Atlanta: Muslims get bloody in brutal ritual at mosque (video)

These bloody Ashura rituals are performed by frenzied Muslims all across the U.S., often times including and endangering young children.

There’s a young kid getting bloodied in the pic above, just left of the cursive text. And below.


Don’t believe it? Watch the thirty-plus minute video before it disappears. h/t Martin

*That didn’t take long. As predicted it disappeared after we brought it to light. We downloaded it though, and posted a snippet on Twitter. View it here:

The mosque – literally minutes away from the Gwinnet County Health Dept. and even closer to a middle school – is in Lilburn, Georgia as described on their website:

Dar-e ‘Abbas – Islamic Shia Center (Imambargah)

Dar-e ‘Abbas(as) is an Islamic Shia Center (Imambargah) located on Lawrenceville Hwy in Southern Gwinnett County of Metro Atlanta, Georgia USA. Saheb-e-Biyaz of Anjuman Ghamkhwaran-e-Abbas, Ali Zia Rizvi is one of our Patrons. The name Dar-e ‘Abbas means “the Door of Abbas(as)” in the Persian language, a reference to the Valiant Muslim Hero Abbas Bin Ali Bin Abu Talib A.S.

The same Muslims we showed getting bloody in 2010 and 2014. This is just one more reason why a travel ban (and deportations) are needed ASAP.

20 thoughts on “Atlanta: Muslims get bloody in brutal ritual at mosque (video)

  1. Reminds me of the prophets of Baal and Asherah in 1Kings 18:28 who cried aloud and cut themselves in worship of their false gods and they received no answer. And the worshipers of Islam’s god will likewise receive no answer.

    • #rooare. GOOD ANALOGY!!! And the perfect Biblical example of DEMONIC IDOLATRY!!! Isslime is by no means a “religion” of the True and Living God–IT’S A BLOOD-THIRSTY CULT FROM THE PITS OF HELL!!!!!

  2. These self infected wounds should not be covered by Insurance co . Let them pay from own pocket why insurance co pay and collect high premium from others .

    • #arishsahani. GOOD POINT! Not to mention–may these SAVAGE DOOFUSES all get infections in their wounds and die slow agonizing deaths!!! Hey, I can dream, can’t I?????

  3. Barbarian Muslim has to be STOPPED to destroy advance society!
    Please stop barbaric Muslim tof practice their evil satanic behavior and send them back to their barbaric Arabia!

  4. Why do they do this in public!? These people are lower than any animal, pure evil savages! They mutilate their young girls(FGM), sacrifice living animals, and whip themselves.
    Islam is a cult of barbarism, and this ritual is just another example of that. They should not be allowed around civilized societies, and definitely need to be banned in all of North America. It disgusts me to be among them, and believe me, in greater Detroit, they’re like cockroaches!

      • #Mike. Oh geez, Mike…. I’m sorry, I almost forgot….We Americans mustn’t “offend” these SAVAGES–that would be totally “UNamerican” and “insensitive”…. YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE THIS IS OUR “DAMNED BUSINESS”, MIKE!!!!! MAYBE YOU’D BE MORE COMFORTABLE LIVING IN SAUDI ARABIA OR SOMALIA!!! Matter of fact… DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ARSE on your way out!!!!!

        • Take a look at my response, wellbeing! Why is “Mike” on this site anyway? I thought we were safe from libs and leftists on this site.

      • It’s my business, because I made it my business asshole! I watch every thing these mongrels do, in every state and province in North America. Islam is a filthy plague, and I want to be informed of every step towards Sharia. They aren’t a religion, but a cult of hate and barbarism. With very few exceptions, every mass killing, bombing, knifing of innocent people in the streets, has been perpetuated by muslims! And don’t try and tell me those are the radicals. They are getting financial support from SOMEPLACE.
        So, Mike, if I want to make what Muslim filth does my business, you will just have to live with It! Or you can shove it up your ass! Makes no difference to me!

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  6. They’re doing it in mosque property now, but they will work towards doing it in the streets as they do in their own countries. Muslims are misfits in the western democratic countries. As they say “Death to democracy.”

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