Kansas: “Devout Muslim” teenager pregnant with ISIS jihadi’s baby hopes to return to U.S.

The 15 year old devout Muslim now hopes to be reunited with her mother in the US (Gabriel Chaim/ CBS News)

Source: Pregnant American teenager who was forced to join Isis by father speaks out about her ordeal | The Independent h/t TROP

An American teenager who was forced to join Isis by her father, has spoken out about her ordeal after escaping from territory still held by the militant group.

“My father, of course, didn’t tell us that we were coming to Syria,” the 15-year-old told US broadcaster CBS News, on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Raqqa, which was until recently a stronghold for the militant group.

“When it was time to get out of the car, and cross the border, he was like ‘you’re going to Syria,’ and it was a really big shock.”

On their arrival, the teenager from Kansas said she was coerced into marrying another fighter.

She said her father had been killed and she is now living with several other women who have escaped Raqqa in recent weeks.

Describing conditions under the harsh rules of the so called Caliphate, she said: “We were prisoners. We were just quiet.”

She added they were told: “Shut up, sit down you’re in the house, be glad your head isn’t chopped off.”

The girl now hopes to be reunited with her mother, who she believes is still living in the US.

“I still have hope, hope to go to school, hope to be a normal person, hope to be a mother to my child,” she said.

The CBS News report:

The video claims she’s from “a seemingly normal American family.” That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Too many unanswered questions in this story. The most important is will the U.S. allow a 15-year old who claims to be a “devout Muslim” and is pregnant with an ISIS jihadi’s baby into the U.S.?

Who is/was the father? The mother? Maybe someone in Kansas who sees the pictures will recognize them.

10 thoughts on “Kansas: “Devout Muslim” teenager pregnant with ISIS jihadi’s baby hopes to return to U.S.

  1. Maybe one of our kneeling NFL players with his Black Power fist raised in the air could take her in and serve as a positive role model to her future haji bambino.

  2. I don’t doubt that she is American–her speech and mannerisms say so w/o a doubt! I also don’t doubt what she says about herself and her family… The big question, as I see it, is why doesn’t she know where her mother is–if they were all “devout muslims”? I mean, did the mother disown the family when the father took them to Syria??? Hardly seems likely… And the even bigger question is–does she still cling to her muslim upbringing despite all of the blood and guts horror that she says she has seen committed by ISIS????? Most likely she’s afraid she’ll be killed (by some other muslim) if she speaks out too loudly against her former captors! I say we offer her the chance to denounce islam completely before we offer her asylum! If she refuses to do that, let her rot in Syria!!!!!

  3. Let her give birth over in that hell hole first, and then she can come back. Why should the U.S. be responsible for her medical costs. Where had her mom been this whole time? And all the other kids in the photo? Where are they? There are too many red flags to just let this little jihadi come waltzing back home(if it really is her home). If ever someone needed thorough vetting it’s this girl! No rush for her to come here. Check her out!!! This whole thing stinks!!!

  4. Islamists in “KANSAS” are usually composed of the WHOLE DARN FAMILY. The 15yr. Old Devout Muslim female has no right to be allowed back into her HOST Country, to live OFF OF AMERICANS, for the rest of her Ugly Life. She is committed to the DEATH OF AMERICA, so deport the rest of her Muslim “Family” back to Their Daughter’s LOCATION, they will all be better OFF in A MUSLIM, SHARIA “Religion of Peace” COUNTRY!

  5. Reap what you sow: do not allow back into our nation, no telling what she has learned or what she’ll do once she is here. She may even want Daddy ISIS here at a later date, nope leave her there with no ability to return.

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