Idaho: Christian university caves, drops ‘Crusaders’ mascot

Thankfully the actual crusaders didn’t cower and bow down to tolerate the intolerant Muslims as easily as so-called “Christian” university administrators (dhimmi) do. Had they, there likely wouldn’t be any Christian universities. Source: Christian university drops ‘Crusaders’ moniker – The College Fix

A Christian university in Idaho has dropped its “Crusaders” mascot, claiming “there has been a growing diversity of opinion regarding the mascot and nickname” in recent years that led to the change.

On Monday, Northwest Nazarene University President Joel Pearsall announced the institution would be adopting “Nighthawks” as its new nickname. Pearsall’s announcement concluded a lengthy process in which university stakeholders moved to drop the crusaders moniker, according to an article published on the school’s website.

From the article:

Over the past several years, NNU’s Board of Trustees has discussed and considered the possibility of changing the university’s institutional nickname and mascot. In 2016, the board appointed a task force composed of NNU trustees, alumni (one of whom serves as a missionary), students, representatives of NNU athletics, and faculty members. The task force met several times and delivered a report to the board during spring semester 2017. After further consideration at the fall 2017 meeting, the board voted unanimously to change the university’s nickname and mascot from “Crusaders” to “Nighthawks”.

The university has slowly phased out its association with the Crusaders mascot. In 2006, it quit using the image of a crusader and started to “deemphasize the term within the athletic department and around campus.”

In a Frequently Asked Questions webpage created to explain the name change, the university insists the decision is [sic] about being politically correct. Instead it claims “this change is an effort to assure that our nickname and mascot do not in any way impede the university’s ability to fulfill its mission and be in ministry to others in an increasingly-interconnected global community.”

However, Northwest Nazarene’s Facebook post announcing the mascot change was lit up with comments lambasting the university for bowing to politically correctness. A university spokesman did not respond to The College Fix‘s request for comment regarding the criticism.

In other words, not to offend Muslims.

Who else would find a Crusader mascot offensive?

12 thoughts on “Idaho: Christian university caves, drops ‘Crusaders’ mascot

  1. This is what is has come to in America.. a bunch of cowards in office bowing down to muslims.. (follow the money). Our own government, teachers, universities, etc etc. Are all bowing down to this totalitarian, seditious ideology, that is has no business or place here in the USA.. #banislam #bansharia #IslamIsThePrblem

  2. Anybody who has actually studies History would know that the ” Crusades ” we commonly hear about in a negative manner saved Europe and was pushback to Muslim aggression. Here is an excellent article that gives all of the important dates:
    Europe does not have a chance now due to the Liberals policies of importing large numbers of Muslims and giving them everything they need to take over. You can see it in all of the countries there. The Muslims have been following the same game plan for over 1400 years. Get your foot in the door, claim victimhood, get as many Muslims to come in as possible, establish as many Islamic areas as possible, establish Muslim rule, Expel or kill as many Non-Muslims until Islam and Sharia Law is in control.
    Without forcing people to convert and threatening to kill them if they left Islam or spoke bad about Islam, it most likely would have went away Centuries ago. It is the sick version of the 3 Monkeys, See No Evil about Islam, Hear No Evil about Islam, and Speak No Evil about Islam. The 7th Century Lifestyle only benefits people hiding under their ” Religion ” to be pedophiles, murders, and commit Hateful acts towards others. If you look at Islam’s teachings you can clearly see that it has not been Peaceful after the first 12 years or so back in the 7th Century. These facts are ignored by Liberals the world over. It is all in the teachings of Islam which can not even stand up to criticism or the truth about those following Islam. People need to wake up to the horrors of Islam.

    • Of course you are correct. There are too many who believe the lies about the Crusades and the Muslim invasion of northern Africa, across the strait of Gibraltar to Spain, etc. Thank God for Charles Marvell!
      When I name a sports team, it’s going to be called, “Dead Muslims”, because that will be our goal. And we’ll burn an effigy of Mohammed before each game! Anybody want to join the team?!🤣

  3. If one reads the Holy Bible they will find the statements that at the end of days Christians would suffer for their belief in the name of Jesus, the Christ. We are warned what will happen if we should give in and denounce our Faith in Him.” Depart from me I never new you!” To me that is a dreadful statement to hear!

  4. I have the freedom of speech and will use it here. I don’t run. I don’t Bow. And I don’t allow others to impede my first and fourth amendment right to throw a Muslim out of my country, and use words as my first amendment right to warn you goat humpers that you are not welcome here with your Sharia Law.

  5. Some good news. In my part of the world, the game of Rugby Union called Super Rugby, is played by teams from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina. The team I support called Crusaders from New Zealand played and beat a team from South Africa sponsored by the UAE as ‘Fly Emirates,’ their major airline in the Grand final.
    I can’t see this team dropping the Crusader name anytime soon!

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