Michigan: Muslim FGM doc caught fleeing U.S. is freed on $4.5M bond

Source: Muslim doctor accused of mutilating ‘countless’ little girls freed on $4.5 million bond

After five months in jail, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, the Detroit-area Muslim doctor accused of mutilating the genitalia of “countless” young girls, was released on a $4.5 million unsecured property bond Tuesday

“I was there in the courtroom. I saw it all,” said Elizabeth Yore, an international child-welfare advocate and leader of the #EndFGMToday initiative.

Yore said Dr. Nagarwala, 44, appeared Tuesday before Judge Bernard Friedman in an orange jumpsuit, her head covered by a hijab or Muslim headscarf. She remained silent during the entire pretrial detention hearing.

By the end, the doctor flashed a brief smile when she was told by the judge she would be released from jail pending her trial, which will likely occur in 2018. She then wept, which her attorney called “tears of joy.”

Until Tuesday, Nagarwala had been the only one of eight defendants in the nation’s first FGM case being held without bond.

Yore said all those fighting to remove FGM from American society were disappointed with the judge’s decision, because Nagarwala served as the “hub of a FGM network” that was abusing young girls, and she also poses an extreme flight risk. Federal prosecutors had argued for no bond in her case.

“Dr. Nagarwala serves as the main defendant and the central hub of this particular FGM underground network,” Yore said. “As such, she poses a danger to society and a grave flight risk.

“While the facts of this case will be horrifying for these little girls to relive, the shocking details that will emerge from Dr. Nagarwala’s upcoming trial will raise awareness about the barbaric practice of FGM.”

Nagarwala has been in prison since she was arrested in April at Detroit International Airport trying to board a flight to Kenya. That alone, along with her wealth and connections in India and Africa, makes her a flight risk.

But her lawyers agreed to multiple conditions to win her release after “friends and family” helped her pony up $4.5 million in real estate in multiple states. At least $2.5 million worth of assets were put up by the doctor herself.

She will remain in home detention until her trial, will have an ankle monitor and will surrender her passport.

“The judge seemed to buy that but having had experience with international child abduction, and Muslim fathers trying to flee with their abducted American children and having heard judges say ‘give me your passport’ and yet off they go, I’m still skeptical,” said Yore, who has represented hundreds of American women trying to get their children back from fathers who whisk them off to countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Nagarwala is charged with conspiracy, genital mutilation, transporting minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, lying to FBI agents and obstructing an official proceeding. If convicted, she could face up to life in prison.

Nagarwala is one of eight defendants in the growing federal case, the first of its kind in the United States. The defendants now include two doctors, a doctor’s wife and assistant, and two mothers who willingly turned their 7-year-old daughters over to Nagarwala to have their genitalia cut and removed. The genital parts were then allegedly given to the parents to be buried in a ritualistic ceremony practiced by the Dawoodi Bohra, a sect of Shia Islam based in western India. The sect operates 22 mosques across the United States.

Some critics have decried the “misleading” reports of Detroit newspapers, which have portrayed female genital mutilation as practiced by a single, isolated sect of Islam, the Dawoodi Bohra, despite evidence it is embedded within Shariah rules for living and widely practiced within the mainstream Sunni Muslim cultures of Egypt, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and other countries.

“When I look at this case, I see that even journalists writing about the situation are trying to paint this as a certain sect of Islam, and not a general Islamic problem, with no proof whatsoever of what they are saying,” said Dr. Mark Christian, a physician and former Sunni Muslim who practiced gynecology in Egypt but later converted to Christianity and moved to America.

“Dr. Nagarwala and this group of Shia Muslims, all of them working together as a Muslim enclave in Detroit, appear to have operated a clinic that provides Shariah-compliant OB-GYN services, and the media and everyone is trying their best to paint this as if it is not a Muslim problem at large but just a single sect,” Dr. Christian said. “This is a very sad situation where fear of offending Islam is overriding everything among those trying to abide by what’s politically correct. I thought in America everyone had the right to voice their opinion and speak the full truth.”

Christian said that if such a barbaric practice were occurring within a sect of Christianity, the reaction from the media would be far different, and the defendant would likely not be offered bond of any amount.

“If this had happened in a church or any other religious group other than Islam, it would be Armageddon on that group, but because of the fear of Islam nobody can challenge it whatsoever,” Dr. Christian said. “When you are dealing with the First Amendment, yes we have to respect that, but at the same time, it’s not a free hand to do whatever you want to harm any human being, and we should challenge Islam on those grounds.

“We should appreciate the freedom of religion and cleanse our society of any practice that harms human beings, especially young girls who haven’t even reached puberty, denying them their identity and denying them heir womanhood.”

All eight defendants are now lawyered up with their own separate attorneys.

Judge Friedman also forbade them from using the Internet, but granted exceptions for an upcoming period of holy days.

“They asked for a special exception to go on the Internet to watch sermons for a special holy day,” Yore said. “The judge asked how long does the sermon take, and they said 10 days.”

Friedman, a Reagan appointee, “bent over backward” to accommodate, Yore said.

Based on previous statements from her attorney, Nagarwala’s defense team appears to be ready to base its entire defense on her simply exercising her First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

“They say they should be able to do what they want with respect to their religion,” Yore said. “Well, did we give a pass to David Koresh [of Branch Davidians], Jim Jones [of Jonestown] or Warren Jeffs [Mormon sect] to practice child abuse in the name of their region? No, we laughed at it, we scoffed at it, and we should be doing the same thing in this case.”

Just last week, two more Muslim moms were arrested for genital mutilation on their 7-year old daughters.

6 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslim FGM doc caught fleeing U.S. is freed on $4.5M bond

    • Most likely, yes! People who themselves have been abused, usually are the first ones to abuse others, esp. when it comes to sexuality issues!! The real tragedy is that we (meaning our legal system) are so willing to bend over backwards to accommodate this kind of child abuse and torture just b/c these 7th century savages have figured out how to use our 1st Amendment rights against us!!! THIS WOMAN HAS COMMITTED AN ACT OF UNSPEAKABLE HORROR AGAINST INNOCENT CHILDREN UNDER THE FALSE PRETEXT OF HER RELIGIOUS RIGHTS! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should she receive anything but a maximum sentence (of Life w/o parole) and bail should not even be a consideration!!!

  1. This country has allowed the serpents of Islam to infiltrate and they intend to devour us at every opportunity. Stop all mudslime from immigrating. They are vermin from the bowels of the earth.

  2. The judge who granted bond release of this savage, should be kicked off the court! Everybody is so afraid of this Islamic scum who have invaded our country, they are not doing anything to in force our laws! In what universe is it ok to torture children in the name of religion? If Islam practiced human sacrifice, (which in a way they do with honor killings)would we also give them a pass?! In this politically correct climate, we probably would! BAN ISLAM IN THE U.S.! DEPORT ALL MUSLIM NON CITIZENS, CLOSE ALL MOSQUES, SCHOOLS AND CENTERS! Islam is a 7th century cult of hate and barbarism. We need to wipe it off the face of earth!

  3. When they are cornered with the fact that islam does FGM, moslems denied it. When they are caught doing it they demand to let them continue to do it on the basis of ‘religious rights’. Basically one cannot trust a moslem since lying is a part of jihad (jihad by the word/pen) and jihad is an obligation in islam. (jihad is ANY and ALL tactics and strategies of war and aggressive politics to advance sharia)

    I don’t care if the person had it done to their own self, I am sorry for them BUT that does not mean that it should be done to another. Just as being sexually abused does not entitle the person to do it to others, nor beating, nor any sort of abuse mean that it should be done to another.

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