Muslim illegals from Obama’s “dumb deal” with Australia to be resettled in U.S. within weeks

Source: Australian PM says first refugees to be resettled in U.S. under swap deal

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Wednesday the first group of about 50 men and woman held in two controversial detention centers for asylum-seekers on remote Pacific islands will be resettled in the United States within weeks.

The comments mark the first official timetable for when the United States will begin resettling up to 1,250 people held in Australian-run centers on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus island as part of a refugee swap deal struck by former U.S. President Barack Obama late last year.

Australia will begin resettling several dozen Central American refugees within weeks under the deal that U.S. President Donald Trump has described as “dumb” but has nevertheless said Washington will honor.

“There will be about 25 from both Manus and Nauru will be going to the United States and I just want to thank again President Trump for continuing with that arrangement,” Turnbull said in a video statement.

Three sources familiar with the process said about 25 men from countries such as Bangladesh, Sudan, and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar held on Manus island were the first to be told on Wednesday, with a similar number on Nauru to be told Thursday.

One Sudanese refugee approved for resettlement told Reuters he would leave Manus Island in a few days.

“It feels like my dreams are coming true. All we want is to go to a safe country,” said the refugee, who declined to be identified for fear of jeopardizing the resettlement.

While Trump has said he would honor the swap agreement, concerns remain about how many asylum-seekers will be resettled from the Australian-run centres.

Nearly 2,000 men, women and children are held on Manus island and Nauru, the majority of whom have been awarded refugee status by the two tiny Pacific countries.

Refugees and advocates cautioned against assuming the U.S. would take the full allotment, with its processing so far concentrated on individuals with applications that are both easier to verify through background checks and originate from citizens of nations with closer ties to the United States.

“Iranians are about a third of the refugees on Manus but are only about 10 percent of the ones interviewed so far,” said Ian Rintol, spokesman for the Refugee Action Coalition. “It seems there had been some discriminatory selection.”

U.S.-Iran relations have been strained under Trump, who called Tehran a “rogue nation” on Tuesday. As the two have no diplomatic ties, validating refugee claims is prohibitive.

Representatives of Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton, refused to comment.

Despite their refugee status, many of those on Nauru and Manus island have been held for four years in conditions widely criticized by the United Nations and human rights groups.

Australia is under increased pressure to resettle asylum-seekers from Manus Island because that center is due to close on Oct. 31.

Australia would need to make alternative arrangements should the bulk of the 800 men still be there by that deadline.

Under Canberra’s hardline immigration policy, asylum-seekers intercepted at sea trying to reach Australia are sent for processing at the Manus island and Nauru camps. They are told they will never be settled in Australia.

They’re coming to your city, but you won’t know about it until they are already sucking up your tax dollars.

Hopefully Trump slow walks this beyond October so no more Muslim refugees from this Obama deal are brought to the U.S.

14 thoughts on “Muslim illegals from Obama’s “dumb deal” with Australia to be resettled in U.S. within weeks

  1. Pass a law that all such immigrants be placed with senators and Congressmen for integration into American society.

    Obama has STOCKED them
    “STOCKING” Like when a
    farmer stocks a pond with bass or he stocks a field with quail. Obama has “STOCKED” this country with Muslims and other undesirables knowing
    full well that they will multiply like rats and wild hogs AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE
    and cause mayhem forever into the future of this country.
    Could there be any more proof that Obama hates this country.

    RCH October 24, 2013 |
    And I beg USA to please learn from the bitter lessons of history of Hindu sufferings due to Islaamic Jehaad. I beg the Americans to wake up to this pestilence, else it will completely ruin your great land. And U have to do this for ur American children so that they can leave in peace and prosperity, which the Jehaadis will not permit if they are given to thrive and multiply in your country. PS WAKE UP B4 IT IS TOO LATE and to hell with political correctness, esp towards INTOLERANT and MAD jehaadis.

  2. you know why australia wont take them right?
    because they are too dangerous for australia
    so i guess that makes them safe for the us?
    what a fucked up country we live in

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  4. This is UNACCEPTABLE! We must meet them at the point of entry, carrying everything we have an unconstitutional permit to carry, and physically prevent them from stepping foot on our soil. Then we need to do something about obama. That bottom feeding traitor is walking around where he doesn’t belong!

  5. I don’t understand why Trump has to honor the deal Obama the Muslim imposter made with anyone!. Tell Austrailia we changed our mind! There are so many other countries these scum could go to. How about another Muslim shithole, like Iran or anyplace in the Middle East. We, the people don’t want any more Muslims NONE! If by some freak circumstance, we have to take them, I think Beverly Hills Calif would be the perfect relocation spot. Maybe Jerry Bown could get one of his Hollywood buddies to take them in.

  6. More rapist, pedophiles, hebephiles female abusers and over all more insane people from the Islime cult as if we don’t have enough problems. Bravo the the cryptic Muslims who call themselves jews and Christians strike again on helping to bring on the caliphate. I am not surprised. These dildoheads and their female dildo followers have enabled this too. It is enough to make people in to nihilist. Trump is a puppet.

  7. My understanding is that Australia was trying to keep a promise that all boat-borne asylum seekers who attempted to arrive in Australia would neither be allowed to set foot on Australian soil nor would ever be given Australian residence nor citizenship. This promise was made to stem the flow of country-shopping immigrants travelling from Indonesia and was an important policy that almost eliminated the flood of refugees under a previous sympathetic liberal government.

    People claiming refugee status were never allowed into Australia and were housed in camps in New Guinea, set up in exchange for massive payments to the New Guinea government. The camps which housed those who were found not to be legitimate refugees had to be closed by the orders of the legal system of New Guinea, and its inhabitants had to moved elsewhere on a deadline. Australia was desperate to find alternate residency for these detainees, and so proposed a deal with the USA under Obama.

    The deal was essentially a swap of detainees between the US and Australia to try to solve both countries’ problems of people they didn’t want to let into their respective countries, but couldn’t get rid of by sending them home. The US had detainees from Central and South America, Australia had its boat people who boarded in Indonesia but came from many countries. The deal allowed the US to reject any ‘refugees’ that failed to pass US security checks, and in effect that could mean any of them.

    Again, it wasn’t about Australia dumping its terrorists on the US, but trying to stop a flood of country-shopping ‘refugees’. Given that many of these ‘refugees’ are muslim, you can’t ever escape the risk of their jihadism on any country that accepts them as refugees or immigrants.

    • Of course this comment will sound harsh, but why not leave their fate to the sea. If you climb onto a rickety boat to try and get to another country, you are assuming a risk of drowning. Just like those coming from Cuba to Miami. I’m sorry, but why are nations responsible to rescue these “invaders”, because in the end, that’s what they are!

      • I agree. The consequences for believing moslemism must be greater than the dreamed about bernefits of the tribal imams. Of course, this will be used against the West as it is in conflict our deepest held values.

  8. Send them home if they’re going to expect us to bow to Shiria law!! We have our own laws to deal with! Don’t want theirs!

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