Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2017: Part 4 (Oct – Dec)

The final installation of the Islamization of America in 2017. Part 1 here and Part 2 here Part 3 here.

Just a sampling of Creeping Sharia posts during the three month period covering October, November and December 2017. 

See how your state fared below or use the drop-down at right to see what’s going on in your state at any time. Use the buttons at the end to share on social media.

October, 2017

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 32,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11
Arkansas: Muslim police officer fired after threats to ‘blow up’ academy
Atlanta: Muslims get bloody in brutal ritual at mosque (video)
Boston: Muslim convicted in plot to behead blogger Pamela Geller over cartoon contest
California: Muslim Student Association hijacks ‘reflection space’ at Catholic university
California: Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Sells Berkeley Campus to Muslim College
Canada: Five injured in multiple Islamic ‘terror’ incidents across Edmonton
Canada: Muslim confesses ‘I agreed to support ISIS’ in NYC terror plot
Canada: Muslim father arrested, beat & threatened daughter for not wearing hijab
Canada: Muslim student admits trying to kill woman after ‘listening to the Koran’
Canada: Somali Muslim jihadi who mowed down, stabbed cop was illegal alien ordered deported from U.S.
Canada: Somali Muslim refugee charged in terror attacks – was known for promoting jihad
Chicago: Teenage Muslim terrorist called “villain” by judge; gets 15 year sentence
Colorado: Muslim who tried to kill 289 for Islam, sues DOJ for more Islam
Connecticut: Koran teacher who overstayed visa by 30 years avoids deportation in church
DC: 150+ Afghan troops have gone AWOL in US since 2005, 13 still unaccounted for
DC: Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty to deserting U.S. Army, misbehavior
DC: Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. Political Infiltration on Steroids
DC: Soldiers from Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia go AWOL in the U.S.
DC: State Dept selects Somali Muslim hijabi to represent American youth at UN

DC: Treasury Designates, Sanctions Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
DC: U.S.-based Muslim Groups Openly Eulogize Muslim Brotherhood’s “Sheikh of the Mujahidin”
Florida: ISIS-wannabe arrested, wanted to bomb Miami shopping mall
Florida: Largest food stamp fraud bust in history, $20M, Muslim store owners arrested
Florida: Saudi Muslim beat, poured scalding water on wife; kids found bruised
Idaho: Christian university caves, drops ‘Crusaders’ mascot
Idaho: Despite Guilty Pleas, New York Times Spins Muslim Sex Assault on 5-Year-Old Girl in Idaho Into “Fake News”
Indiana: Muslim ISU professor who faked anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’ gets…probation
Kansas: “Devout Muslim” teenager pregnant with ISIS jihadi’s baby hopes to return to U.S.
Maryland: Muslim immigrant & developer face lawsuit for selling homes to Muslims only
Massachusetts: Muslim from terror-linked CAIR running for U.S. Congress
Massachusetts: Public high school had kids simulate Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca
Michigan: Muslim arrested with weapons cache admitted support for Islamic State
Michigan: Pakistani Muslim running for state senate seat
Michigan: Sharia Crime Stoppers educating LEO’s on criminal side of sharia (audio)
Minnesota: Police track down man at his home, give citation for pickled pig’s foot at Muslim booth
Minnesota: Rioters sentenced for attacks on “March Against Sharia” protesters
Minnesota: St. Cloud city council squelches citizen revolt over refugees
Minnesota: Stewartville club cancels “Exposing Sharia” event
Muslim professor arrested, dragged off LA-bound Southwest flight after complaining about dogs
Nebraska: Muslim doctor who illegally distributed painkillers wants sharia compliant jail
New Hampshire: Why are police ignoring evidence that mosque is preaching jihad? (video)
New York: ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Plan Resubmitted Years After Protests
New York: “Allahu akbar” shouting Muslim kills 8, injures dozen more in NYC jihad terror attack
New York: Another Muslim diplomat walks free after sexually assaulting another woman
New York: Bangladeshi diplomat accused of beating, not paying housekeeper
New York: Charges Unsealed Against 3 Muslims Arrested in 2016 Plot Targeting NYC
New York: Muslim calmly hails cab, abandons woman to die in burning car
New York: Muslim immigrant who bombed New Jersey & NYC sites found guilty
New York: Muslim immigrant who slit throat & tried to behead landlord gets 25 years
North Carolina: Illegal alien Muslim exposed himself, made physical & sexual threats to women
Ohio “Honor Killing”: Muslim immigrant shot, killed his daughter in her sleep gets 22 years for “involuntary manslaughter”
Ohio: Somali Muslim refugee convicted of vehicular homicide of 7-month-old boy in stroller
Oklahoma: Muslim “slave to allah” found guilty of beheading Christian co-worker

Alton Nolen AKA Jah’Keem Yisrael standing in front of gates of Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City weeks before beheading an innocent grandmother in Oklahoma

