Minnesota: Muslim moms charged with female genital mutilation of two 7-year-old girls

Source: Minnesota moms charged as genital mutilation scandal widens

Federal prosecutors unveiled charges Thursday against the mothers of two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota whose genitalia were cut during a religious procedure earlier this year.

Haseena Halfal, 34, of Plymouth, Minnesota, and Zainab Hariyanawala, 31, were indicted five months after federal prosecutors unveiled the first female genital mutilation case in U.S. history.

The mothers were charged with female genital mutilation and conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation, according to the indictment, which was unsealed Thursday.

Halfal is a U.S. citizen and has custody of her daughter and a son, defense lawyer Dan Homstad told The News. He said he plans a vigorous defense.

“This is a very complex case and there are a lot of cultural issues at play that the (Dawoodi Bohra) community up here is struggling with,” Homstad said. “I represent two very caring and intelligent parents of two wonderful children. This arrest, of course, is very hard on the family.”

Halfal was arrested at her home Thursday by the FBI and arraigned in federal court in St. Paul, her lawyer said. She was released on bond and is expected to make an initial appearance Sept. 21 in Detroit federal court.

The status of Hariyanawala, whose hometown was not immediately available Thursday, was unclear and her lawyer did not respond to messages seeking comment.

Before Thursday, six people had been charged in a conspiracy to cut prepubescent girls as part of a religious procedure practiced by some members of the Dawoodi Bohra, a small sect of Shia Muslims from India.

Locally, most members of the sect belong to the Anjuman-e-Najmi mosque in Farmington Hills.

The lead defendant is Dr. Jumana Nagarwala of Northville, who is accused of mutilating the genitalia of the two Minnesota girls at a Livonia clinic in February.

Prosecutors estimate up to 100 girls were cut during the 12-year conspiracy. So far, the indictment references six victims.

The indictment is the latest development in a high-profile criminal case that has raised awareness about the procedure – and sharp divisions over it.

Prosecutors say the girls were cut but defense lawyers say the procedure performed on the girls was benign and not female genital mutilation. They accuse the government of overreaching.

Nagarwala is accused of mutilating the Minnesota girls Feb. 3 at the Burhani Medical Clinic in Livonia, owned by Dr. Fakhruddin Attar.

The Farmington Hills man has been indicted along with his wife, Dr. Farida Attar, who is accused of helping arrange the procedure and being in the examination room while it was performed.

The couple were arrested earlier this year and accused of accused of committing female genital mutilation, trying to cover up the crime and conspiring with Nagarwala to cut girls.

The indictment alleges Nagarwala and the Minnesota mothers plotted a night-time rendezvous at the Livonia clinic.

Nagarwala sent text messages to the moms directing them to meet her at the clinic Feb. 3, prosecutors allege.

The mothers drove with their daughters from Minnesota to Metro Detroit so Nagarwala could perform female genital mutilation that day at the Livonia facility, according to the indictment.

These aren’t isolated incidents. One Muslim woman in the U.S. stated, “Everybody knows somebody who has gotten their daughter cut [FGM].”

29 thoughts on “Minnesota: Muslim moms charged with female genital mutilation of two 7-year-old girls

  1. This is a Christian country not Muslim. Muslims need to accept our values and culture or leave this country, Deport all involved in any heinous act of female mutilation with NO exceptions.

    • They have no use for our values. Only use they have is for entitlements and safe place to practice barbarism. You think you invite a snake in your den he will not bite? They give the people the finger while enjoying the rape they perpetuate on the country that brought them in.

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  3. No more Muslims accepted into our country. and deport all who break our laws. Take ALL cases all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Female mutilations are a crime in this country but due to an ultra-liberal judiciary Muslims think they can get away with anything. How sad for this country; a real embarrassment.How un-Christian. We must stand up together and fight-off this nightmare and threat to our religion and culture..


