Arkansas: Muslim police officer fired after threats to ‘blow up’ academy

Wisam Algburi

Source: Police: Marion officer fired after alleged threats to ‘blow up’ academy |  h/t Geller Report

MARION, Ark. — Police say an east Arkansas police officer has been fired and is under investigation after alleged threats to “blow up” a law enforcement training academy in northeast Arkansas.

Arkansas State Police say 29-year-old Wisam “Troy” Algburi was arrested Friday and charged with making a terroristic threat. He worked for the Marion Police Department. Marion police say Algburi had been working on the force for two months on restrictive duty before he went to the Black River Law Enforcement Training Academy at Black River Technical College in Pocahontas.

Police say he was roughly four weeks into training when he allegedly made the threat to blow up the academy. State police say Algburi was kicked out of the academy and arrested. Marion PD, in turn, fired him.

If the allegation is true, Jason Hayse is glad Algburi didn’t get through the academy and become a fully fledged Marion police officer.

“I don’t think I’d want anybody running or working for my police department, you know, that would want to blow anything up,” Hayse says.

The Black River Technical College campus remains on high alert. For now, State police aren’t saying anything about a reason for the alleged threat. Sue Vaught isn’t sure it matters, if the allegation is true.

“The people that you want to look up to, protect you, and teach your children to respect and protect, they need to be realizing that they are supposed to be held to higher standards,” Vaught says.

Algburi is currently out on bond.

Black River Technical College says local police departments are responsible for vetting officers before hiring them and sending them to the law enforcement academy.

11 thoughts on “Arkansas: Muslim police officer fired after threats to ‘blow up’ academy

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