Philadelphia: Muslim political refugee convicted in war crimes case
Philadelphia: Terror-linked CAIR Gives Public School Teachers “Islamophobia” Training
Rhode Island: Muslim Bodega Owner’s Probation Revoked, Sentenced to Prison in $1.1M Food Stamp Fraud
South Carolina Imam: A Woman Is Her Husband’s Prisoner and Must Obey Him; Men Are Better Than Women
South Dakota: Muslim who made threatening gun video at Christian conference gets probation
Staten Island: Muslim mother arrested after 7-month-old son dies of malnutrition, dehydration
Texas: Muslim brothers join ISIS, parents lie to FBI about it & get $5K plea deal?
Texas: Security guard wounded in ‘Draw Muhammad’ terror attack sues FBI, accuses cover-up
Texas: Univ of Texas Psych Professor Threatens Student For Criticizing Islam
Texas: Video: Muslims takeover streets of Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York
Toronto public school guide pushes Muslim greeting during morning announcements (updated)
U.S. imam explains why Muslims can enslave captured women & children (video)
US: Video: Early Muslim ‘Extremists’ in American History
Virginia: Man Who Lied to FBI About ISIS Friend Gets Two Years
Virginia: Palestinian Muslim who left U.S. to join ISIS gets 20 years prison

November, 2017

California: Muslim supremacists suing café lose anonymity
California: Stanford hosted son and supporter of jihad murderer and supporter of 9/11, with no uproar
Canada: “Islam Will Rule The World” Graffiti Popping Up In Windsor (updated)
Canada: 21-year old Muslim charged with attempted murder in attack on 75-year-old grandmother
Canada: Liberals to “reintegrate” ISIS fighters (while our allies kill theirs abroad)
Canada: Muslim jailed for forcing girlfriend to wear hijab, threatening to kill her
Canada: Muslim who slit woman’s throat after listening to Koran found “not criminally responsible”
Canada: Muslim who stabbed wife to death (honor killing) convicted of first-degree murder
Canada: Video Sharia “Ghayra” Violence and Islamic ‘Honor Killings’ in Canada
CNN Repeatedly Cited Muslim Groups Accused of Terror Ties
Connecticut: Middle school forced to cancel CAIR-linked Islamic indoctrination speaker
DC: Prominent Muslim – given visa by Clinton State Dept – sexually abused underage students
Detroit: Muslim female genital mutilation doctor freed from jail
Detroit: Muslim Uber driver arrested for raping female passenger
Florida: Miami Muslim gets psychiatric care, jail for plot to bomb synagogue, Jewish school during Passover
Illinois Univ instructor arrested for attacking conservative students
Kansas: Fan Confronts Muslim Who Shot Hoops During National Anthem
Los Angeles: Allah-Praising Muslim Arrested Over ISIS Threats to Kill at Courthouse
Maine: Muslim ran massive food stamp, welfare, Medicaid fraud out of halal market
Mass: Harvard Univ Awards Terror-Tied Muslim Org’s Founder with Prestigious Award
Michigan: ‘Feminist’ lawyer vows to defend FGM doctor who ‘circumcises’ girls
Minnesota: Christian center fires man for involvement in “Exposing Sharia” event
Minnesota: Despite Muslim attacks, city rejects moratorium on refugee resettlement
Minnesota: Father, hacker and jujitsu instructor among those under investigation for ISIS ties
Minnesota: Muslim Ride Attendant Arrested, Touched Woman’s Genitals As She Got on Ride
Minnesota: Somali Muslim convicted in ISIS case wins release
Minnesota: Somali Muslim stabs shoppers at Mall of America, arrested
Minnesota’s Mall of America…looks like Somalia
Missouri: Noel, town, a victim of Somali Muslim refugee resettlement
Montana & Mississippi Celebrating Islam…
Muslims team with Antifa to obliterate critics of ‘religion of peace’
Nearly all ISIS jihadis from U.S. unaccounted for, 7 have returned to U.S.
New Hampshire: Church gives house to Muslim who will convert it to a mosque
New Jersey Muslim stokes violence against Coptic Christians
New York: Armed ISIS-obsessed Muslim murder suspect busted at Port Authority
New York: DHS interviewed NYC jihadi in 2015 about terror ties; mosque was in NYPD sites
New York: Islam rains on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – banned items, massive security, 50 blocks shut down
North Carolina: Jordanian Muslim caught smuggling 870 cartons of untaxed cigarettes
North Carolina: Muslim arrested, used ice cream truck to lure, sexually assault young boys
North Carolina: Muslim turns himself in for rape, kidnapping, strangulation and false imprisonment
North Carolina: Tunisian Muslim pleads guilty – lied about terror support on immigration papers
NYC Installs Concrete Barriers to Protect Bikers from Muslim Terrorists
NYC jihadi is 4th Uzbeki terrorist in 2017; nearly a dozen more in U.S.
NYC Marathon requires sniper teams, record # of sand trucks, blocker vehicles – courtesy of Islam
NYC Muslim terrorist entered US on “Diversity Visa,” did it for ISIS, shows no remorse
NYC: “Diversity Visa” jihadi who killed 8 in truck terror faces more charges, pleads not guilty

