Michigan: Refugees – mostly Muslim – behind unusually robust Obamacare enrollment

ACCESS’s health clinic in Dearborn, Michigan, serves a predominantly Arab-American population. Many of their patients are new immigrants and refugees to the area. Elaine Cromie for Vox

As suspected, Obamacare is a transfer of wealth…in large part to non-American refugees, immigrants and illegals. In Michigan and elsewhere, it is a taxation for Islamization scheme.

Source: “Nobody’s speaking English”: in Detroit suburbs, Arab-American enrollment in Obamacare breeds resentment – Vox


Rahameed and her family — a husband and three children — did not have health insurance. Refugees get eight months of health coverage when they arrive in the United States but are then left on their own. Rahameed and Amri worked low-wage jobs that didn’t provide coverage. A bill for $981 showed up after they took their young daughter, Leeandra, to the emergency room for the flu. They took out seven credit cards to cover their medical bills.

“Every day I would pray that my kids don’t get sick,” Rahameed said.

She said she only felt completely safe in the United States when she signed up for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, around Christmastime last year. It meant that she could get seen for a persistent rash she’d had for years, that her husband could have surgery on a hernia he developed in a job requiring heavy lifting.

Refugees are a population that have quietly benefited from the Affordable Care Act, a group that historically struggled to make sense of the country’s complex, expensive health system — and one that has an immense amount at stake as the Senate continues its debate over Obamacare repeal and replacement Wednesday.

Detroit has unusually robust Obamacare enrollment for an urban area. One explanation for it is that the city has an especially high Arab-American refugee and immigrant population, whose members have signed up for the coverage expansion in droves.

The high enrollment among this groups in many ways represents the exact goals Democratic legislators had in mind when they passed the health care law: expanding coverage to vulnerable, marginalized populations.

But the type of Obamacare enrollment happening in Detroit also represents exactly what many Republicans voters hate about Obamacare: another government handout to a population that some of those voters believe takes more from the country than it gives.

The nonprofit Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) holds the Detroit area’s largest Obamacare enrollment grant. It has signed up more than 29,000 people for the coverage expansion, and 90 percent of those enrollments have been within Detroit’s Arab-American community.

“Before the Affordable Care Act, there were a lot of gaps in terms of who was eligible,” says Farah Erzouki, who oversees ACCESS’s Obamacare enrollment work as the organization’s public health manager. “Not only was it unaffordable, but our clients wouldn’t see the necessity. Now they know about the mandate, that America is a place where you carry health insurance, and they’re getting signed up.”

Macomb County, where Rahameed and her family live, is a hub for Iraqi immigrants to the United States. It is a sprawling suburban county just north of downtown Detroit. It is also among the 12 Michigan counties that flipped from voting for Obama in 2012 to supporting Trump in 2016. There are signs of tension from the quick expansion of benefits to the county’s rapidly growing immigrant population.

“I’m standing in the damn welfare office, and I’m looking around at all of these people that can’t even say hello to me in English,” one Trump voter in Macomb County said in a recent focus group. “They’re all there with appointments for their workers, which means they have health care. If you can come from somewhere else, why can’t we all get it?”

Historically, the United States has focused more on screening immigrants for communicable diseases than on treating them. Refugees are given eight months of medical assistance when they arrive in the United States and then are left to fend for themselves.

“By the ninth month, a lot of refugees aren’t that established, and then all of a sudden they lose their coverage,” says Susan Reed, a managing attorney with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center.

Refugees and immigrants have the same right to enroll in safety net programs as those born in the United States. This means they qualify for Medicaid, which provides health coverage to low-income Americans. Refugees are eligible for those benefits immediately, while immigrants must reside in the country for five years before participating.

If you read the entire Vox article they were very clever in using the term “Arabs” throughout their story and highlighting the plights of folks who may or may not be Muslim.

