New York: de Blasio spends $50M to install 1,500 security barriers to prevent Muslim car attacks

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via: New York to install 1,500 Security Barriers after vehicle attacks – h/t Blazing Cat Fur who titled it The cost of Islam. Some are calling these ‘Allah Akbarriers.”

The mayor of New York City has announced plans to install 1,500 steel street barriers to prevent vehicle attacks.

Bill de Blasio said the protective barriers were part of a $50m (£37m) investment in security infrastructure.

The move comes after two vehicle attacks in 2017 that killed nine people in total.

The new permanent barriers will replace temporary concrete blocks that were put in place after the incidents. [They were only put in after the Muslim attack]

“I want to tell you these are the most cowardly kind of attacks – when someone with a vehicle ploughs into a group of innocent pedestrians. It’s disgusting,” Mr Blasio said at a press conference in Times Square, near where one of the vehicle attacks took place.

“But we know there are some out there who mean to do us evil and we will protect against it.”

Last Halloween, a 29-year-old man drove his truck into people on a cycle path in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring 11.

In May, another driver rammed his vehicle into the crowds on sidewalks in Times Square, killing a 18-year-old and injuring a further 20 people.

Temporary concrete blocks were installed in Times Square and Lower Manhattan in the last few months following the attacks in the city and others worldwide. [As noted above, they were not installed after the May attack, they were only put in after the Muslim attack]

“That was necessary to immediately secure those areas in light on these new trends we’ve seen,” Mr Blasio said. [Necessary because the new trend is Muslims driving vehicles into crowds of people trying to kill as many as possible]

“But we knew we needed long-term solutions, we needed permanent barriers.”

The permanent barriers to protect Americans don’t belong in our city streets. They belong on our borders. As we noted in an earlier post on NYC installing concrete anti-jihad barriers, The Islam Tax is just another cost of importing Muslims to America.”

The BBC doesn’t dare mention that the man who killed 8 in Lower Manhattan was a Muslim and diversity refugee.


@Dorilu posted this video suggesting the barriers won’t stop a determined jihadist:

14 thoughts on “New York: de Blasio spends $50M to install 1,500 security barriers to prevent Muslim car attacks

  1. $50 million for barriers? How can this be? I saw De Blasio and others declare on camera that there was “no ongoing threat” after the Halloween truck murders. Everyone with half a brain knew that was rubbish – now De Blasio’s actions prove it.

  2. I am glad the consensus here is the same as my idea – the $$$ would be much better spent on deportations. I am tired of us having to make all the accommodations to the savages. We are endlessly inconvenienced and made to live in constant fear. Get rid of them!

  3. Instead of banning Islam &/or deporting all who want to follow it (it’s a foreign fascist ideology of conquest; the complete antithesis to the “other Abrahamic religions”), we use its mandated terror as an excuse to start a new “security infrastructure” industry in order to make money. How much freedom is lost for this? How is making the entire country pay, through loss of freedom of movement, etc., so Dems, BLM, & Islam won’t call Her racist for not wanting their religion to take over?

    Thing is, this is happening all over the world. Everything Islam does is happening all over the world: Car rammings; Tahurrash game rape jihad; acid attacks; random killings; revising history (notice Islam’s enemies are always blamed; while Islam’s longer, worse atrocities are presented as “wonderful”); indoctrinating children as child soldiers/jihadists/suicide bombers (even USA BLM version has Colin K’s camps to indoctrinate kids to hatred/blame of Islam’s enemies: Whites, Christians, Jews, USA, etc.); forcing itself through bullying, intimidation, threats, etc. Israel had to build a wall around Herself. Britain has put up these concrete barriers, too.

    And the world just takes it in stride. Allowing evil in so as not to be called “racist;” & pretending it’s something that can be contained.

  4. Uhm … that’s $33k per barrier. Gotta love government spending – I’m sure the metal post in the ground is worth every penny…

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