France begins work on $36M bulletproof wall to stop Muslim terrorists at Eiffel Tower

An update on this prior post as build walls. Source: Flash – Eiffel Tower starts work on anti-terror upgrade – France 24

PARIS (AFP) –  Works began Monday to boost security at the Eiffel Tower as an anti-terrorism measure, city hall said, with bulletproof glass walls set to go up around the world’s most visited monument.

The changes come after a string of jihadist attacks in the French capital over the past two years in which more than 200 people have died.

A bulletproof glass wall will be installed around the monument’s gardens under the 30-million-euro ($36-million), nine-month works, the city’s tourism chief, Jean-Francois Martins, told AFP.

Visited by six to seven million people each year, the landmark already has a permanent police patrol.

But Paris councillors voted unanimously in March to boost its security due to the “particularly high terrorist threat”.

Last month a 19-year-old former psychiatric patient leapt over a security barrier at the tower wielding a knife, saying he wanted to attack a soldier.

Some 7,000 troops have been deployed under an anti-terrorism operation known as Sentinelle, patrolling streets and guarding tourist hotspots, since the jihadist attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in January 2015.

Martins said the renovations “will not disrupt visitors’ arrival in any way” and that tourists would still be able to walk up to the tower for free, after passing through security checks.

As we noted previously, they are building the wall in the wrong place. It should be along the French border.

France isn’t the only European city foolishly continuing to allow mass Muslim migration while simultaneously erecting barriers around historic sites to protect from Muslim terrorists (click to read).


15 thoughts on “France begins work on $36M bulletproof wall to stop Muslim terrorists at Eiffel Tower

  1. I have a much simpler solutions. Start the exodus of all your suspected terrorist muslims then oust all the muslims who were not born in France. Break all the no-go zones. As a final step, monitor, the rest of them who were born in France and jail all the ones who dare to attack or plan to attack.

  2. This wall will not stop mohhamadans at the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. Just who will die to protect monuments which are meaningless to a dhimmi government?

  3. Rather than commissioning contractors to laminate Western Civilization with plastic to prevent the stench & damage caused from the feces and urine of third world feral cats, simply stop puttig milk and tuna out on the porch. “Government Welfare” is the magnet responsible for social decline and political corruption.

  4. Because the followers of Islam have been for spreading Peace, NOT. Even the French who are enabling their own demise know they face a Great threat. This will not be enough to stop them from being destroyed by Islam.

  5. When you have to start “child proofing” your own country from a people who DO NOT APPRECIATE what the country has done for them, then they need to go back from whence they came!!!!!! All they know is destruction!! Just look where they came from… easy to figure out! It’s like if you want to rent out your house.. you want to do a background check and sometimes you want to see where and how they live at that time BEFORE you decide if they are the right fit! I feel sorry for the children and some of the women, because they are under the rule of their male prosecutioners of sharia law!!!!

  6. i thought walls didnt work???
    i wonder if the ragheads will be smart enough to throw their bombs over the wall and all the french fools will be trapped

  7. Every comment made is exactly what went through my mind.

    Just start the deportations and use the $36 million for that cost instead.

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