Ohio: Millionaire Iranian Food Stamp Fraudster Gets 30 Days Jail

via Investigator | ‘Food Stamp Millionaire’ going to jail | WKYC.com

Pascal Mahvi, a wealthy Geauga County businessman and developer, showed no remorse for defrauding taxpayers of thousands of dollars in food stamps.

In turn, Common Pleas Judge Forrest Burt handed out a 30-day jail sentence to the so-called “Food Stamp Millionaire.”

Prosecutor James Flaiz noted the lack of remorse as well, and asked for jail time.

The sentence came down Friday, a month after Mahvi was convicted of two welfare fraud-related charges. The judge ordered Mahvi, 66, to report to the county jail Nov. 4.

Mahvi was also sentenced to three years probation and fined $2,750.

The son of an Iranian prince, Mahvi has boasted of amassing great wealth during his life. He owns undeveloped property in St. Lucia worth tens of millions of dollars. His Russell Township home, with a horse stable and in-ground pool, is valued at about $800,000. His family owns three luxury cars.

Previoulsly, Ohio: Iranian millionaire and adult children get food stamps, Medicaid.

4 thoughts on “Ohio: Millionaire Iranian Food Stamp Fraudster Gets 30 Days Jail

  1. How about restitution – and court costs, at the very least. Probably should have had to pay a sizable fine as well. I suspect had I embezzled that much money they would lock me up and throw away the key. With ‘sentences’ like this one, no wonder such folks keep doing the crime, they certainly are NOT doing the time.

  2. 30 days in jail??!! Really!? This is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard today (Well, at least in the last 30 minutes). How can someone get away with this and get 30 days? By all means, we should bring in more of these savage scumbags into our country to rob us blind!
    I’m at the point of just doing whatever I want – rob little old ladies on the street, bust up cars in the mall parking lot with a baseball bat, spray paint “Mohammed sucked donkey dicks” on the wall of a mosque in Dearborn. I suppose the days of following the law and just being a decent human being are over!
    Unless someone stops these barbarians, we might as well kiss our country good-bye! For every one they catch, there are 100 more getting away with it!!

  3. To swindle and cheat the infidel is not a crime under Islam. The perp showed no remorse because he feels none. Under the rules he lives by, he did nothing wrong and is an honorable Muslim. Depending on the depth of his faith, he may even feel it a religious obligation to swindle the infidel. The fools in robes running Western courtrooms have no clue what they are dealing with.

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