North Carolina: Immigrant Imam Incites Hate with Jew-Killing Hadith

By Clarion Project

Source: NC Imam Invokes Jew-Killing Hadith | Clarion Project Clarion Project

An imam in the Raleigh, North Carolina area invoked a well-known hadith (a saying of Islam’s prophet Mohammed) about killing Jews in his sermon on Friday, December 8, 2017. The remarks, delivered by U.S.-based Syrian Imam Abdullah Khadra became known through the Middle East Media Research Institute, which posted the taped sermon.

Abdullah Khadra, an imam in the U.S. from Syria, preached, “The Prophet gave us the glad tidings that at the End of Time, we will fight those Jews until the rocks and the trees will speak: ‘Oh Muslim, this is a Jew behind me’.” The hadith continues to say, “come and kill him.”

The same day, a imam from Texas also gave a sermon calling for Muslims to kill Jews. Sheikh Raed Saleh Al-Rousan, founder of the Tajweed Institute of Houston, gave the incendiary speech at his mosque.

Earlier this year, Imam Ammar Shahin of the Islamic Center of Davis California and Imam Mahmoud Harmoush of the Islamic Congregation of Riverside made similar calls to arms to their congregations. They were speaking after Israel installed metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount where the Al Aqsa mosque is located as a security precaution after four policemen were murdered by Palestinian terrorists on and near the entrance to the Temple Mount.

 Foreign-born imams in multiple states have been caught on video inciting jihad against Jews in the last month. Maybe the FBI should run some stings in the mosques. James O’keefe style.

2 thoughts on “North Carolina: Immigrant Imam Incites Hate with Jew-Killing Hadith

  1. HEY N.C.!!!!!!! Is this guy still in your state?? If so, why? Send over to east Tenn. We’ll arrange for his transport to our colony on

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