New Hampshire: Muslim refugee sexually assaults 4 girls, including a 7-year-old

Muslim refugee arrested

Another of Hussein Obama’s well-vetted Muslim refugees. Source: Nashua man accused of sexually assaulting girls –

A Nashua man is facing accusations that he had inappropriate contact with several young girls.

Mohammod Rafique is facing six charges, including two counts of felonious sexual assault. Nashua police said the incident happened in late August and involves four girls, including a 7-year-old.

“We’re alleging these offenses have had a great and substantial effect on both them and their parents,” prosecutor Don Topham said.

Rafique was described in court as a refugee from Myanmar who has lived in Nashua for two years. An interpreter was provided by phone.

Authorities said the charges involve inappropriate touching and happened at some sort of gathering.

“Through the investigation, we learned that he was acquainted with one girl’s family,” Lt. Kerry Baxter said. “He had attempted to offer them money and gifts and things like that to get one or more of the girls back to his house.”

Court records said when the girls interviewed, they gave essentially the same version of what happened.

Prosecutors asked for $50,000 bail, saying it was needed to protect the victims. Defense lawyers said Rafique is innocent.

“I have spoken with him and he understands the serious nature of these charges, but he is maintaining his innocence on these charges, and of course the court knows there is a presumption of innocence at this point,” defense lawyer Sarah Newhall said.

The judge set bail at $15,000, with another hearing scheduled for next month.

More on the charges:  Police: Nashua man arrested after alleged sex assault on four underage girls

Rafique was initially wanted for Class B felonious sexual assault, but police said after he was arrested he was charged with an additional count of Class B felonious sexual assault, as well as two counts of simple assault and one count of attempted simple assault, both Class A misdemeanors.


Each felony is punishable by up to seven years in state prison, while each misdemeanor is punishable by up to a year in county jail, police said.

New Hampshire has a growing Muslim problem – this is the third post on the state in the last month. Details here.

12 thoughts on “New Hampshire: Muslim refugee sexually assaults 4 girls, including a 7-year-old

  1. The family, friends and neighbors of ALL children raped by illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional muslim refugees must organize a mass protest at the White House against these monsters. Notify us on social media and we will be there with you.

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  4. And the Muslim scourge continues! I better watch my manners, as I was warned yesterday by FB (I was reported by some crybaby liberal) about my use of “offensive hate speech”, and my post was removed! It was actually a relatively mild post on immigration(DACA), and I mentioned the need to deport filthy Muslims as well. Muslims want to silence all of us, and are using FB, TWITTER, and other sites to do it! I still believe we need to ban Islam, deport all non citizen Muslims, and require citizens to denounce Islam. Next close all Islamic schools, centers, and mosques! I won’t be quiet until this plague of Islam in the U.S. is stopped!!

    • Interesting, Teresa!! A while ago I posted a video about the violence of muslims on my FB page and it was met with a counter reply from some savage, showing a dagger dripping with blood! I left it up for several months till I finally decided to remove it. FB never objected to the bloody dagger but, if my memory serves me right, my “offensive” video was removed!!!

      • Yep, the thought police at FB, and all social media sites love to put conservatives on notice. I think this particular post was reported by one of the other people on the thread. She said she was very offended and was going to report me! That sort of reminds me of what we used to call a “tattle-tale”, saying “I’m telling teacher!!!” Just wait, I bet that bitch never had to deal with this filth in her everyday life. She’s in for a big surprise!

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