Univ of Texas Psych Professor Threatens Student For Criticizing Islam

Source: University of Texas Psychology Professor Threatens Bisexual Student For His Criticism Of Islam – MILO NEWS

Eve Browning, chair of philosophy at the University of Texas at San Antonio, threatened a bisexual student with disciplinary action for his criticism of Islam.

During a meeting with then-graduate student Alfred MacDonald, Browning claimed that even though UTSA is a public university, he could be dismissed for his criticism of Islam.

MacDonald, who recently went public about the 2016 meeting via Facebook, was having an out-of-class conversation with another student when he said: “I don’t have a high opinion of Islam.”

“I was having an outside-of-class conversation with another graduate student about the religious leanings of philosophy professors. Specifically, I was curious if there would be any bias toward me if I took a religious philosophy course as an atheist,” he explains in his detailed recollection of the encounter with Browning. “I didn’t think there would be; I took a theology course at a Catholic university, and was openly atheist, and had zero pushback about this.”

“So I commented that I had a good opinion of Christian professors in this regard. The student I was talking to mentioned that she was Christian but that her fiance was Muslim,” he continued. ” I said ‘I don’t have a high opinion of Islam’, and mentioned the aspects you heard in the recording. I mentioned that I didn’t have anything against her fiance personally and that I was strictly talking about the religious beliefs themselves. I took this to mean that she wanted to talk about our personal lives, so I mentioned my fiancee and our leanings and we talked about what restaurants she’s worked at.”

MacDonald explains that, after the conversation with his fellow student, Browning called him into her office for a meeting, stating she was concerned about his behavior.

“Since she insisted that I meet her in person in light of this, I reasoned that her issue is probably not convenience or efficiency but concealment of at least some part of what she was going to talk about,” he explained via Facebook. “Therefore, as Texas is a one-party consent state, it was in my best interest to record whatever this was.”

“Well the reason why we’re meeting and why I asked to meet is that several faculty and several other graduate students have expressed concerns about things you’re doing in class and out of class and the nature of the concerns,” Browning said during the meeting. “There’s a concern about your having made some inappropriate comments to other graduate students.”

Browning then states that a fellow professor claimed MacDonald had “compromised and harmed one of our main interests.”

“It was a conversation you had with a couple of other students,” she continued. “The topic of one student being engaged to a Muslim came up, and it was alleged that you made offensive comments about Islam to that student.”

“I said that I was bothered that I could be killed in ten Muslim countries. I’m bisexual,” MacDonald stated.

Browning then tries to twist MacDonald’s words to seem like he was insulting a specific person rather than expressing his concerns about an ideology that throws homosexuals from rooftops.

“Doesn’t that strike you as an inappropriate thing to say about someone’s fiance?” Browning asked.

She does this a few more times before stating: “that kind of thing is not going to be tolerated in our department. We’re not going to tolerate graduate students trying to make other graduate students feel terrible for our emotional attachments.”

“I can refer you to the Behavior Intervention Team on our campus which consists of a counselor, faculty member, and person from student affairs who are trained on talking to people about what’s appropriate or what isn’t,” she continues.

MacDonald then asks her what she means by “it won’t be tolerated?”

“We’d put it either before the behavior intervention team or the student conduct board and ask them to make a recommendation,” she says in response. “Whether they would refer you for counseling; whether they would recommend that you be academically dismissed.”

Obviously surprised, MacDonald asks Browning to clarify whether he could be dismissed for exercising First Amendment rights at a public university.

Making derogatory comments? Yes,” Browning replies. “Things like this will get you not hired anywhere.”

She continues by saying comments like this would get MacDonald “fired if you were working in my office. The Islam comment would get you fired.”

“Would it really get me fired to say that I could be killed somewhere?” he asked.

In that situation as you’ve described it, absolutely yes,” Browning responds. 

The full audio of the meeting has been removed from YouTube due to a “Privacy Complaint” that was made by Browning earlier this year.

Listen to the abridged version of the meeting below and read the full transcript here.

During his Facebook post, MacDonald describes how he felt during the meeting by stating:

Eve Browning’s comments during the meeting suggest that she thinks three things:

(1) I am wrong to mention how easily Islamic law would have me put to death.
(2) I should feel sorry for mentioning that I could be killed in this way.
(3) Not only should I be sorry, it should be so obvious to me that I shouldn’t even question her.

MacDonald is currently “in Good Standing at another university and not within Eve Browning’s reach. This is why I have chosen now to go public about this incident and expose the degree of speech suppression happening under Eve Browning at UTSA.”

He continues:

I have taken so long to go public with this because I want to do it right. Eve Browning, and professors like her, are unfit to guide the direction of scholarship and knowledge. There’s no telling how many ideas have never seen light at UTSA under her leadership. Whatever her role, she thinks the foundational principles of universities themselves are a joke. She should not be in charge of anyone in any knowledge-based profession, and she should be stripped of her taxpayer-funded influence at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

To really get a feel for the Orwellian nature of the conversation and just how far leftist professors are willing to go to defend Islam for reasons unbeknownst, listen to the audio and read the transcript linked below if they don’t embed.


19 thoughts on “Univ of Texas Psych Professor Threatens Student For Criticizing Islam

  1. Prof. Browning would have fit right in with a Soviet era communist re-education department.

    This deserves national media coverage and she really needs to be fired, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Scary, scary stuff … This IS the big brother / communism … Every day, I shake my head at things when I think I can’t be shocked more. By now, I should anticipate it daily, several times.

