Ohio: Somali Muslim woman sentenced to 3 years for vehicular homicide of 7-month-old in stroller

via Woman sentenced to 3 years in crash that killed infant in stroller | NBC4i.com

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A woman has been sentenced to prison after being found guilty of aggravated vehicular homicide in connection with the death of a 7-month-old boy in June 2016.

In connection with? She hit the father and baby with her vehicle. See below.

Muhuba Ali Mohamed, 32, was  accused of running off the right side of the roadway on Westerville Road in June 2016, striking a mailbox, and hitting a father who was pushing the baby in a stroller.

Mohamed was given 3 years in prison, as well as a lifetime suspension of her driver’s license.

As reported previously via  Ohio: Somali Muslim refugee convicted of vehicular homicide of 7-month-old boy in stroller


Mohamed, of the Northeast Side, is a native of Somalia.

Both sides agreed that Micah Ferebee was in a stroller being pushed by his father on the shoulder of Westerville Road just north of Innis Road at about 5 p.m. when Mohamed’s northbound Toyota Rav4 veered off the road and struck them from behind. The SUV also ran over a mailbox, went through three yards and eventually slammed into a house.

The father, Kenan M. Ferebee, 24, did not suffer major injuries. The baby died of head injuries shortly after being taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The evidence, which included video from a camera on the house struck, showed that Mohamed never hit the brakes or even turned the wheel to avoid the collisions after her vehicle left the roadway in broad daylight. There was no alcohol or drugs in her system.

Testimony also showed that she was in a one-car crash just four days earlier, when she veered off I-71 in Delaware County and into a barrier in the median.

In both crashes, Mohamed was driving with a temporary permit but didn’t have a licensed driver with her as required by law.

So, a Somali Muslim immigrant/refugee who didn’t even have a drivers license struck and killed a seven-month old baby and only got three years jail while a guy who vandalized a mosque got 15 years prison?

Why isn’t she being deported?

15 thoughts on “Ohio: Somali Muslim woman sentenced to 3 years for vehicular homicide of 7-month-old in stroller

  1. Now this criminal POS gets to go to the local subsidized Muslim recruiting center & enlist more women to fight for their own oppression, on the taxpayers’ collective dime. Why can’t we ship her off to the land of her own kind and let them subsidize her murderous hatred?

  2. More Proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disease. The United Stated needs to stop importing people that Hate The United States and get rid of the ones causing trouble. This lady should have never been allowed in and never given a permit, and should have been thrown in jail after 1st accident. She should be deported after paying restitution to the victim.
    How come she only gets 3 years for killing someone yet someone who puts bacon on a mosque get 15 years in prison and 15 years probation ? What about the Muslims who vandalize Mosques to make a fake hate crime who get No punishment. There are Serious Inequities In justice going on.

  3. e lee, tyedyed – Both excellent comments and I agree with you 100%. I also think she won’t serve the full 3 years and will be released early or have her sentence overturned by a Liberal judge and even once she is released will drive without a license anyway. Remember that Muslims believe they don’t have to obey our laws.

  4. Wait a moment, how could she be guilty. In somalia, on a donkey she would not have murdered the child like that. The donkey has enough brains to avoid such collisions.

    About a week after 9/11 , driving through Sacramento I saw about a dozen muslim women in their garb bebopping down the street laughing and having a gay time. It took all of my restraint to keep my van from running them down.
    Why have we let such animals into America?

  5. She was not sentenced in accord with the justice she deserves because whoever sentenced her and defended her has the same alien system of thought which she has. What else could explain it? God help America.

    Poor little baby! Poor Mom and Dad!

  6. The Koran must be put on trial as a seditious document that is riddled with commands in direct contradiction with our laws and calls for our destruction. Once the political ideology of Islam (let them call it a religion but the law doesn’t need to accept their label) then it can be declared illegal and banned. The mosques, which are used as training centers for jihadists to vanquish us, must be closed, and those unwilling to reject this ideology must be deported. Only then can we expect to live in peace and safety.

  7. I hope a mother in prison realizes what this piece of Muslim scum is in prison for and slashes her throat! If our courts won’t mete out the proper justice, maybe the prisoners will!
    When vigilantes start roaming the streets to make sure Muslim criminals get what’s due, rather than light or no sentences, then the courts might wake up!
    If the judiciary refuses to do their jobs, then society will be pushed beyond the boundaries of rage, and the criminals will pay!

  8. Saudi’s don’t let women drive, perhaps they know why, have watched Muslim women drive and its scary, have seen these women use solid yellow line in the road as a guide to drive, inpatient drivers as well, do not follow rules of the road, have seen men driving to mosque in my area passing cars at high speeds in places that are unsafe to do so and clearly marked not to pass, Islam is dangerous to humanity.

  9. Let me understand …. a person who committed a crime with a vehicle, while NOT HAVING A DRIVERS LICENCE, is now prohibited from having one – for life..

    Am I the only one who fails to see the logic here?

    3 year sentence is a joke!! She’ll never serve 12 months! Should have been 10 years, then deported!

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