Detroit: Muslim female genital mutilation doctor freed from jail

via Doctor at center of female genital mutilation case freed from jail

Detroit — Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, the Northville doctor accused of mutilating the genitalia of “countless” young girls, was released on $4.5 million unsecured bond Tuesday after seven months in jail.

Nagarwala, 44, was freed after more than a dozen friends came to federal court and pledged to pay the largest unsecured bond in Detroit federal court history if she flees while awaiting a June trial — the first trial nationwide involving female genital mutilation.

She traded handcuffs and leg shackles for a GPS tether and will live at an undisclosed hotel with her father, who agreed to watch her 24 hours a day and ensure she complies with bond conditions. Nagarwala cannot have contact with witnesses or victims in the case, and is barred from living at home while the state tries to strip her parental rights to two minor children, though she can have supervised visits.

“She’s obviously really happy to be getting out, especially right before Thanksgiving,” her lawyer Shannon Smith told The Detroit News. “This will be easier to prepare for trial.”

Nagarwala smiled at friends and relatives in the courtroom gallery, including her father and her husband, Moiz Nagarwala.

The names of those who pledged to pay the $4.5 million bond were sealed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Stafford.

Her release came despite federal prosecutors calling Nagarwala a danger to the community and a flight risk with ties to Africa and India and access to $2.4 million in assets that could bankroll a prolonged flight from justice. Prosecutors previously emphasized that Nagarwala was arrested in April while trying to board a flight to Kenya for a prearranged visit with two of her four children who study abroad.

Nagarwala is among eight people charged in a case alleging a 12-year conspiracy that involved cutting prepubescent girls as part of a procedure practiced by some members of a small Muslim sect from India, the Dawoodi Bohra. Locally, most members of the sect belong to the Anjuman-e-Najmi mosque in Farmington Hills.

14 thoughts on “Detroit: Muslim female genital mutilation doctor freed from jail

    • wait til you read about her lawyer… and not talking about Alan Dershowitz who is also on her legal defense team…follow up post coming in the next day or so

  1. To say she is part of a small minority sect of Islam from India is wrong. FGM is a big part of islam in Egypt, Africa and the whole Middle East. Just more politically correct bs from the liberal media trying to show satans cult, Islam, an acceptable ideology.

  2. Another Islamic kkk hood wearing whore who needs to be executed.
    Want to rid your country of Muslims, the ONLY current solution is
    vigilantism, destroy ALL muslim property until you bankrupt them
    all, over and over and over and over and over and over. Until they
    start a war and we kill them all in retaliation or they accept they
    are cursed with their god damned death cult and kkk hoods and leave.

  3. These people are sub human savages who shouldn’t be in this country! This group of Muslims are the same group Sect. Of State Tillerson wants to spend millions of dollars on because, he says they’re victims of ethnic cleansing!!!! Even though they crossed the border into Myanmar, didn’t assimilate (just like in Dearborn) and started attacking the CITIZENS. When the actual citizens of this area of Myanmar started to protect themselves and fight back, the UN labeled it genocide and ethnic cleansing!!
    Just more propaganda from the Islamic Cult!

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  5. custody of her father? right put fox in charge of hen watching.
    “unsecured bond” does this mean they only have to pay if she flees? And then what guarantee do the people have that it would get paid? We know Muslim who support this think allah is theonly authority they must obey, and are perfectly willing to disobey USA laws. Like child abuse.

    And Dershowitz, the hypocrite who cried for Israel yet still supports Dems who try to destroy it? The guy who invented the racist angle to get OJ acquitted of 2 cold-blooded premeditated murders? Slimy dude.

    Why don’t we deserve to know who would invest millions to protect this butcher? who is this insane judge?

    • quick search shows she is a DIVERISTY advocate- meaning multi-culti crap is dear to her, and she like many other activist judges will be willing to TWIST, SPIN and MUTILATE the law to uphold her version of justice, the SJW kind!!!!!

      Standing Committee on Judicial Qualifications, United States Courts Committee, and Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. Judge Stafford also served on the board of the Federal Bar Association, Eastern District of Michigan, and as co-chairperson of that association’s Diversity Committee.

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