Arabic & Somali were top languages spoken by refugees entering US in 2017

Nearly 60% of all refugees in 2017 are Arabic or Somali speakers. Now in your neighborhoods.

Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch

Every few years or so I post this page from the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) and readers find it of interest.

It should be of great interest to elected officials, school officials, health/hospital administrators, and the criminal justice system (any agency getting federal money!) in ‘welcoming’ communities because those agencies are required to provide translation services thanks to a Clinton-era Executive Order that is still in place.

In fact the translation services are an increasingly big cost for state and local taxpayers. And, the refugee contractors make money on the side providing interpreters—sweet deal!

4 thoughts on “Arabic & Somali were top languages spoken by refugees entering US in 2017

  1. The United States needs to declare ENGLISH the only language spoken in our nation so we can get rid of the cost of printing and appeasing foreign nationalists who refuse to learn the English spoken word.

  2. English only, foreign radio stations in the USA should be delicensed !
    All immigrants, including the ‘dreamers’ should not have any voting rights for 18 years.
    Native born Americans cannot vote for 18 years so why not the immigrants!!!!!!

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