Muslims by name, in spite of the fact they are the sole demographic perpetrating the heinous acts. This was intentional, due to my members’ fears they’d be attacked not only by the press, but by the establishment complicit in the gang rapes they were seeking to expose.

Here is a photo of one of the others that were put up by a Worcester branch member:

As you can see, neither are even remotely offensive. All the BRPI member did was put up an old poster that used slightly Asiatic typography, in an attempt to elucidate the nature and religion of the people typically involved in the crimes.

In spite of their pious intentions, my men are now being menaced. Not solely by local Muslim groups, but by a hostile state that acts on their behalf.

We have been told that our putting up those signs, which merely said that we need to protect children from grooming gangs and featured a slightly Arabic-looking font, has now “resulted in the allegation that the person responsible for the sign may have committed a hate crime.” The police have literally launched a full-fledged investigation, and there are calls for the person responsible for putting up the placard to be investigated for racism offenses.

The State, the Labour councils and most importantly the perpetrators targeting children for sexual abuse need to be exposed for the criminals and ideologues they are. No one has done anything even remotely illegal, apart from the grooming gangs themselves.

[The] Threat the decent British people face not only from people hostile to our way of life, but the government that’s brought them here.


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