Michigan: Sharia Crime Stoppers educating LEO’s on criminal side of sharia (audio)

Listen and read. h/t New Zeal

An interesting revelation comes around the 3-minute mark in the Sharia Crime Stoppers audio above. That is, that the devout Muslim running for governor in Michigan – who vows to make Michigan a sanctuary state – is the son-in-law of a leader at terror-linked CAIR. 

We’ve updated this post on Abdul El-Sayed’s bid for Michigan governor – Michigan: MSA alum launches campaign to be first Muslim governor in U.S. – with details on the Muslim Brotherhood familial connections of Abdul El-Sayed including his wife – a former MSA president – and father-in-law – a former CAIR president and current board member.

Abdul El-Sayed

According to their website :

Shariah Crime Stoppers is a forthright campaign demanding that the American justice system effectively deal with the criminal aspects of Sharia. Police and prosecutors must be trained in Sharia, and citizens must demand that the full force of American law be applied once again within in their communities, despite political pressure to the contrary.

Sharia Crime Stoppers activities are underway in several states where sheriffs and police chiefs have taken action to train their officers in the specifics of Sharia. This certified training is provided by experts in the field; it is offered, without fanfare, at no charge other than travel and lodging expenses. 

Send Sharia Crime Stoppers an email [administrator@refugeeresettlementmonitormichigan.com with the Subject line = Cost-Effective Law Enforcement Training] to obtain the training course curriculum and to connect your local sheriff and/or police chief with one of the instructors.

If you have friends or family in law enforcement, share this with them.

2 thoughts on “Michigan: Sharia Crime Stoppers educating LEO’s on criminal side of sharia (audio)

  1. I live in Michigan and this savage scares the shit out of me! When he announced in the spring about his run for governor, I immediately got on line about the dangers of Muslims in ANY office. I will do everything in my power to make sure this Muslim barbarian doesn’t get near the Governor’s mansion. I can’t do this alone, so I’m open to any suggestions, or support I can get. We cannot allow this “man” to be the first Muslim governor in American. He’s just another Barack Hussein Obama – the first Muslim president! God help us all!

  2. If people haven’t figured out by now that Muslims will always put Islam above everything else, we are doomed. They have shown it for over 1400 years in their quest to take over the world. barry soetoro showed us exactly why any Muslim Can NOT be trusted in any office. All you have to do is look at any of them and their actions. Keith Ellison, The London Mayor, Town Counsel members, etc.

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