State Dept selects Somali Muslim hijabi to represent American youth at UN

The Deep State Dept. still runs the globalist swamp. h/t Pam

The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA), is pleased to announce the selection of the sixth annual U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations. Ms. Munira Khalif of Minnesota was chosen from a competitive pool of applicants that included top-ranked university students and young professionals from across the United States.

More: Meet Munira Khalif, the 2017-2018 U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations | DipNote

As the U.S. Youth Observer, I will work to ensure that young Americans have a seat at the table. I will leverage my platform to amplify the voices, ideas, and concerns of young Americans at global policy discussions.

As the year unfolds, I look forward to connecting with young people from across the country to hear about the global issues that are at the forefront of their minds. I hope that over my tenure I will be able to instill a sense of global citizenship. We live in a globalized world and our futures and lives are more interconnected than ever before. Being a global citizen means caring about not only what is happening within our own borders — but also outside of them. Because the problems of others can quickly become our own. We must speak out where others have been silent.  We must take action where others have stood still. We must shine our own light in the hopes of illuminating the way for others.

About the Author: Munira Khalif serves as the 2017-2018 U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations.

Will she heed her own words and shine a light on the oppressive and violent doctrines that dominate Islam? Will she speak out on FGM, honor killing, child marriage and polygamy, blasphemy, and apostasy where others have been silent? Will she broach the subject of why her parents had to flee Somalia?

If her twitter feed is any indication don’t count on it or her representing American youth either.

She is right about one thing: “the problems of others can quickly become our own.”

Too bad she won’t have the courage to address it.


19 thoughts on “State Dept selects Somali Muslim hijabi to represent American youth at UN

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  2. I do not want her representing our American youth as she is not what our youth believes in.
    Someone else take her place.

  3. Munira Khalif, are you a practicing Muslim? Munira Khalif are you a proud Muslim? Munira Khalif then goes by the Koran,
    Allah is my lord
    Islam is my life
    The Koran is my guide
    The Sunnah is my practice
    Jihad is my spirit
    Paradise is my goal
    I will die to establish Islam
    If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.
    By Mustafa Carroll, Director CAIR Texas. Is this something we need in the government of the American people? This is the enemy of the American people and the constitution of the United States. A practicing Muslim has no allegiance to the American people or the United States. A practicing Muslim is here to expand the Muslim presence and the Muslim Ideology here in America, essentially to kill and destroy all non-believers of the Muslim cult and install Sharia Law as the law of the land.A practicing Muslim holds allegiance to only Allah and Sharia Law, You are in the company of Keith Ellison, Obama, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, all enemies of the United States

  4. America will soon be totally gone if they believe that a muzzie represents Americas youth. That would mean that all of Americas youth are moving towards Islam & Sharia Law and are willing to bow down to Islam and everything it stands for.

    • What’s wrong with the committee that selected this unsuitable representative? Either they had guns to their heads, they were muslims or their son or daughter is married to a muslim.

  5. Absolutely disgusting and completely inappropriate! I want to know who was responsible for selecting this Muslim woman of Somali background as a representative of the U.S. !!!She even mentions globalization in her little propaganda speech. This is just another reason we need to get the UN out of the U.S. and the U.S. out of the UN . They do nothing for us, except try to impose their NWO on everyone while sucking money out of us. Just another disgusting Muslim trying to speak for America, when they don’t have a clue what the real America is all about.

    • Exactly! Why would a Muslim woman, a youth with FGM represent the American youth? No American youth has had FGM or should have FGM. Shame!

  6. this might look innocuous but the REALLY BIG PICTURE IS….she has been chosen to represent American teens to the world……AND THIS JUST ISNT THE CASE….I SMELL MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in action here….and TRUMP MUST CLEANSE THIS GOVT OF ALL TRACES OF MB IMMEDIATELY…..the AVERAGE AMERICAN TEEN ISNT MUSLIM, even though that is what’s being pushed here….

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  9. These people DO NOT represent OUR Country!!! They have their own Countries in the Middle East. Let them make a voice for themselves in their Countries!!!

    • Go to the State Department email listed at bottom of this press release. I wrote a very nasty letter to this person and tore him up about choosing this Somali Muslim scum! I suggest everyone write this guy a letter to express their displeasure!

  10. It’s all about STEALTH JIHAD!!! America needs to open her eyes to what’s really going on here! This “innocent looking” muslima is, in all reality, a WOLF in sheep’s clothing! This woman is the PERFECT emissary for Satan’s blood-cult b/c she “looks” SOOOO INNOCENT!! IT WORKS EVERY TIME!!! Meanwhile, her back-up troops are concocting another 9/11 HOLOCAUST!!!!!

    • We are all outraged! It seems that Trump administration should have eyes everywhere, even behind their heads. Since there is always a group of traitors who advance some ludicrous agenda. To me it looks like a big blunder. Everyone who will find out will be shocked, angry and totally out of their minds~!

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