Minnesota: Stewartville club cancels “Exposing Sharia” event

Source: Stewartville club cancels anti-Islamic speech | Local News | postbulletin.com

STEWARTVILLE — The Stewartville Sportsman’s Club board has canceled the appearance of an anti-Islamic speaker, several days after fliers promoting the speech and warning of Islam’s “threat to our way of life” began showing up at Stewartville homes.

“It has become apparent that a rental at the Stewartville Sportsman’s Club is being advertised as an information session targeting a specific ethnic group,” said a statement released by the club Wednesday afternoon. “When the rental contract was drafted, the Club Board was unaware of what the purpose of the event was for.


“The mission of the Stewartville Sportsman Club is to promote outdoor activities that benefit the outdoors and provide a venue for local youth and adults to learn about and develop a passion to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner. In no way is our club a sponsor of political viewpoints and we do not endorse our facility to be used in such a way.”


Dave Bunde, the club’s president, said the board held a meeting at the club Tuesday night and voted 6-2 to cancel the contract for the speaking event featuring Usama Dakdok.

Bunde said a motivating factor in the board’s decision was the negative publicity that the event was generating for the club. The club is known for hosting wedding receptions, company parties, funerals, charity events and even events organized by Muslims, he said.


The general sentiment among the board, even among those who voted to cancel the event, was that Dakdok should be allowed to present his message, “but they didn’t think going through the club was the place,” Bunde said.


“I’m kind of on the side of free speech, and I’m not biased against Muslims whatsoever. I don’t have a problem with them. It’s just the ISIS parts that I have an issue with,” Bunde said, referring to the Islamic terror group that has inspired attacks in Europe and the U.S.

Dakdok is an Egyptian Coptic Christian who has traveled across Minnesota promoting what his critics say is a negative, distorted view of Islam. He is known for telling listeners that Muslims are in the U.S. to behead Christians and Jews.


Days after word of the speech began circulating, area Muslims began arranging a speaking event of their own at the Rochester Public Library as a counterpoint and rebuttal to Dakdok’s appearance. Organizers are calling it, “Say No to Fear: Understanding Islam and Your Muslim Neighbor.” The idea was to hold a competing event, rather than staging protests outside the club that would give more prominence to Dakdok’s speech.


Regina Mustafa, a Rochester Muslim who is organizing the event, said she supported the club’s decision, but didn’t discount the possibility that Dakdok might secure another venue around Rochester. In the meantime, she said she was inclined to go ahead with the counter-event at the library, which is set for Oct. 29 from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., the same day Dadok was set to speak.


“I’d like to still have this event,” Mustafa said. “There’s a great amount of interest in it already.”


Dakdok was unavailable for comment.


Mustafa said that her biggest concern about Dakdok was that “he’s stoking fear.”


“He’s fear-mongering and essentially what he’s doing is making it difficult for Muslims to try and go about their daily life,” Mustafa said. “He tries to take advantage of the current climate against Muslims and Islam in this country.”

And Muslims like Regina Mustafa – who is running for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District seat and thanks terror-linked CAIR as one of her inspirations – are busy using the event to further enforce sharia and shame into silence those who speak against it.

Robert Spencer breaks it down further here: In Minnesota, They’re “Kind of” Committed to the Freedom of Speech.

Here’s a May 2017 presentation for all to see: Revealing the Truth about Islam Seminar with Usama Dakdok”





7 thoughts on “Minnesota: Stewartville club cancels “Exposing Sharia” event

  1. First, Usama Dakdok is not an Egyptian Coptic. Convenient to label him that since there is a bias against Pastor Dakdok. Usama is not a “Fear” monger nor does he “Stoke Fear”, he speaks “Facts”. Unfortunately because he discusses facts, facts of the quran, islam and bible, this becomes the biggest threat to exposing Islam. In addition, Usama Dakdok speaks Arabic, as well as being an expert on the quran, Islamic teachings and knows the Bible backwards and forward. Dakdok is a threat to the Islamic Dawa, The Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups such as CAIR, because he dispels their dawa and false teachings.

  2. that Regina Mustafa is a white converted Muslim from Pennsylvania, she’s supposedly the Muslim spokeperson for Rochester,MN you never hear from the Iman’s of the community, they are probably to busy indocturating the next jhadists, what a joke,Rochester is riddled with crime from all the Muslims,if you say anything your a racist

  3. Why can the Muslim whore have her “event” in a public library, but this man is cut off from paying for a venue? Minnesota is fast becoming a Muslim hell hole, with this scourge coming from all over Africa, especially Somalia. We need more people to stand up against this plague tearing apart our country! Why do no other immigrant groups cause as much trouble, make as many demands, and spread as many lies as these filthy Muslim savages!?

  4. More proof that Islam is the Problem. Without forcing people to convert and threatening to kill them if they left Islam or spoke bad about Islam, it most likely would have went away Centuries ago. It is the sick version of the 3 Monkeys, See No Evil about Islam, Hear No Evil about Islam, and Speak No Evil about Islam. The 7th Century Lifestyle only benefits people hiding under their ” Religion ” to be pedophiles, murders, and commit Hateful acts towards others. If you look at Islam’s teachings you can clearly see that it has not been Peaceful after the first 12 years or so back in the 7th Century. These facts are ignored by Liberals the world over and the liberal leaders are aiding and abetting in the destruction of Western Culture by bringing in mass numbers of Muslims who will continue to try and destroy all others and force everyone to live under Sharia Law or Die. It is all in the teachings of Islam which can not even stand up to criticism or the truth about those following Islam. People need to wake up to the horrors of Islam. Nobody can actually refute anything that Usama Dakdok says because he speaks the Truth.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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