Canada: Muslim judge jails man for 5 months for “no more Muslims” scrawls

Source: Oshawa man jailed five months for anti-Muslim graffiti at bus stops |  h/t Jihad Watch

OSHAWA — A judge has sentenced a man who scrawled anti-Muslim graffiti at bus stops in Durham Region to five months in jail.

Joseph Porco shows little insight into the harmful nature of his conduct, Ontario Court Justice Ferhan Javed said in handing down the sentence Thursday, Sept. 21.

“Mr. Porco’s message left black marks on a public bench but even after the words are scrubbed away with a guilty plea, it leaves stains that may be more permanent,” the judge said. “Mr. Porco’s message was both hateful and hurtful to the community and needs to be deterred.”

Porco, 56, of Oshawa, pleaded guilty to a single count of mischief. He was arrested after Durham police began investigating more than a dozen incidents of someone scrawling “No More Muslims” in February and March of this year on Durham Region Transit bus shelters in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa.

Porco was caught “red-handed” by police conducting surveillance on a bus shelter, court heard. He was charged with multiple counts of mischief, but no hate crimes.

After his arrest, Porco told police he felt people were “taking advantage of living in this country,” court heard.

Porco’s defence lawyer, Paul Affleck, had lobbied for a term of house arrest. Justice Javed said Thursday the facts of the case warrant real jail time.

The judge cited Porco’s lengthy criminal record, which includes convictions for criminal harassment and mischief, as well as a history of ignoring court-imposed orders as rationale for rejecting a conditional sentence.

Also a factor is Porco’s failure to recognize the true nature of his behaviour, the judge said; Porco has apologized, but seems to think his offence is limited to vandalism.

“What is plainly missing from the apology is any insight about his actions in choosing hateful words and any semblance of what effect his words would have on the community,” Justice Javed said. “It does not matter that he wasn’t charged with a specific hate crime, because this was a hate crime disguised as mischief.”

Porco has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder with persecutory features, a finding the convicted man rejects, the judge noted. His mental health may have been a factor in his behaviour, “but I simply can’t be sure of this,” the judge said.

Incidents of “bigotry and hate” appear to be on the rise in the region, the judge noted.

“Mr. Porco’s message was clear: No More Muslims,” the judge said. “There can be no other rational inference to be drawn except that he targeted a segment of the community based on religious grounds.”

Meanwhile, Canadian judge acquits pro-ISIS “refugee” on four terrorism charges:

…a Muslim “refugee” made 85 Facebook posts glamourizing ISIS and praising the murders of two Canadian soldiers. But he was acquitted.

Othman Hamdan, a Muslim “refugee,” was charged with making Facebook posts promoting ISIS, “calling [on] lone wolves to ‘activate’ across the U.S.”

However, the judge ruled that while the posts were “offensive, that did not mean that [Hamdan] was encouraging or inciting acts of murder, assault and mischief…” adding:

Then a Canadian citizen, who may be delusional, scrawls three words on a bus bench — not even a derogatory name, let alone a call to action or violence — but he’s thrown in jail by a Muslim judge for nearly half a year.

And all of this before M-103, the anti-Islamophobia motion is turned into law…

As we wrote last week, Canada is quickly becoming Canadastan.

PS: There are also Muslim judges at all levels across the U.S. Like here, here, here and here and here to name a few.



21 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim judge jails man for 5 months for “no more Muslims” scrawls

  1. Ok Ferhan Javed, here’s one for YOU…. NO MORE MUZZPIG TERRORIST JUDGES, LIKE YOU, running our American and Canadian courts and GIVING A PASS TO ALL YOUR FELLOW MUZZPIG TERRORISTS AND MURDERERS!!!

    Oh, ahh, I don’t suppose you can remember Othman Hamdan, a Canadian muzzlum “refugee” (AHEMM!) WHO WAS TRIED IN YOUR COURT, who had been charged with making 85 FACEBOOK POSTS glamorizing ISIS!!! Yeah, make no mistake, that number was 85–EIGHTY FIVE–FB POSTS GLAMORIZING ISIS!!! Not to mention also, that that same MUZZPIG (JUST LIKE YOU, Ferhan Javed) also PRAISED one of his fellow MUZZPIG TERRORISTS (JUST LIKE YOU, Ferhan Javed) b/c his fellow MUZZPIG TERRORIST (JUST LIKE YOU, Ferhan Javed) had MURDERED TWO CANADIAN SOLDIERS IN COLD BLOOD!!!!! Oh, ahh, not for nuthin’, YOU MUZZPIG TERRORIST, Ferhan Javed, YOU ACQUITTED THAT MUZZPIG TERRORIST–oh, ahh, and did I mention that he was JUST LIKE YOU. Ferhan Javed!!!!!

