Arkansas: Gun range owner who banned Muslims announces candidacy for governor

via Jan Morgan announces her candidacy to run for Arkansas governor

In a press release sent out on New Year’s Eve, Jan Morgan, a Hot Springs small business owner, announced her candidacy to run for governor of Arkansas.

Morgan, a Republican, made the announcement at an event in Hot Springs. She previously formed an exploratory committee to consider a GOP challenger to Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

If elected, Morgan would be the first female governor of Arkansas.

Morgan will face incumbent Republican governor Asa Hutchinson in a primary election in May 2018.

More via the Islamophilic Daily Mail Online, Islamophobic Arkansas gun range owner to run for governor | Daily Mail Online

A gun range owner who in 2014 banned Muslims from her business as a matter of ‘public safety’ has announced that she now intends to stand for governor in the US state of Arkansas.

Republican Jan Morgan officially announced her candidacy at a New Year’s Eve event in her hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas. She will be challenging incumbent Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson in May.

Ms Morgan, who has served as national spokesperson for Citizens for Trump, created a storm in 2014 when she claimed Islam was ‘not a religion’ and should not be afforded protections under the US Constitution.

Ms Morgan has claimed that business is booming since her Muslim ban and that threats of a lawsuit by federal civil rights enforcers have failed to materialise.

In a bizarre blog post two years ago, she asked why she should ‘rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?’

The shooting range owner said she made the decision after two customers she deemed suspicious visited. She said their furtive behavior and cellphone ringtones of ‘Allahu Akhbar’ prompted her to revise her range’s policies.

Ms Morgan said she excluded from her range those she believes to be Muslim by assessing their names.

‘We are dealing in lethal firearms,’ Morgan she told at the time. ‘I’m not going to let a Nazi shoot in here, or a Ku Klux Klan member in here, either.’

She added in her blog that she believed the Koran contains ‘109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror,’ and claims threats on her life have been made by Muslims.

‘I understand that not all Muslims are terrorists,” she said at the time.

‘I also believe there are as many Muslims who do not know what is in their Koran as there are Christians who do not know what is in their Bible.

‘Since I have no way of discerning which Muslims will or will not kill in the name of their religion and the commands in their Koran, I choose to err on the side of caution for the safety of my patrons.’

Comentators say that although Ms Morgan has already created a campaign website and has started to solicit campaign contributions for her 2018 push, she is not expected to unseat Mr Hutchinson who she has has consistently described as ‘RINO’ – ‘Republican in name only’ – on her Facebook page.

She has accused Mr Hutchinson of ‘campaigning like a conservative Republican but governing like a liberal Democrat’.

In addition she has alleged that that the sitting governor of not sufficiently conservative on gun rights and not sufficiently combative when it comes to challenging sharia law.

Follow her on Twitter @JanMorgan_ and read about the Islam problem in Arkansas.

One thought on “Arkansas: Gun range owner who banned Muslims announces candidacy for governor

  1. Finally some common sense! It’s great to see an American stand up for rights of all non-Muslims and their safety. It’s wonderful she’s stepped up to take a leadership role in state politics.

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