Wilders video banned by Youtube: “We Must De-Islamize the West”

Source: The short video made by GEERT WILDERS that Youtube refused to allow – Vlad Tepes

From Geert’s office:

YouTube censors Wilders’ video about Prophet Muhammad

Today the Party for Freedom (PVV) was notified of YouTube’s decision to remove the Dutch Wilders’ video about the Prophet Muhammad because it would be in violation of the User Guidelines. Previously, Twitter already censored the English version of the video in France and Germany. In addition the videos have been watched an unprecedented 1.8 million times through all PVV channels (Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook).

In the video Geert Wilders shows that the Prophet Mohammed should be considered a terrorist, mass murderer and a pedophile and that it is very dangerous that this man is rolemodel to 1 billion Muslims.

Geert Wilders: It is an outrage that the freedom of speech is sacrificed because of expressing the truth. It must always be permitted to express the truth even when it concerns a deranged prophet. Fortunately the video is still available on Twitter and Facebook.”

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8 thoughts on “Wilders video banned by Youtube: “We Must De-Islamize the West”

  1. We’ve got some serious unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional censorship going on here in America. Will we really be silenced? UNITE and FIGHT – or lose the ability to do so. .

  2. If a 37-second video — regardless of topic — is banned, we are in trouble.

    That inflammatory, hateful, violent videos are posted all the time, by the millions, we know. Including those by jihadists against America, non-believers, Christians, Jews.

    That the only one banned, is one that points out historically verifiable facts about Islam, only points again to the agenda to allow Islam to flourish.

    Islam is the invasion force. A stealth invasion, to be sure. Islam is the army of the globalists. All major communications are owned or co-opted by the CIA / globalists.

    • Your comments on the Mohamed video is right on the money!
      How so many Americans can continue to remain conveniently ignorant is shocking. I’m sorry to say that anyone who didn’t get the message after 911, probably never will…

  3. There should be a day or a week of boycott against Youtube or any other social media that censor Christian/conservative postings. We must show these big Internet monopolies that censorship is not acceptable.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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