Germany: Muslim “refugees” go on sex assault spree at Church festival (video)

h/t Vlad Tepes blog

German report here, Hirschaid: Volksfest von Sex-Attacken überschattet – Massenschlägerei zwischen Einheimischen und Flüchtlingen.

14 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim “refugees” go on sex assault spree at Church festival (video)

  1. Coming to an American city near you! Unless we stop Islam from spreading any further, and accept NO REFUGEES FROM ANY COUNTRY, this could happen here! Muslims are filthy, inbred savages and need to be eliminated!

      • Yeah, I’m pretty sure the”Jewish” influence is against Islam too! Since Christians and Jews are both on Muslims hit lists, I’m not too concerned. If you’re referring to the Israelis, they have been the only consistent friend to the U.S. in the region. I will take the support of 10 Jews any day, over the support of 1000 Muslims. The way I see it, the Jews never tried to blow-up or kill Americans!

      • #gazuuntight. Oh yeah, I remember it well, you mean like all of those wicked JOOS who gassed all those POOR INNOCENT NAZIS in the gas ovens during WW2! Yeah, what a shame! Oh wait…..

        Hey, gazuuntight, I THINK YOU SNEEZED YOUR BRAINS OUT!!!!!

    • That is nonsense. I have known many Muslims, and some of them became good and loyal friends. I detest Islam, but many Mohammedans are upstanding people. Not all of them, of course. We should not dehumanize our political enemies.

      • Sorry, ‘bolivious’ but it is patently IMPOSSIBLE to “know” muslims! They are notorious for LYING THRU THEIR TEETH about anything and everything–and MOST DEFINITELY they WILL LIE TO YOU about their deceitful oppressionist, tyrannical sharia tactics! Someone has said, ‘It’s [lying is] in their DNA’! Yeah, that pretty much describes MUZZLUMZ!!! Oh, ahh, BTW, good luck with all of your ‘muzzlum’ “friends”, ‘bolivious’–I understand that the Lebanese citizens (once a majority Christian ME country) were extremely welcoming and friendly to all their muzzlum neighbors (yes, “friendly, neighborly” muslims!)–BEFORE THEY WERE SLAUGHTERED IN COLD BLOOD BY THOSE SAME “FRIENDLY MUZZSLIME NEIGHBORS”!!!!!

      • As you are free to have whom ever you want as a friend, I might caution that you don’t suffer the same fate as the Pakistani Christian mentioned in a very recent creeping sharia story. His Muslim “friend” reported him to the police for blasphemy and now he faces a death sentence! Beware of Greeks bearing gifts as the saying goes!

  2. I think the KEY here, was that German “men” stood by and allowed their women to be raped! German men are wimps, wusses and pussymouth shadows of their grandfathers. They should be ashamed!

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