Wisconsin: Terror-linked Muslim group sues manufacturer for sharia-compliant workplace

via Islamic advocacy group sues over workplace prayer | Minnesota | lacrossetribune.com  h/t religionofpeace.com

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — An Islamic advocacy group is suing a Wisconsin manufacturer, alleging it failed to accommodate 19 Muslim employees who wanted to take prayer breaks during work time.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the Ariens Co. to rehire the former employees and give them back pay and damages. The group’s federal lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Green Bay, also asks the Brillion lawn mower manufacturer to reinstate a more lenient religious accommodation policy that would allow employees to take short breaks for prayers at different times, such as dawn and sunset.

The company offers two, 10-minute breaks each work shift and doesn’t accommodate unscheduled prayer time. The manufacturer fired seven Muslim employees in 2016 for taking unscheduled prayer time. Another 14 employees resigned over the issue.

Jaylani Hussein, director of the council’s Minnesota chapter, said Ariens forced the Muslim employees to choose between their faith and their employment, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported .

Employers are required by law to give reasonable accommodates for religious practices if they don’t provide a hardship for the employer. Several prayer breaks throughout the day could cost $1 million a year in lost productivity, the company argued.

Ariens said in a statement it was surprised and disappointed by the lawsuit because the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated the allegations several months ago and dismissed the complaint.

The company said it provides prayer rooms for workers to use during their regular breaks. The company said many Muslim employees who continue to work at the plant comply with the two-break policy and are able to fulfill their religious practices during those times.

Ariens – the Wisconsin Manufacturer Who Wouldn’t Negotiate with Terrorist-linked CAIR –  is hiring – go here.

14 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Terror-linked Muslim group sues manufacturer for sharia-compliant workplace

  1. The Lawfare and special accommodations always follow where Muslims are hired in a non muslim company. Then you have to let them wear unsafe clothing and they sue when they get hurt because of their special religious clothing. Muslim logic and safety do not work hand in hand. Hijabs kill. Is Machinery Racist because it doesn’t like their special Religious clothing ?

  2. We are not a Muslim Nation, Never was a Muslim Nation, and never will be a Muslim Nation. You Idiots claim you ran away from Oppression then come here to establish Sharia Laws? Ya’ll bitches are cray cray. You can’t get rid of oppression unless you give up the Quran ass holes. We don’t accept your Sharia cards here.

  3. If people come here and feel oppressed then thy better just turn around and go back to their Sharia law countries and not be oppressed. Simple to think that America is trying to change OUR country to not offend Muslims, but then they come here and want to Oppress Americans by inducing Sharia Laws. Don’t allow them here, if they don’t check their Quran at the gate. We have to stop this runaway train. The Quran is the engine, Sharia is the fuel, and Muhammadans are the road to Terrorism, and the destination is Jihad against the world. Take any part out of the equation and the trip is stopped. Let’s give them the choice to take out one item if they want to stay here in peace. If they refuse, DEPORT their asses.

  4. The Muslim scum will continue to chip away at at companies that hire them, so it hardly seems worth it. Of course then the companies will face discrimination charges. This was not a problem in the American workplace until these filthy savages started to complain. NOW companies have to tip toe around every POS they hire.
    And of course, there’s always the psychos that kill their co-workers for not being Muslim.
    I would never hire a Muslim if I owned a company, and maybe that’s why manufacturing jobs leave the country- Islam is the root of many problems today. Ban Islam in the U.S.!!!

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  7. As someone that owned and managed numerous companies, I am sorry to say I would not Hire these folks period.. They look for reasons to get pissed and file lawsuits and make a quick $$$$.. call me a racist I am not going to care because I am going to save my business from this type of terrorism

    • Good for you! If more businesses would stand up to these terrorist thugs, this would not be such a pervasive problem! It’s easy to get around hiring these savages-just make a rule banning beards or stinky women!

  8. The biggest scam on the West is facilitated by CAIR. It’s not written in stone muslims must take breaks at proscribed time. If they cannot take their prayer break, they can make it up after work. Tour Guide in Egypt, a devout fundamental muslim told us he doesn’t have to prayer when call to prayer sounds if he’s working and can make up the prayer when he gets home. What CAIR is leveling against employers in the US is purely bogus! It’s all about Domination! Omar Ahmad, Founder of CAIR said it best: “Islam is not in America to be equal, but to become DOMINATE! The quran, the muslim book of scripture should be the HIGHEST Authority and Islam the ONLY Accepted religion on EARTH”.

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