Canada: Muslim jailed for forcing girlfriend to wear hijab, threatening to kill her

via Gatineau man who tried to join ISIS gets 9 months for threatening ex-girlfriend – Ottawa – CBC News

A Gatineau man convicted of terror-related offences will serve nine months in jail for threatening his former girlfriend.

In June, Ismael Habibwas found guilty of three of four charges involving his former girlfriend in a case unrelated to the terrorism charges.

The court found he had psychologically harassed her, forced her to wear a hijab and quit her job and threatened to kill her if she reported anything to police.

​The Crown had originally sought a sentence of 15 to 17 months.
Terrorism sentencing to follow

Habib is currently awaiting sentencing for attempting to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activity.

Police arrested him in February 2016, following an RCMP investigation that included an undercover operation.

Prosecutors want 9-year sentence for Quebec man who tried to join ISIS

During the ​trial, it was revealed that Habib told an RCMP officer, who was posing as a crime boss, that it was his “duty” to fight with ISIS in Syria.

He was found guilty in June. His sentencing for the terrorism conviction is set to take place Friday.

Muslims are enforcing sharia in Gatineau, where just a few days ago another Muslim was arrested after he beat & threatened his daughter for not wearing hijab.

5 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim jailed for forcing girlfriend to wear hijab, threatening to kill her

  1. While there is Islam there will be occurrences of this sort. This is what prisons are for. Prisons are a leading source of recruitment for muslims. Ah the synergies, ah the symbioses. Ah yes and taking welfare and contributing it to jihad is just taking jizyah from the kafirs like Allah said to do.

  2. These Muslim fanatics believe that “allah” will Reward them with 72 Virgins & they could NOT be more Wrong! Mohammad was a Dyslexic & misread the Quran! It says, “with 27 Virgins, will I reward YOU, BUTT YOU WON’T KNOW if they are Male, or female, until YOU GET HERE SUCKERS”!!!

  3. Because the followers of Islam are know as ” The Champions of Women’s Rights “, NOT !
    I get that some women are born into this hellish 7th Century lifestyle and are forced to live that way but totally don’t get or understand why any woman would choose to go to Islam. Even those Darlings from Austria (As they were called by the media) who went to ISIS lived to regret it. The facts and Actions of the followers of Islam show it to be a Death Cult lifestyle from the 7th Century with a Religious component to it. It commands them to kill others in their pursuit of world domination as shown by their own teachings and over 1400 years of actions.

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  5. Why do we keep letting them in? And why don’t we deport them if they step one inch out of line? This is insanity and the only thing going for us is that we have guns — THEY do not know who has them. They should beware more than they are. Actually they should return to muslim shores where they will feel much more comfortable.

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