Canada: Muslim father arrested, beat & threatened daughter for not wearing hijab

Source: Gatineau father accused of ‘honour-based’ violence against daughter | Ottawa Citizen  h/t Geller Report 

A Gatineau man is accused of “honour-based” violence against his daughter for not wearing her hijab in public.

Police say the teenager told authorities she had suffered repeated violence by her father for more than a year. And when he learned that his daughter was removing her hijab as soon as left the family home, the violence escalated.

Police spokesperson Jean-Paul Lemay said this was the first such case in Gatineau and encouraged any other women who might be victims of similar behaviour to come forward.

“We hope the courage of this young girl will encourage other young victims of honour-based violence to come forward and talk about any abuse they are (receiving) and we will be listening to them.”

The 35-year-old man was arrested Wednesday and appeared in court Thursday where he was charged with assault, assault with a weapon and uttering death threats. His name was withheld to protect the girl’s identity. Lemay said she is safe and not with family.

Police are asking anyone who has concerns for their safety or knows a victim of violence to call Gatineau police at 819-778-3555.

5 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim father arrested, beat & threatened daughter for not wearing hijab

  1. More proof that Islam is the Problem. Without forcing people to convert and threatening to kill them if they left Islam or spoke bad about Islam, it most likely would have went away Centuries ago. It is the sick version of the 3 Monkeys, See No Evil about Islam, Hear No Evil about Islam, and Speak No Evil about Islam. The 7th Century Lifestyle only benefits people hiding under their ” Religion ” to be pedophiles, murders, and commit Hateful acts towards others. If you look at Islam’s teachings you can clearly see that it has not been Peaceful after the first 12 years or so back in the 7th Century. These facts are ignored by Liberals the world over and the liberal leaders are aiding and abetting in the destruction of Western Culture by bringing in mass numbers of Muslims who will continue to try and destroy all others and force everyone to live under Sharia Law or Die. It is all in the teachings of Islam which can not even stand up to criticism or the truth about those following Islam. People need to wake up to the horrors of Islam.

  2. Islam is the most evil ideology on the earth. Their ideology is ” Kill the infidel”. Also, they practice FGM which is female genital mutilation.

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