Nearly all ISIS jihadis from U.S. unaccounted for, 7 have returned to U.S.

Source: Nearly all American ISIS fighters are unaccounted for | h/t Jihad Watch

More than 120 Americans who were recruited to fight for ISIS are unaccounted for, according to a new report.

This week, the Soufran Center – a Washington-based security intelligence consultancy – released ‘Beyond the Caliphate: Foreign Fighters and the Threat of Returnees’.

In the report, the agency said that at least 5,600 citizens or residents from 33 countries have returned home, making up approximately 15 per cent of ISIS’s fighters.

However, for the United States, of the 129 fighters who succeeded in leaving the country, only seven have returned home.

In 2015, the US government estimated that approximately one in five of the American fighters who fled to join ISIS were killed in war zones.

However, there are no exact numbers of how many were killed abroad or how many may have escaped into other countries – leaving the whereabouts of many unknown.

An FBI spokesperson told Fox News that 300 Americans have ‘traveled or attempted to travel to Syria and Iraq to participate in the conflict’ – including those have joined other armed groups, such as the US-backed People’s Protection Units, Peshmerga or Free Syrian Army.

‘While this number is lower in comparison to many of our international partners, we closely analyze and assess the influence groups like ISIS have on individuals located in the United States, who are inspired to commit acts of violence,’ the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said of the 300 US fighters, approximately 40 died after traveling to Iraq or Syria.

Among those still believed to be alive, but not named in the report, are Zakia Nasrin, Jaffrey Khan and Alberto Renteria.

Americans Zakia Nasrin (left) and Jaffrey Khan (right) are believed to be alive. The couple met online and married in 2014 before leaving Ohio for Syria

Nasrin and Khan, both now 25, met online and married in 2014 before leaving Ohio for Syria. The last their families heard, the couple was working in a hospital in Raqqa and had a one-year-old daughter, reported NBC News.

Renteria, who is of Mexican descent, grew up in Gilroy, California. He was raised Catholic but became a devout Muslim before fleeing to Syria in March 2014, when he was 24, according to NBC News. His whereabouts since then are unclear.

American Alberto Renteria (pictured) is believed to still be alive

Daily Mail wrote the report came from the “Soufran Center” which is apparently the Soufan Center founded by Ali Soufan who, Creeping Sharia reader’s will recall, was one of numerous “Experts” who told Congress to transfer and resettle Gitmo terrorists to the United States.

According to Soufan these were just “Americans” who were “recruited”.

The Soufan report, and a grain of salt, can be found at their site via “Beyond the Caliphate – Foreign Fighters & the Threat of Returnees.”

2 thoughts on “Nearly all ISIS jihadis from U.S. unaccounted for, 7 have returned to U.S.

  1. Dear Liberals, The Muslims have been following the same game plan for over 1400 years. Get your foot in the door, claim victimhood, get as many Muslims to come in as possible, establish as many Islamic areas as possible, establish Muslim rule, Expel or kill as many Non-Muslims until Islam and Sharia Law is in control.
    Without forcing people to convert and threatening to kill them if they left Islam or spoke bad about Islam, it most likely would have went away Centuries ago. It is the sick version of the 3 Monkeys, See No Evil about Islam, Hear No Evil about Islam, and Speak No Evil about Islam. The 7th Century Lifestyle only benefits people hiding under their ” Religion ” to be pedophiles, murders, and commit Hateful acts towards others. If you look at Islam’s teachings you can clearly see that it has not been Peaceful after the first 12 years or so back in the 7th Century. These facts are ignored by Liberals the world over. It is all in the teachings of Islam which can not even stand up to criticism or the truth about those following Islam. People need to wake up to the horrors of Islam.
    What happened in NYC is a straight up example of how Islam is towards others. Past time to enforce the Immigration Act of 1952 that bans all people against The Constitution of The United States. Muslims who think the Quran and sharia are the way need to be banned. Most Democrats now by their actions and policies also fall under people against The Constitution.

  2. To give support to a designated terrorist organization
    is a Federal Offense!! If they return to the states, remove their citizenship and put them away.
    If you don’t, this will encourage more Jihadis to go a commit murder and think they can get away with it.

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