However, we know that during Obama’s eight-year reign (of terror), the unstated policy ensured that upwards of 90% of so-called refugees (when do they go home?) imported to the U.S. were Muslim.

And as stated in the article, the first eight months of Obamacare are covered for refugees…then they resort to other forms of American taxpayer-funded welfare.
In cities across America, there are refugee families with up to nine members apiece. Many, if not most, will be lifelong welfare recipients.

PS: A reader informs us that ACCESS of Dearborn (and other cities) is federally (i.e., taxpayer) funded and also runs the Arab-American Museum. Read more in the comments section below.


14 thoughts on “Michigan: Refugees – mostly Muslim – behind unusually robust Obamacare enrollment

  1. Certainly a concern. I’m more concerned with what they’re preaching, and preparing for, in their Islamic centers and mosques. Muslims don’t intend good things for America, Americans, and our laws and Constitution ……

  2. and that is what Obama worked for – to make us dhimmi. So many put a secular bent on him but when you look at what he did and what he said – he is a moslem, working for moslems. the tactics of the secular left and moslems are similar but in the end – moslems are just using the secular left… for now. Later they will deal with them, if islam wins.

  3. I live in Macomb county Michigan and this article is just the tip of the the iceberg. Many of the Arabic “poor” own party stores, which are largely cash businesses. They claim low income or no jobs, when in fact they live in 3500 square feet homes and drive $70,000 cars. Their children get free lunch, free breakfast, ESL Classes, food stamps(Many times they have a separate card in each name which is fraud). And of course free healthcare through OBAMACARE. I can’t wait to move out of this state, because it’s like living in a third world country! The refugees are loud, rude, and entitled. It’s truly sickening! Thanks Obama, you traitorous m uslim scumbag!

    • #Teresa. Thank you for telling the truth about these colonizing moochers and deviants! I wouldn’t want to live in Michigan for all the money they gave me! Where I live I rarely, if ever, see a mudslime! I consider myself, and our town, a haven of God’s mercy and grace! I know that’s b/c the local leadership is largely for Pres.Trump, and they had no use for Obama either! I truly feel sympathy for anyone who has to put up with the scumpukes that you’re describing! You’d think that more local leaders would begin to see what’s happening to their towns and try to defend our American values! We’ve become a nation of the blind leading the blind! What a hell-of-a mess!!!!!

      • For the first time EVER I used the quick check out(which is not really quick) at my Target. I usually have a full load of groceries. I go to the checkers because I like to talk with them. There were two moslems attending the lanes so I turned around and left for the quick check. I will not check out with them. I think this will be a crime soon here in Minnesota, after ‘what happened’ becomes required reading.

    • Yes. A teacher at elementary verified exactly what you said. They drive expensive cars and their children get free this free that. They claim to be low income but they are cash cows and all given free passes by the government

  4. By clicking the ‘Like’ button above, I’m saying that I “like” the EXPOSURE that CS is giving to show how VILE this Death Cult really is–I’m not saying that I LIKE the contents of what the story is about!!!!

  5. https://www.usaspending.gov/transparency/Pages/RecipientProfile.aspx?DUNSNumber=122499965&FiscalYear=2017
    ACCESS of Dearborn, MI recipient profile at USASpending.gov
    Shows nearly $5,000,000 awarded for 2017 in 25 transactions
    And a line graph for years 2008 through 2017
    ACCESS website shows museum under National programs tab
    ACCESS 2014 Form 990

  6. The National Network for Arab American Communities–NNAAC–is shown as a project and an institution of ACCESS Dearborn–it’s national map shows all the large Islamic states such as California, Florida, Texas, New York, Michigan, Minnesota and others. http://www.nnaac.org/
    Under the “members” tab there are two other organizations listed in Michigan, American Syrian Arab Cultural Association in Troy, MI and Arab American Heritage Council in Flint. The list shows 26 organizations nationwide in 11 states. http://www.nnaac.org/members#mi

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