Indiana: Muslim immigrant Lyft driver arrested for raping woman before driving her home

Source: Lyft driver accused of raping Zionsville woman before driving her home – Indianapolis, IN

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. – A Lyft driver is accused of raping a woman in Boone County.

Zionsville Police Detective Elizabeth Frost said driver Nour Baber Mahmoud Albadri, 22, allegedly pulled over his vehicle just outside of Zionsville and raped a 23-year-old passenger. Police said the victim managed to record the incident on her cell phone.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Albadri picked up the passenger around 4 a.m. on September 16. He began talking inappropriately to the passenger before pulling over, locking the doors and leaning on top of her. He touched her inappropriately while the victim pleaded for him to stop, which he eventually did. Alabdri can then be heard apologizing redundantly in the recording the victim took of the incident.

Frost said after the incident, Albadri, who is originally from Jordan, drove the woman to her home in Zionsville.

An investigation began and Albadri was arrested Friday in Indianapolis.

The owner of the gas station where Albadri worked said the man gave notice last week that he was quitting, but that he was still working there when police came to arrest him.

Courtney Harness told RTV6 she used ride sharing apps and has gone on rides by herself before, but that she is now reconsidering that.

“I normally let someone know where I’m going and normally when I’m get there I let them know I made it,” Harness said. “But I probably won’t ride by myself anymore. Maybe if one or two people were with me.”

Following his arrest, Albadri was taken to the Boone County Jail with a bond set at $250,000 as the judge feared he would leave the country.

Albadri was charged with rape, criminal confinement and two counts of sexual battery.

Is he a Muslim refugee? An illegal? A dreamer? Will any reporter dare investigate?

In NYC: Muslim Lyft Driver Terrifies Passenger, Tells Her to Convert to Islam, Arrange Syrian Marriage.

Uber has the same Muslim rape problem.


5 thoughts on “Indiana: Muslim immigrant Lyft driver arrested for raping woman before driving her home

  1. They do not understand; We do not understand: The muslim is from a different culture.The muslim from birth is taught taqyiyya, kitman and many other forms of deceit, They are commanded to rape, murder and destroy all that is not written in their koran. Although I find a rattlesnake beautiful I am not going to kiss it.
    Albadri is probably a nice guy and a good muslim. Its just that he thinks one way while Americans think another. Best we do not try to mix.

    • Ahemm!! Hey, Catman, “nice guy”, huh??? Whoa…. you can’t see anything about this guy’s MUGSHOT that gives you a clue???? Hey, ahh, maybe you’re a “nice guy”, Catman, but seriously, I won’t be calling on you to pick any friends for me!!!

  2. Rape cannot be a part of any civilized culture. If those who believe it is acceptable cannot or refuse to obey society’s laws then they should be forcibly removed to a country that agrees with their beliefs and if one can’t be found I’m sure there are plenty of deserted islands around the world where they can be dumped.

    • OMG, Whoa!!! OMG, imagine a lone indefensible woman climbing into a car with this dirtbag degenerate! What’s more, she says, “I probably won’t [do that again]…”! I mean, WOMAN, GET A GRIP or something!!! Also, to ‘jesusdidntgiveuponme’… We could only hope that the “deserted island” is a DESERT island, completely infested with coral snakes and scorpions, and totally surrounded by undrinkable salt water!!!!! On second thought, give him enough water to drink so he’ll last at least 30 days fighting off the snakes and scorpions!!!! On third thought, maybe that’s still too lenient of a sentence…..

  3. Muslims are degenerates by nature, Muslim men are filthy, nasty, degenerates by their cult and societal beliefs. I’m sure this savage thought it was perfectly acceptable to rape a woman, particularly a non-Muslims woman. This is just one of the many reasons to ban Islam in the U.S. These Muslim men are indoctrinated from birth of their supposed superiority, and they can take what ever they want. Plus centuries of inbreeding have caused, violent tendencies and sexual depravity(genetically)

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