Minneapolistan: Muslim Uber driver accused of taking girl to his place for ‘quick sex’

ICYMI. Source: Minneapolis Uber driver accused of taking girl to his place for ‘quick sex’

A Minneapolis girl says an Uber driver took her to a West St. Paul apartment instead of her own home in hopes of having “quick sex” with her.

The girl was able to contact a friend who alerted police, and she was not physically harmed. But officers who came to her rescue reported she was “very emotional, crying, and did not know where she was.”

The Uber driver, Dahir Abdillahi Aden, 50, who authorities say lives in Crystal, was charged Monday in Dakota County District Court with false imprisonment “of someone else’s child under the age of 18.” The charges did not specify the victim’s age.

Uber said it has permanently removed Aden’s access to the service and he has not taken a trip on the UberX platform since the day of the alleged incident.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl told police that Aden picked her up the evening of Aug. 4 in North Minneapolis and then picked up her friend to take him to work in South Minneapolis. After dropping off her friend, the girl asked Aden to take her back home to North Minneapolis, but he refused and started driving down a highway.

“Aden told her he was taking her back to his apartment to have sex and she should not tell anyone,” an investigator wrote in the complaint. When they got to the apartment complex in West St. Paul, Aden wanted her to “go inside to have quick sex.”

Police received a call shortly before 7 p.m. from the girl’s friend, who told them the girl had sent a photo of the car and address in West St. Paul where she had been taken. She also called to ask him to pick her up but Aden was telling her to shut off her phone and go with him into the apartment.

When police arrived, the girl flagged them down and Aden quickly started his car, according to the charges. Officers told Aden to exit the car and he was placed under arrest. Aden had “a large amount of condoms” on him at the time.

Aden at first told officers the girl was his girlfriend, but later said he was just giving her a ride home to Minneapolis.

“The officer asked Aden why he was in West St. Paul if he was giving her a ride to Minneapolis,” an investigator wrote. “Aden paused and then repeated that he was giving her a ride home to Minneapolis.”

Aden’s first court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 14. False imprisonment is a felony with a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Aden’s Minnesota criminal record indicates nothing more serious than parking and “unreasonable acceleration” convictions.

No update on the year-old case.

19 thoughts on “Minneapolistan: Muslim Uber driver accused of taking girl to his place for ‘quick sex’

  1. The more cases I see like this, the more I’m convinced that the show on MSNBC called “to Catch a Predator” was cancelled due to political pressure. i’d noticed that frequently the predators were foreigners who had hoped to take advantage of USA’s love of diversity. It sickens me that our gov’t protects these pedophiles rather than American children.

    • I don’t know what planet you come from but most American don’t like nor were ever asked if they wanted more diversity. Please remove your head from your A_ S and leave this country go & live in a third world country so you can experience reality up and close.

    • I agree, Sandra, and the more cases I also see such as this, the more I’m also convinced the show on MSNBC called “To Catch a Predator” was cancelled due to political pressure. When I did watch this program, I also noticed the numbers of foreigners who had hoped to take advantage of America’s love of diversity. I completely understand why you’re upset, I’m upset also. It also sickens me that our gov’t. protects these pedophiles instead of American children. This gov’t. is derelict in its duty to protect children from pedophiles.

    • Also all the political and weslthy men who abuse children. Might catch Jeffrey Epstein or another rich evil fool. It should be a serious crime to abduct women and especially kids or underage persons!

  2. Firstly, this is why I never use Uber – too many people with different ideas to what is legally and culturally acceptable in our societies, use Uber for employment and as a result, we regularly hear of problems like this. Take a licensed taxi, without exception – Uber has many good drivers in its pool of course – but it also attracts people like this male and we keep hearing of stories like this.

    Secondly this is a prime example of an individual from a culture that is alien to ours who for some unknown reason has been allowed into America. He does not bring a ‘value add’ to America – he is a Uber driver for Pete’s sake. America does not HAVE to let him in and he cannot offer anything positive to America.

    That poor girl should now be layering herself in a team of lawyers, preparing to go after the Government for letting this person into the nation to begin with. And this person, once his jail sentence is complete, should be immediately deported, without exception or delay and permanently banned from ever reentering America.

    This creature comes from a culture that says that what he did is completely acceptable, because she was a female on her own out at night, uncovered and unaccompanied. That is not a value add culture to add to America’s cultural melting pot. That is the simple truth whether it is offensive to someone to hear.

    • You are so right! We expect these savages to behave civilized and that will never happen. Firstly, they come from an area that is third world and they know nothing else. Secondly, they have no desire to change because the Koran wants men to act this way. Barbarism is ingrained and applauded by Islam. That is the main reason it should be banned in the U.S. and all Muslims should be deported!

    • There are 325 million Americans, which is way more than enough to meet any of our needs. We don’t need anyone immigrating here for any reason.

  3. I know it’s TERRIBLY evil and racist (and any number of additional negative adjectives) to say this out loud…but haven’t Americans learned…YET…not to trust these people?

  4. This all started when the Israeli Mossad did 911, aided by the NeoCON substructure of the NWO perps: Wolfowitz, Kristol, Perle, Kissinger, ad nauseum, who needed a “New Pearl Harbor” to “Secure the Realm”. Now the $21 Trillion debt of non-stop ME WAR has laid an OBAMA-Nation on America.
    One has only to ask any German or Swede how wonderfully MULTI-CulturaliZm is working out. Given the leadership role of noted AshkeNAZI in this planned destruction of Western Christian Civilization-and the White Race-one need only pull back and ask: “How was Hitler wrong about anything?”

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