North Carolina: Illegal alien Muslim exposed himself, made physical & sexual threats to women

Source: Cary man accused of exposing himself to women, trying to break into car |

The incident happened Saturday night in a neighborhood off Lake Wheeler Road.

A victim, who is not being identified, says the Youssef Belcouria was forcefully making physical and sexual threats. She says he started banging on the car window.

The woman says at one point, Belcouria had stepped away from the car and the women were able to leave. She stayed on the line with a 911 operator until police arrived.

“I do not know him and I do not feel comfortable going into this house alone,” she explained. “He is still here. He is walking around the neighborhood. We drove around and he’s standing in the middle of the neighborhood walking around.”

Belcouria is from Morocco and in the country illegally. According to paperwork ABC11 found, an ICE detainer is not being placed on him.

He does have a simple assault case on his record.

Belcouria is being held at the Wake County Detention Center. If he makes bond, he has been ordered to have no contact with his victims.

If he makes bond? An ICE detainer is not being placed on him? Isn’t this exactly why Trump was elected? Deport him ASAP!

10 thoughts on “North Carolina: Illegal alien Muslim exposed himself, made physical & sexual threats to women

  1. NOT BEING DETAINED BY ICE! Are you fricking kidding me?? I hope when this savage is released on bond (and you know he will be), someone follows him 24/7. The minute he tries to pull this crap again, just shoot him in the head and be done with it. He doesn’t deserve to be among actual human beings!

  2. Wait – why is she talking about “going into his house alone?” Does she live at his house? Something is weird about this story – sounds like a possible “domestic squabble.” While we shouldn’t let sharia law supersede domestic law, we need to be very careful to apply domestic law fairly to those who are here legally, otherwise we risk our own freedoms. While it certainly isn’t desirable conduct, standing outside someone’s car verbally harassing them really doesn’t constitute a very serious crime. The author of this article is trying to play on your emotions to get you to give up your own freedom in-exchange for perceived government protection. They are part of the problem, not the solution.

    • Wait – why are you defending an illegal alien who exposed himself to two women, made threats of physical and sexual nature and terrorized them banging on the window & breaking into at least one car?

      People who a) can’t read and comprehend the article (from ABC News) or b) can’t comprehend what they read and intentionally try to deceive readers are the problem. Not those who report crimes.

      PS: It doesn’t say going into “his” house it says going into “this” house (i.e., her house) and the perp you are defending isn’t in the country legally.

    • #Nobodys Fool. Oh geesch!!! So you’re “nobody’s fool”… Geesch, you could’a “fooled” me! Looks to me like you either didn’t read the complete article very well or, oh geesch, YOU ARE THE FOOL!!!!! Here’s the thing, NF, you are the CLASSIC example of what is wrong with our legal system–you “strain at a gnat, and swallow a CAMEL”, i.e., the words of Jesus Christ, not my own!

      P.S. “swallow a ‘camel’ ” — Haha! Guess who are the only ones in the whole world who actually DRINK, i.e., “swallow” CAMEL URINE????? Haha! Talk about SPOT ON!!!!!

      P.P.S. The perp was an “ILLEGAL ALIEN” MUZZRAT and he was standing outside the car of two terrified women to whom he had EXPOSED HIMSELF and yelled foul language at!!! Not “desirable conduct”??? Oh geesch, DO YA THINK?????

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