New Jersey Muslim stokes violence against Coptic Christians

via U.S. Muslim stokes violence against Coptic Christians

Some of the most vicious incitement against Christians in Egypt originates from a petite Egyptian woman sitting at a computer in her home in a quiet suburb of New Jersey.

It is not as though Egypt’s Muslim community needs any encouragement to go after Coptic Christians, but Arat Oraby does her part, calling the Copts a “gang” that needs to be boycotted and subjugated.

“The problem of the Christians in Egypt is that they follow the church gang,” she wrote.

“They believe that (Coptic Pope) Tawadoros the criminal, or any other criminal who will replace him, was selected by the Lord and speaks on His behalf. The church gang deceives its followers in this despicable way, just like a thief or a swindler from the Middle Ages.”

She often refers to Christians as “Nazarenes,” as they are called in the Quran and by ISIS, and tells Egyptians to boycott Coptic businesses and buy only from fellow Muslims.

A Coptic priest was murdered on the streets of Cairo last week by a young Muslim, the latest in a string of murders and church bombings that began more than a year ago.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism published a report Thursday naming Oraby as the head of the spear when it comes to inciting violence against Egypt’s Christian community.

Ayat Oraby shills for the Muslim Brotherhood while living in U.S.

R4BIA: The symbol of solidarity with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

And Oraby does it all from the comforts of her home in Jersey, the same state where the latest Islamic terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, lived and attended a radical mosque before he killed eight New Yorkers in a truck attack on Halloween.

Oraby is merely continuing her role as instigator in the Arab Spring uprisings that began in 2010 with the goal of replacing secular Islamic regimes in the Middle East with hardcore religious ones.

She migrated to America in 1993 and presented herself for years as a liberal Muslim while working as an Egyptian TV news anchor.

Oraby had her profile raised during the Arab Spring, as she propagated the narrative put forth by President Barack Obama that the uprisings were all about freedom and democracy, said Dr. Mark Christian, a native of Egypt who was raised in a Muslim Brotherhood family in Cairo before he left Islam and moved to America in 2005.

Now Oraby continues to use her social media channels as an instrument for Islamism. In a recent post, she said “Muslims are the food for the nations,” helping to fulfill Muhammad’s prophecy that the global caliphate “will come again.”

“The only reason Oraby is the last one standing is because she lives in the U.S. All those in the Middle East who promoted the Arab Spring were arrested or went into hiding,” Christian said. “But she lives in the U.S. and is enjoying the freedom and the protection of the left in the United States.”

Oraby promoted the presidency of Muslim Brotherhood front man Mohamed Morsi, who assumed power after the fall of secular dictator Hosni Mubarak but did not last long before he was forcibly removed by the Egyptian military.

One can also not help but notice the physical changes of Oraby’s presence in her YouTube videos over the last two years, transforming from a modern woman dressed in Western attire, into a Shariah-compliant Muslima wearing the hijab.

“She uses precious free-speech rights that she sought in a country like the USA to spew hatred and violence towards others,” writes Hany Ghoraba in the report for the Investigative Project on Terrorism. “Generally, Islamists such as Oraby do not believe in freedom of speech except as a tool in Western countries to provoke hatred, propagate Jihadist rhetoric, and fantasize about their Islamist utopia, i.e. Shariah-ruled caliphate.”

“The idea of the Islamic caliphate,” Oraby wrote in a September Facebook post, “is not a political rhetoric but a future that we believe in and a revelation by Allah to his Prophet.”

Read it all and more at Egyptian Islamist Uses New Jersey Base to Stoke Christian Hatred.


13 thoughts on “New Jersey Muslim stokes violence against Coptic Christians

    • Of course, Muslims work double-time to get evidence of Islamic barbarity removed…and many of them hold positions at companies like Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. so it’s almost policy. One of the videos of a local newscast remains.

      The jihad takeover will not be televised.

  1. Remove all muslims from the US. If they do not leave of their own free will, round them up and remove them forcibly. If they resist, kill them.

    • There needs to be accountability on the part of State Depart officials who approve these visas. The State Department is the “enemy within”. It is the epicenter of the “swamp”.. It is filled with people who condescend towards their countrymen, and largely side with our enemies. This phenomenon is not new. The State Department has historically been filled with anti-Americans.

  2. “Last week, according to local activists, ISIS publicly caged and burned alive 19 Yazidi girls for refusing to have sex with ISIS fighters, according to local activists. Yazidi leaders last year showed Fox News photographs of the Islamic jihadists burning babies to death on a slab of sheet metal, photos that show tiny, roasted bodies side by side as flames engulfed them….The butchered Christian building and its Yazidi remnants serve as chilling reminders of the genocide experienced by the two religious minorities.”

  3. And where is the U.N. when all these atrocities and genocides are being committed? Silently consenting, because that’s what they do! Every Muslim piece of shit in this country, brings us one step closer to this happening here to Christians in the U.S., our very own country! And to the leftist idiots who say, Islam is a peaceful religion, I would hope they are the first ones killed by Muslims murder of infidels!

  4. It seems that YouTube be monitored as much or more than Facebook for the Jihad videos openly run on the site. Sharia Law keeps women under wraps, the burka that women are forced to hide under is proof. Why would this woman want to use the freedom of America to try and enforce the Sharia Law that will tape her mouth shut. Stupid infidel thy name is Jihad. Get this woman out of America.

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  6. At some time soon, something will have to be done. It is easy to see that they gain just an inch a year, it may take awhile, but we will eventually lose.

  7. that’s why I never believed Americans claiming to fight agains the IS, RUSSIA has been saying for two years and even giving evidences that USA protects the islamic terrorism in Syria and Iraq … it is not about Hussein Obama being in office, it is about the US military who became weak, soft and biased … Edgar Hover came back to demonise the Russians but he’s missing a fact that Communist Russia has gone … the only threat to a free world today is the Islam

    we’ll rise one day and erase the majority muslims and run an islam-free middle eastern secular community and US will be celebrating the circumcision of its muzlim president’s son

    Greetings from Orthodox Alexandria

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