Bulgaria Moves to Criminalize Radical Islam, Support of Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate

via Bulgarian Parliament Moves to Criminalise Radical Islam, Support of Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate

The Bulgarian parliament has moved to criminalise the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating a caliphate, religious violence, and sharia law.

The legislature adopted the amendments to the nation’s criminal code aimed at tackling radical Islam on their first reading this Wednesday.

They were proposed by a nationalist electoral alliance called the United Patriots (UP).

Promoting any ideology of violence or one threatening the law and constitution of the nation could be punishable with one to five years in jail and a fine of around £2,000, the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik reports.

UP Member of Parliament Boris Yachev told the paper that the change in law was not aimed at targeting a religion but a dangerous ideology.

“Radical Islam is a particularly aggressive and dangerous ideology that justifies violence and the murder of [infidels],” he said, insisting it also excused “slavery and genocide” as a “systemic policy”.

His party proposed a legal definition of radical Islam, which, according to the law’s parliamentary reading, includes “when a person is agitating for the creation of an Islamic State [or caliphate]”.

Other tenets are promoting religious law over secular law, the “forcible application of religious principles”, advocating violence including “sacred war against non-Muslims [jihad]”, and recruiting people into Islamist terrorism

In June 2016, the Bulgarian parliament voted with a large majority to become the third European nation to ban the Islamic full-face veil, or burqa, finalising the law in September with a fine of around £90.

As a legacy of almost 500 years of Ottoman Turkish rule, Bulgaria has one of the biggest Muslim minorities in Europe at about 12 per cent of its 7.1 million population, Reuters reports.

Speaking in October of this year, Deputy Prime Minister Krasimir Karakachanov said: “It turns out that problems [with radical Islam] we see in a number of European countries already exist in Bulgaria.”

He claimed that “extremely liberal” laws were allowing the spread of more radical strains of Islam in education and training.

“It is mostly the… financing by private structures of religious communities that attempt to realise political influence in the country,” Mr. Karakachanov added, promising to crack down on the funding of radical Islam.

12 thoughts on “Bulgaria Moves to Criminalize Radical Islam, Support of Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate

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  3. ONLY a few states have outlawed SHARIA, this must become federal law. (Aug 8, 2017 … This year alone, 13 states have introduced an anti-Sharia law bill, with Texas and Arkansas enacting the legislation.) These 16 States Banned ‘Sharia Law’ – Is YOURS on the List? | Top …

  4. “radical” islam.
    That is where they loose and are irrelevant and no such law will be enacted without
    rewording to avoid “Islam” by itself.

    There is no such thing as radical Islam, there is
    only Islam, the Koran and Hadiths.
    If you call yourself a moderate muslim you are
    simply not a muslim, if you don’t accept what
    Islam teaches then stop calling yourself
    a muslim and stop wearing your vile disgusting Islamic kkk hoods.

    All Muslims should be expelled. Others must
    make public declaration of renouncement of Islam,

    • Absolutely! I agree 100% and we should not allow any further Islamic immigration. I think that all mosques should be destroyed, to show how serious we are about eliminating this problem. And make no mistake, it IS A problem. EVERYWHERE Muslims move into, either as immigrants or refugees, the problems start almost immediately. No intention to assimilate, behave counter to laws already in place, culturally backward and horrible treatment of women and children!
      Islam is the only religion/barbaric cult that causes these types of problems and issues.
      As a cult intent on a world Caliphate and domination, Islam must be treated as invaders and destroyed!

    • • There are NO peaceful Muslims. ONLY varying degrees of patience. BUT, all have the same goal.
      • Rather than openly participate in Jihad, most are just waiting…until it’s time to conquer.

  5. They’ll be pariahs of the EU in no time if they move forward with this. I imagine they (EU) will commence their usual threats of monetary fines for starters.

  6. The first step to solve any problem is to identify the problem. The second step is to try and figure out what to do about the problem. The third step is to do something to lessen or eliminate the problem. Bulgaria is one of the countries truly identifying a problem with Islam. If more western style civilization countries had common sense they would be making laws like Bulgaria.

  7. I dont know how this is gonna turn out (nobody could), but hearing this news has made my weekend. It has the potential to start some discussions (fights?) and maybe help in making it just a little more acceptable to have a negative opinion of Islam.

    And I agree that all Islam is “radical” Islam. Its not racism, bigotry or islamophobia to believe that Islam and especially Muslim refugees are bad for our country and will destroy our way of life. They will turn our country into an oppressive shithole like where they came from.

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