Massachusetts: (Another) Democratic congressional candidate is a member of terror-linked Muslim groups

Not to be confused with this Muslim from terror-linked CAIR running for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts, but equally concerning.

via Fuqra Member Announces Run for Congress | Clarion Project Clarion Project

By Ryan Mauro

The newest Democratic congressional candidate in Massachusetts, Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, is a prominent official of not one but two Islamist groups: Jamaat ul-Fuqra and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

  • Jamaat Ul-Fuqra, which now goes by the name of Muslims of America (MOA), is a jihadi cult that is currently under federal investigation. Amatul-Wadud has long been an advocate for Fuqra and serves as the group’s “general counsel.”
  • CAIR has been identified by the Justice Department as a Hamas-linked entity of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nowhere does her campaign website mention her official involvement with Muslims of America/Jamaat ul-Fuqra or the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Her business website does identify her as the “counsel” to the “Islamberg” commune that serves as MOA’s national headquarters. An obvious decision was made to omit that from her biography.

As Clarion previously reported: Source: CAIR Intertwines with US-based, Terror-Linked Fuqra Group

The Massachusetts chapter of CAIR recently chose MOA’s general counsel, Tahirah Amatul Wadud, as a board member. CAIR, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity banned for its own terror links in the UAE, wisely omitted mention of MOA. It described her generically as a “general counsel for a New York Muslim congregation.”

Wadud reportedly posted an article by MOA’s Pakistan-based leader, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, on her Facebook claiming the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is a puppet of the British government and a Jewish conspiracy perpetrated the attacks on Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001. The Clarion Project was the first to report on the inflammatory article.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra is led by Gilani. It is best known for a series of terrorist attacks and plots in the 1980s and early 1990s and for setting up “Islamic villages” across the country, including at least two that were shut down by the authorities. These “villages” are known to have been used for guerilla warfare training. Fuqra now goes primarily by the name of Muslims of the Americas (MOA), among other names. The group says it has 22 such “villages” in the U.S.

Read all of both articles. CAIR is putting candidates like this in races all across the U.S. (and these are just the ones we know about)
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5 thoughts on “Massachusetts: (Another) Democratic congressional candidate is a member of terror-linked Muslim groups

  1. It can’t get any worse than this. #DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS
    C-SPAN Saturday:
    “Education is one of the most important areas that muslims have to address. While our final objective is not just to become part of the system that we experience now & that we see, our final objective is to CREATE OUR OWN ISLAMIC SYSTEMS & not only create islamic systems FOR MUSLIMS but to look at all the OTHER PEOPLE who are sharing this country with us AS POTENTIAL MUSLIMS. If we look at them as potential muslims & feel that we have the OBLIGATION which allah has told us to try TO BRING THEM INTO THE SAME style of THINKING, into the same way of BEHAVING & into the same OBJECTIVES THAT WE HAVE, then we have to have some way we can communicate with them & some way we can work with them. In that LONG RANGE PROCESS OF MAKING AMERICA MUSLIM, ALL OF AMERICA muslim, then we have to have some actual SHORT RANGE GOALS. We have to have some way of dealing with them & know how we’re going to deal with them & which ways & be VERY CALCULATED about it or else we will not accomplish our goals.”
    (2635) They Have A Plan…be afraid…be very afraid! – YouTube The River Mersey 1/10/17

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  3. No Muslims in any elected position at any level of government! No Muslims as any appointed judge in any court in the US!
    These barbarians will be the demise of our Democratic way of life!

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  5. While America slept – the Democrats put in Carter. While America slept – the Democrats put in JFK, While America slept – the Democrats put in Bill Clinton. While America slept – the Democrats put in Obama. While America slept – Democrats allowed Hillary to run for President. While America slept – the Democrats allowed the islamic (spell check said to make islamic with a capitol letter. Just cannot do it) people to infiltrate into the USA as immigrants fleeing the Iraq and Afganistan war. Now….we have them next door and trying to convert or kill us into their way of life and their sick religion. Which is not a religion but a political movement of the likes of what Hitler tried to do is rule the world. Now this same spirit has raised its ugly head again on the world’s stage and we are facing the same thing again in this thing called…..shieria law. ( I call it: shit-eria law)

    So my question is when are we as a people going to come fully awake and realise what is happening to our country. Will we be lulled back to sleep after Trump’s administration is over with or will we use this opportunity we have with a strong leader as president now to stand behind the people in our demands to deport every muslime and arab in this country. They have been killing and maiming their own people for thousands of years. They need to take this sickness and go back to their part of the world if this is what they want to do is keep their stupid sheria law going. Do it on the other side of their world and not in our Christian nation.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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