  5. These barbarians lawyer said, “It’s complicated because of cultural differences”. Seriously!! Child abuse is illegal in the U.S. simple. If you intentionally cut a female child’s genitals, WHILE SHE IS AWAKE, not only is that abuse, but it’s torture! Every human rights lawyer and group ought to be screaming about this, but the left is too busy protecting Muslim scum, to worry about these little girls. Ban the barbaric cult of Islam!!

    • OMG!!! Is our legal system really this deluded and diabolical???? This defense lawyer, Dan Homstad, should NOT BE ALLOWED to practice law!!!! Have we TOTALLY lost our minds????? There is NO DEFENSE for torture or mutilation OF ANY KIND under any civilized jurisprudence! I’ll guarantee that if a jihadi terrorist, who was KNOWN to have committed COLD-BLOODED MURDER, were to be water-boarded at GITMO tomorrow, there would be NO END to the incessant uproar by the Left-tards–and this DEMENTED, MONEY-HUNGRY defense lawyer WOULD BE THE FIRST TO SCREAM “TORTURE”!!!!! BTW, water-boarding is NEITHER torture nor mutilation!!!

      Homstad told The News that he “plans a vigorous defense”….
      “This is a very complex case and there are a lot of cultural issues at play that the (Dawoodi Bohra) community up here is struggling with,” Homstad said. “I represent two very caring and intelligent parents of two wonderful children. This arrest, of course, is very hard on the family.”


  6. Europe should permit Muslims only if they forsake Islam. But that is not such easy especially in a religion like Islam as if ever their fellow religionists come to know about their intention they would slaughter them. Hence the Muslims must be first shown a safe path so that they renounce Islam but does not arouse suspicion among their fellow Muslims. See http://sanatanaparishad.blogspot.in/

        • Can’t help noticing–you didn’t refute the “savagery” part…. Hmmmm….. BTW, I think I’ll start a “new” religion that teaches my followers to slaughter innocent men, women and children who I DECIDE are different from me…. Oh geez, I forgot, that’s already been invented–BY MOHAMMED!!!

    • We can condemn a religious practice because Islam is a cult of barbarism grounded in 7th century thinking. The goal is destruction of any non Muslim society by whatever means necessary. In 2017, Islam is the ONLY “religion” that is actively violent against other religions, for no other reason, than they exist. The attack Christians. Jews, Hindus, Buddistd, and any other that get in their way.
      As to your nonsense argument on FGM, your “facts” are all incorrect and of course are written by Muslims, to justify the torture of female children. You asked a question about how can we demand that religious practices be stopped? At the turn of the century, a religious sect practiced “snake handling” as part of their rituals. If you didn’t get bitten, allegedly you were sinless. They began to make children learn to do this. The “snake handler” sect doesn’t exist in the U.S. any longer! People got bitten and died from rattlesnakes and copperhead. But the government’s argument was that this practice was inherently dangerous to both adults and children. The sect could exist, they just had to stop handling snakes.
      I tell this to you, because there is no purpose in FGM other than depriving a female of sexual pleasure and the torture of children.
      My wish and prayer is for Islam to be completely banned in the U.S., and exposed for the dangerit is! Further, I would like to see every non citizen Muslim deported(there are many Muslim country where they would be at home)and every Muslim citizen required to denounce Islam. I would like to see all Islamic schools, centers, and mosques closed. I believe Muslims in the U.S. are treated far better than Christians are treated in any Muslim country. That’s because the U.S. is in the 21st century, and Islam and all the savage, barbaric followers are firmly grounded in 7th century thinking, following the teachings of a violent, pedophilia, rapist, who probably suffered delusions as a result of syphilis eating his brain!

  7. These poor little girls have no say in this evil treatment. If this is banned in our country then it should be enforced by prison time And deportation and/or citizenship denied.

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  9. Ain’t it hysterical how the very same politicians who fight tooth and nail against the water boarding of murderous jihadists just can’t seem to find the same energy to condemn the Islamic practice of FGM? Hypocrite cowardly chicken shits, aka Democrats.

  10. It makes me wonder if the Doctor had the mutilation and likes hearing the little girls scream like she did. Disturbing! It is a religious rite that comes right out of the pit of Hell.

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