NYC Installs Concrete Barriers to Protect Bikers from Muslim Terrorists

The Islam Tax is just another cost of importing Muslims to America. Preventing Muslims from entering the U.S. would be a lot smarter than installing concrete barriers to prevent Muslims from killing Americans. via NYC begins installing concrete barriers on pedestrian pathways h/t Religion of Peace

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New York City officials identified 57 intersections where new barriers will go up to protect pedestrians and bicyclists on pathways along the West Side Highway where Tuesday’s attack occurred.

Uzbek national Sayfullo Saipov, 29, is accused of driving a rented Home Depot truck onto a bike path that abuts Manhattan’s busy West Side Highway during an attack that left eight people dead and 12 injured.

Workers began installing the barriers at 59th Street and moving south on Thursday.

‘Our number one priority is keeping New Yorkers safe and secure,’ said city hall spokesman Ben Sarle. 

The barriers are being positioned diagonally in a way so that bikes can still get through but cars and trucks will not fit.

NYC follows Paris and other cities around the world erecting barriers around historic sites to protect from Muslim terrorists.

17 thoughts on “NYC Installs Concrete Barriers to Protect Bikers from Muslim Terrorists

  1. They are Lying about ” Their Number One Priority Is to keep New Yorker’s Safe ” . If that were true they would have done something before this because they were warned about Sayfullo Saipov. DeBlassio should be thrown in jail for failing to keep people Safe. This was a 100% Preventable Terrorist Attack brought to you courtesy of The Democrats.

  2. I see the Terrorists win again, making people change their way of life because of the Muslims religion. All they will do is change to another way to hurt people or move to another city that is not protected. If you don’t get rid of the problem this will still keep happening.

  3. As Brigitte Gabriel says: “Judicial Tyranny is a National Security Emergency”.

    Hawaii judge Derrick Watson has block on his hands because he blocked Trump’s executive order.
    Judge Theodore Chuang in Maryland also blocked parts of Trump’s ban. Judge Chuang has blood on his hands.
    Judge William Orrick blocked sanctuary cities ban from Trump. Judge Orrick has blood on his hands.
    All these judges have blook on their hands.

    • We all know that you meant to say “blood” on their hands, Christine, but maybe a little proof-reading wouldn’t hurt. Either way, you’re right! These “judges” are complicit and enablers of terrorism and murder! Too bad we can’t charge them all with treason and with being an accessory to the crime of murder!

      • We also have judges who seem to making laws as they go along. None of these piss ant judges had any authority to make policy or laws, which is exactly what they did in ruling in these cases!
        When these liberal POS judges make this type of ruling beyond their jurisdiction, Trump needs to immediately have the decision vacated, and move on. Judges do not have more authority than the president, or the Congress which is exactly what they did in each and every case!

    • #ScienceABC123. YES!! But you left out one “small” thing…. They wait until somebody gets killed and then they scream, “Hey why didn’t ‘sombuddy dooo sompthin’?, and meanwhile they BLAME PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR ALL THE ILLS OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!! (Remember, he’s the new GWB punching bag)!!! Never forget that GWB was “responsible” for 9/11 and Aids and Swine Flu and Hurricane Katrina and the upcoming future WORLD Apocalypse!!

  4. Yes, preventing Muslims from entering the US is a good solution. Another sweeping long term solution is to amend the Constitution to declare & recognise that Islam is a totalitarian fascist ideology that subverts the US Constitution and therefore it shall be prohibited from this nation.

    Hence, the practise of Islam will be considered a treason. So, if muslims in this country wish to practice Islam with impunity, they are free to move to any Islamic country of their choice.

  5. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio:
    “This violence was an effort to make us blink, we won’t blink”.
    This deceptive dumb ass wants us to believe that Islam wants us to “blink”…bull shit, Islam per the Quran wants us non-believers to convert, or die, or live as subdued heavily taxed second class servants.
    Nowhere in Islamic scripture does Allah describe that he wants non-believers eyes to squint, bat, flutter or blink.

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  9. It’s time to have an important discussion on Islamic terrorism and the now recognized offensiveness of the phrase “Allahu Akbar”.

    These Islamic Representatives having hijacked the phrase “Allahu Akbar” have turned it into the modern version of the Hindu surya symbol, the swastika. Like the swastika represented the evils of the Nazis and is now a reviled symbol the world over, the phrase “Allahu Akbar” is now an offensive phrase representing the evil of these terrorists and many believe its ussage should be discontinued in the name of not insulting and offending those who have suffered atrocities at the hands of Islamic murders.

    Keeping in mind the meaning of the phrase, and its widespread usage outside the Arabic world, I have a solution I think everyone can work with.

    Simply stop using the Arabic version and use the language version of the country you live in.

    Some examples are shown below:

    English — Allah is the greatest
    French — Dieu est grand
    German — Gott ist am größten
    Swedish — Gud är störst
    Dutch — God is de beste
    Hindi — Bhagavaan sabase mahaan hai
    Igbo — Chineke kachasị ukwuu
    Icelandic — Guð er mestur
    Irish — Dia is mó
    Polish — Bóg jest największy
    Chinese — Shàngdì shì zuì wěidà de

    By using the native tongue of the country you live in you can still keep the meaning of the phrase intact while demonstrating you do not support the actions of terrorists and showing respect for the families who have lost loved ones. For countries where Arabic is the native tongue, I suggest you could use one of the other languages found in your country.

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