    Ahh, here’s another one for you, YOU MUZZPIG TERRORIST, Ferhan Javed–GO TO HELL–and DO NOT PASS “GO” or collect $200.00, YOU G-DAMNED MUZZPIG TERRORIST!!!!! Oh, ahh, and did I forget to mention that you’re a g-damned MUZZPIG TERRORIST, Ferhan Javed?????

  2. What a waste of jail space! If this man is truly mentally ill, it would seem he would have grounds for appeal. Plus, the MUSLIM judge should have recused himself. But of course, this is Canada so….what do you expect? And letting a terrorist go is beyond stupid, but again a MUSLIM judge so it only follows their logic. Just so long as it stays North of the border, not much we can do but, shake our heads!

    • Unfortunately, Teresa, I’m afraid we’ve got WAY MORE than our share of this kind of thing, going on right here under our noses, in the good ole USA, in places like Dearborn and Sailorsburg in the Poconos (PA)! The trouble is, our biased media isn’t reporting half of what’s really going on!!!!

  3. Not surprising! The judge is a muslim and is biaised. Before we had muslims in this country, we never had to worry about the religion followed by judges, MPs, or any other person in power like presidents of human rights commissions. We knew they were ethical and professional and were going to fulfill their duties honorably. Now we see outrageous sentences and we can see undoubtedly that the person in authority is not neutral and unable to be ethical. They follow personal agendas, almost like vendattas, in positions that they obviously are unable to hold. Because they dont have any integrity.

  4. Public property is the wrong place to display condemnation of #GdM, neither is private property you don’t own. But promoting a public policy issue, the same one Geert Wilders promptes in Holland, is not immoral and should not be illegal.
    No more #GdM: In Dar al-Harb or anywhere!!! Cast them out, keep them out and as Chump told the Saudis: get them off this planet.

    Why? ‘cuz #GdM are commanded by the demon to attempt global conquest using genocide & terrorism as battle tactics. ‘Cuz #GdM are threatened with eternity in Hellfire if they shirk Jihad and promised eternity in the demon’s celestial orgy if they perform it.

    Does any sane person want to live near #Gdm who are commanded, by the demon who enslaves them, to “fight those of the disbelievers nearest you”?!? That is why #NoMoreGdM!
    Doubters, deniers, dissenters; Damned Fools one and all~ Google this: + “The Book Of Jihad” and try to read the table of contents without losing continence. Then you will know why: #NoMoreGdM! .

    • #dajjal. Yes, of course…. You are totally and 100% correct! Public (or private) property is NO PLACE to scribble graffiti of any kind! The guy is guilty of defacing public property! He may even be guilty of committing a “hate crime”, as the liberal definition now goes, but we both know that 5 MONTHS of jail time is totally excessive! Another thing we both know is that IF this case were reversed, and a muslim had been caught scribbling a swastika on a Jewish synagogue, there would be NO JAIL TIME even considered by this biased piece of human excrement, who calls himself a “judge”! More than likely, he would have DISMISSED the case ENTIRELY on the “lack of sufficient evidence”!!!

      • Hate is a state of intense anger engendered by evil. There is no good cause for criminalizing an emotion. In the case of ‘hate crime’. it is necessary to arrest, try and jail every #GdM on grounds of Wala Wal’ Bara. Every #GdM, by demonic mandate, hates whomever Allah hates and Allah hates infidels! Doubters, deniers & dissenters, search for ‘fountainhead of hate’, yer’ll find the disgusting details.

        The double standard is a sad state of affairs which must be reversed. Balls, spines & SISU are in short supply.

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  8. Re: “He was arrested after Durham police began investigating more than a dozen incidents of someone scrawling “No More Muslims” in February and March of this year on Durham Region Transit bus shelters in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa. Porco was caught “red-handed” by police conducting surveillance on a bus shelter, court heard. He was charged with multiple counts of mischief, but no hate crimes.”

    Well, thank allah they used those scarce police resources properly to stake-out bus shelters for anti-muzi graffiti, eh? (You know, in stead of investigating rapes, gangs, murders, and all the lesser forms of crime).


  9. I just can’t get my head around the title ‘Justice Javed’.

    That’s too funny. It sounds more like the name for some mouth frothing, rabid Muslim, squatting in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan with his finger pointed at the cave ceiling shrieking Quranic quotes on video and promising the downfall of the West.

    Besides, like you can have a Western ‘Justice’ who is a Muslim. The very concept is laughable.

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