    How I grew up, how I live my life, what I will fight to the death for — well, where we are headed is just hard to comprehend, that it’s for real. We are ‘there.’ We are watching, witnessing, being part of, the actual dissolution of freedom, and the emergence of Big Brother / state-is-god. It’s like being in the middle of an earthquake, I mean your house is shaking, and watching it, and witnessing it, and it all starts to crumble, and it’s really happening to YOU, not something you read about in a history book or science fiction book. And it’s very slow motion, and you write about it, talk with other people about it, and there’s not a thing you really can do to stop it.

  3. This should be sent to every media outlet, both MSM and conservative outlets. This professor was trying to strong arm this student with veiled (and direct!)threats and thankfully he recorded everything. At the very least, he needs to present his information to the University president and board of Regents. Since this is a public school, they could risk losing their federal funding. I think even the ACLU could be useful, since his free speech right was definitely threatened. If I was this student, I would go after this bitch with everything I could. Even having a rally and protest by whatever gay groups are on campus would probably help.
    Let’s see how the “tolerant” “religion of peace” reacts when their true colors are exposed!

  4. How can anyone employ a dictator like this. She sounds like some of the bosses I have had in the past. If she is teaching then I’d question the quality of that institution. This professor does to a unique degree reinforce my opinion of academia.

  5. Now why would a Christian be engaged to a muslim?

    The radical leftist professor is nothing new to me, anybody who has been to college, or even high school, would know of at least one.

    • Young women in the U.S. are deluded into thinking that they will be treated like a princess, pampered, with all their needs taken care of. What they do not understand is that if they marry a Muslim,they become that man’s property and that their only function is to become a baby factory. If they make the mistake of going to an Arab country, they may be allowed to leave but none of their children can leave. I would also advise any woman marrying a foreigner to look up the 1907 Expatriation Act. Jim

  6. Simple. Prof. Browning should be fired immediately. She is an islamic sharia activist and should have no place at the public university.

  7. INSANE! The real mystery here is why these universities continually put up with such professors. And they’re EVERYWHERE. The more extreme they are, the less danger they are in of losing their jobs! And the young man was correct to worry. They WOULD hold his beliefs against him.

    I’m not sure what his being bisexual added to the story…but I guess that’s the kind of information that the media thinks is important these days…

  8. Come on we know who these “Professors” work for and it is not for white Christian (the majority) people. After the Jew made slaughter of christian white people that the Professors like to refer to as World War Two, the Universities here in what is often called The States were flooded with Communist educated and mostly Jews. These Communist Jews became the majority of the Professors, the Universities for grants sold out to the Communist Jews and the curriculum was established anew, one could say the curriculum had a Jews Holocaust Story bent to it, one lie after the other is another way of looking at it.
    There were no blue stains on the walls of the so called gas chambers, so, that lie is easily and quickly proven to be a lie, a dirty, low down, lie, but for, the Jews, who own the medias, the colleges, just about everything, bought up, we are, with the wealth stolen from white christians in Russia and Europe in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. Wealth the Jew Banker and his army, ie, tribe, have used to subdue the whole world, at least the vast most part of the world. Right now the white christians armies are working to subdue the rest of the world for the Jew Banker and his tribe, white christian people having been sold out long ago by their white Jew owned leadership. So what can you expect, well, try to see the future, how can it profit the Jew Banker and his tribe, is another, the only way to really look at the future, because, that is really what the future is all about. Other than the few sold out white politicians, judges and what have you, sold out to the Jew Banker and his Family, deemed to be useful by the banker Jew, well, the rest is not gonna be, history. Dead and buried, forgot about, that is the idea today, a new, new world order, that was, has always been the world of the Jew as the Jews tell it and boy do they tell a heck of a story. A heck of a lot of lies, that is.
    The way the public schools are run today should be, would be, were it any other other than white christians, should be a crime. A crime against humanity.

  9. This libtard, racist, be itch needs to go to the mid east and live. She’d love it there. They would be semi-happy to have her with them.

  10. As we speak, a young free thinker in his early 20’s, Ahmad al-Shamri is in prison in Saudi Arabia and has been sentenced to death. His crime? He has given up Islam and is a professed atheist. According to polls, about 64% of Muslims in Muslim Countries agree with the sentence. During WW 2, the Nazis sentenced people to death for being Jews and Gypsies. This death sentence is the moral equivalent.

    When Dawkins book “THE GOD DELUSION” was translated into Arabic and put up on the Internet as a free download, it got 10 million, with 3 million being in Saudi Arabia.

    Think of it. Embracing this philosophy is punishable by death, yet that many people downloaded it. This lady professor seems to have a much higher opinion of Islam than those who are born and raised under its yoke. It is obvious that millions want out of the faith, but nominally remain in it out of socio-economic reasons, or downright fear for their personal safety.

  11. Browning is just another politically correct propagandist for the discredited ideology of speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil! Not one word though to stop doing evil. When you refuse to discuss such evil, you become a part of the problem, not the solution.

  12. Well, here’s your opportunity. Please tell the story as it happened, since you say it wasn’t as it was originally written. I would be very interested in hearing your version.

  13. The prof. is just a Nazi so you had better do as she wants, so what if your Rights are denied, No free speech for you. She needs to be fired and forced to read and be tested on U.S. Constitution.

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