Michigan: Muslim attorney drops frivolous $100M Little Caesars halal lawsuits

Muslim lawyer burns an effigy of Florida pastor; later filed frivolous lawsuits against Little Caesars

via Attorney drops Little Caesars halal lawsuit; s after threats to family | News | pressandguide.com

An Arab-American [read: Muslim] attorney has dropped two lawsuits against the Little Caesars pizza chain after receiving threats against him and his daughter on social media.

Majed Moughni, a Dearborn-based attorney, chose to drop the lawsuits after a man made threats against him and his 11-year-old daughter on Facebook and Instagram.

Moughni had filed lawsuits against Little Caesars on behalf of Michelle Meade and her husband, Mohamad Bazzi, a Dearborn couple who said the pizza chain had sold fake halal pizzas at its Schaefer Road location.

The couple alleged that the pizzas were made with pork pepperoni rather than halal pepperoni, and sold to them and potentially thousands of other Muslim customers. Muslims are forbidden to eat pork under Islamic law and must consume halal meat, which is prepared under Islamic guidelines.

The couple — and a second plaintiff, Ali Bazzi — were seeking $100 million in the class action lawsuit.

Mohamad Bazzi ordered a halal pepperoni pizza March 20 from Little Caesars’ Schaefer Road location, and the couple claimed in the lawsuit that they realized it was made from pork after taking a couple of bites. At the time, halal pepperoni was advertised on the business’ front window.

Two Little Caesars pizza locations in Dearborn had sold halal pepperoni pizza, but the stores on Outer Drive and Schaefer Road discontinued the menu item after Moughni filed the Bazzi’s lawsuit in May.

After the threats against Moughni surfaced recently on social media, he submitted petitions to drop the suits.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a man sent Moughni an instant message on Facebook on Oct. 26 that read: “You better stop your lawsuit against Little Caesars you” followed by an expletive and racial slur against Arabs and blacks.

Moughni also provided screenshots to the newspaper of photos the man posted on Twitter of Moughni and his family members with the words: “Muslim lawyer who wants to sue #LittleCaesars for $100,000,000 and his wife’s Facebook, daughter goes to” followed by the name of his daughter’s school.

The attorney contacted police about the matter before filing motions to drop the two remaining lawsuits. The cases were dismissed Dec. 4 by Wayne County Circuit Judge Annette Berry.

The first of three lawsuits Moughni brought against the pizza maker was thrown out in September.

Did his clients retain a new attorney to pursue the lawsuits or was this just a convenient way for all of them to weasel out of a no-win situation and play the Islamophobia / race card at the same time? 

As noted in a prior post:  Dearborn: Judge tosses Muslim’s (frivolous) $100M lawsuit against Little Caesars

In an e-mailed statement sent by Huget on behalf of Little Caesars, the company said it will file counter claims to protect the company against “frivolous actions.”

Little Caesars is extremely pleased with the court’s complete dismissal of this meritless claim,” the company said in the statement.

And it appears LC’s is no longer selling halal in that Dearbornistan location. Win win.

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