California: Muslim immigrant (honor) kills two daughters following custody dispute

Source: Tunisian immigrant kills two daughters following custody dispute in US – Al Arabiya English h/t

American mother Amy Hunter arrived at a parking lot near her home in West Sacramento on New Year’s Eve to pick up her daughters, Sara, 9 and Sophie, 12, only to find them dying beside the corpse of their father.

The car was parked at the designated drop-off point for the girls, near West Sacramento’s City Hall in the US.

The victims’ parents had been involved in a custody battle for years, reported Sacramento Bee.

The two girls were later declared dead by West Sacramento Police in a murder-suicide by their father, Hamdy Rouin, 46, a Tunisian immigrant who was also found dead in the car.

The mother described her ex-husband Rouin as an abusive man and heavy drinker who had hit her, and threatened her to take the girls away to Tunisia, according to

The mother who converted to Islam, and other family and friends from her Islamic religious community gathered on Tuesday evening for a vigil where she lived with her little girls.

She filed for divorce in December 2014 and it was finalized in December 2016. Rouin was allowed supervised visits once a week with his girls after completing a court-ordered parenting class.

The father gradually got access to the girls and was allowed unsupervised visits as he was listed as having joint legal custody in a November 2016 document, while the mother retained sole physical custody.

More from the Sacramento Bee.

Hunter, his ex-wife, was very involved at Salam Academy, the full-time Islamic study center that her daughters attended before it closed last May, Amer said.

“She used to be a full-time teacher there, and also worked at our bookstore for a number of years,” Amer said. “She served on Salam Academy’s education board and helped with bake sales and fundraisers.” Amer said Rouin would show up, but Hunter kept him at a distance.

Hunter filed for divorce in December 2014, six months after she filed the first of several temporary restraining orders against Rouin. In a declaration filed with the court, Hunter described a constant stream of threats and verbal and sometimes physical abuse.

18 thoughts on “California: Muslim immigrant (honor) kills two daughters following custody dispute

  1. When, as an American non-Muslims, you decide to enter this violent cult and join them, what do you expect to happen? It’s a tragedy that 2 children died, but when you handle s snake, don’t be surprised when it bites You!
    Islam will always be a violent, backward barbaric cult. To think otherwise is pure stupidity!

  2. Just another day in Islam. What did this lady expect ? Women are treated as property in the 7th Century Lifestyle. Sad that the girl’s were killed but it is not a shock to anyone who has studied about Islam and it’s followers actions for over 1400 years. If there is anything good in this story it is that this Violent abusive father killed himself. The rest was a very preventable tragedy. Wonder if Ms. Amy Hunter still thinks Islam is so ” Peaceful ” now ? Honor killings are still very much a part of Islam.

    • The first thing I thought after clicking on the headline, was, “What are the chances he will get the death penalty.” Luckily he took care of that question, himself, but it’s too sad that he thought he had to kill the two girls, too! What a moron! Oh, but, HEY, we need to import MORE of these ‘refugees’, right? The more the merrier, right?

  3. Muslims do NOT belong in non-Islamic countries.
    • How many times do they have to prove it?

    BTW: Shame on ANY non-Muslim marrying a Muslim. The lives of any kids and yourself, will seldom have a good outcome.

  4. California actually permits such domestic macabre behind a disquise of protective interest in the children of divorcing parents. Admin gets off on child sacrifice. It’s in their frat code. If parents are squabbling when entering a divorce, the opportunity for a kill manifests by proxy, mediators and judges greasing the chute via hokey developmentally reparative procedures that actually conform to perp desire for revenge. Very evil. Many who have been through it will confirm there is something Satanic about California divorce courts.

  5. Shame on the author of this piece… there was nothing ‘honorable’ about this tragedy. Shame on you highlighting the work ‘honor’ to fuel anti-Muslim sentiment. While I’m pointing out your blatant attempts at stirring up hatred, also shame on you for highlighting his name in Red with ‘Tunisian’ also in Bold. He is an animal in any religion, Muslim or non. I say this because I am a Muslim, and I know that there are Extreme Catholics, Jews, and even Atheists. Please don’t stoop to this level. I helped bury these girls and there wasn’t a dry eye in the cemetery– let them be in heaven in peace. thank you.

  6. Just one of many reasons you should never marry a Muslim. Islam will use its ideals against the non Muslim spouse without a thought to the welfare of the children as seen in this tragic situation.

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