Canada: Muslim student admits trying to kill woman after ‘listening to the Koran’

Source: ‘I was not aware of what I was doing at the time,’ says UBC attempted murder suspect – British Columbia – CBC News h/t Jihad Watch

Saudi Muslim who tried to behead student

A videotaped interview between an RCMP officer and Thamer Hameed Almestadi was played during his trial in relation to the 2016 attack on Mary Hale at an on-campus dorm.

The man charged with attempted murder in an attack at UBC last year admitted that he tried to kill the victim, but added that he didn’t know what he was doing during the incident.

“I tried to kill her,” Thamer Hameed Almestadi admitted in a videotaped interview with RCMP Sgt. Kevin Jeffrey.

“I was not aware of what I was doing at the time,” he added.

Almestadi has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon in the 2016 attack that left Mary Hare with serious injuries, including a five-inch-long cut to her throat.

In the hours-long interview that was played in court during day two of Almestadi’s trial, the UBC student was at times crying and remorseful, asking the officer if the victim was going to survive.

“Tell her I’m sorry …Tell her I made a mistake … I didn’t even know why her,” he said.

The international student from Saudi Arabia said that he hadn’t slept the night before the attack at UBC’s Salish House and was feeling overwhelmed by school work in the weeks leading up to the incident.

“I am so behind in school … I can’t get focused in school.”

Mary Hare

Mary Hare was attacked by Saudi Muslim with a knife in her dorm room at UBC last year. The trial in the attempted murder case began at B.C. Supreme Court Tuesday. (CBC News )

When asked by Sgt. Jeffrey why he might have attacked Mary Hare with a knife Almestadi said, “I started listening to the Koran and understanding the meanings differently.”

“If you read something and your mind is thinking something else, you understand differently.”

Almestadi — who was 18 at the time of the incident — said he even began seeing things that weren’t real.

“At that point I thought Mary was the devil,” he said.

7 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim student admits trying to kill woman after ‘listening to the Koran’

  1. The Koran is the formal Declaration of War, the followers of Islam are the tool of implementation of said war. Todays mainstream media is Islam’s apologetic propaganda wing. When a Muslim reads, accurately comprehends, then carries out the violent instructions found within the Koran, the media will claim he was “radicalized” by terrorist literature. The irony is that while their intentions are to protect Islam, what they say is technically truthful.

    • What little I have attempted to read of mohammed’s ‘hate speech’ book, has left me with a huge headache and in need of a puke bucket! It is one of the most fraudulent pieces of garbage ever to desecrate the invention of the modern printing press!!! What’s more, the ‘kor-anus’ (as I prefer to call it) is extremely dangerous b/c it has the direct inspiration of the mind of SATAN, himself!!!! I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that this kid was telling the absolute truth when he said that he “didn’t know what he was doing” after he listened to the koran!!! That’s exactly what the powers of evil can do to a person!!!!

      • All of that may be true, but this MUSLIM man shouldn’t get a pass just because he “didn’t know what he was doing”. He is Muslim and probably regularly reads the Koran. Maybe he was vulnerable because of fatigue, but still he read the devils words. If reading this evil book did this to a normal student, imagine what it does to the real radicals who read it. Or to radicals who interpret it for the uneducated masses!
        Every facet of Islam is evil! The imams, the Koran, the followers, both “moderate and radical”. Ban Islam NOW!!

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