NYPD Deploying Heavily-Armed Anti-Terror Squads to Major Sports, Concert Venues
NYU College Republicans disinvite anti-sharia speaker over fake ‘hate’ label
Ohio: City’s Illegal Alien Defense Fund Gives $17,500 to Islamic Terror Front Group
Ohio: Millionaire Iranian Food Stamp Fraudster Gets 30 Days Jail
Ohio: Mosque gives University of Cincinnati $1M to teach more Islam
Ohio: Muslim Gets 27 Years for Terror Support, Soliciting Murder of Fed Judge
Ohio: Muslim Who Invoked ‘Islamophobia’ Defense Gets Life for Double Murder
Pennsylvania: Catholic univ drops Crusaders mascot: ‘troublesome, offensive’
Pennsylvania: Gov Appoints Exec from Terror-linked CAIR to Commission for Women
Pennsylvania: Muslim Pleads Guilty in Food Stamp Fraud Scheme
South Dakota: Terror-listed CAIR shutting down free speech
Tennessee: Nashville Middle School Students Visit Mosque for Religious Indoctrination
Terror suspect’s Paterson, NJ mosque on NYPD radar since 2005
Texas: Teen nearly lured by Muslim into sex trafficking in Kosovo
Toronto city govt funding Muslim-only youth fellowship intern positions
Toronto: Muslim woman dies when hijab gets stuck in factory conveyor belt
U.S. jury acquits Benghazi jihadi of 14 of 18 charges, convicts on lesser counts, does not face death penalty
US 800 school websites hacked with ‘I love Islamic State’ message
US Foundations Fund Terror-Linked Muslim Groups
US: ‘Defense bill’ imports 3,500 more Afghan immigrants
US: Army judge spares deserter Bergdahl prison, orders dishonorable discharge
US: At least 6 Muslim terrorists entered US via ‘diversity lottery’
US: Female Genital Mutilation Happening to an Alarming Number of U.S. Girls
US: Gov’t Confirms ‘Muslims of America’ Jihadi Cult Under Investigation
US: Islamic indoctrination creeps into school curriculums (video)
US: Lawmakers call on Trump admin to outlaw Muslim Brotherhood with new strategy
US: Obama Appointed Islamic Society Official To Approve Russian Uranium Sale and Gulftainer Port Deal
US: Tillerson gives another $47M to Muslim “refugees” in Myanmar; $150M so far in 2017
Utah: Muslim refugee who raped women gets probation instead of prison time!
Virginia: Pakistani Muslim cleric defines America as “The land of Infidels”

December, 2017

California State Muslim Professor: Bin Laden’s Ideological Inspiration is ‘Misunderstood’
California: FBI sting nabs Muslim convert – charged with plotting Pier 39 Christmas jihad attack
California: Industry Panel Suggests Ways to Better Whitewash Islam and Muslims in Film and TV
California: Video UC-Berkeley Students React to the U.S. Flag Versus the ISIS Flag
Canada: Liberals remove condemnation of “barbaric cultural practices” like FGM from citizenship study guide
DC: House Passes Bill to Stop US Taxpayer Funding of Palestinian Muslim Terrorists
DC: Obama derailed campaign targeting Hezbollah to secure nuclear deal with Iran
DC: Report Details Links Between Georgetown Univ’s Islamic Studies Dept and Radical Islam
Florida Feds can’t decide if  airport jihadi who killed 5 should get death penalty – trial delayed for months
Florida: Fugitive funneled $94M to Hizbollah terrorist group, sources say
Florida: Muslim BDS Candidate Backed by Jihad-Espousing Sarsour in House Race…Loses
Florida: Pulse nightclub jihadi’s Muslim wife to stand trial in Orlando
Florida: Radio station’s panel on ‘preventing’ terrorism features terror-linked Muslim group
Illinois: Muslim Students at Catholic Univ Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention
Illinois: Muslim trucker made “no attempt to stop” before crashing into seven vehicles killing 4
ISIS Video Features ‘American’ Jihadi Who Urges Muslim ‘Brothers’ in U.S. to Kill Americans
Maryland: First Muslim judge reprimanded after sexual harassment complaint
Massachusetts: (Another) Democratic congressional candidate is a member of terror-linked Muslim groups
Massachusetts: Muslim gets 28 years for jihad plot to behead blogger Pamela Geller
Michigan: Muslim teen to face trial for (honor?) killing his mother
Michigan: Senate unanimously approves bill to protect children from female genital mutilation (FGM)
Minneapolis “Pure terror”: Somali stabs  woman 14 times as she walked home from work
Minneapolis: DHS Refuses to Divulge Names of Imams, Somali Muslims Given Exclusive Airport Security Tours
Minnesota: Muslim Candidates Knee Deep in Voter Fraud Scandal
Minnesota: Still no charges after Muslim cop murdered unarmed woman; attorney says investigators “haven’t done their job”
Missouri lawmaker says proposal to ban foreign law not ‘anti-Muslim’
Missouri: High school student suspended for debating Islam with Muslim…in debate club
New Jersey: Imam of mosque where West Point cadets “trained”, calls for murder of Jews, will undergo ‘retraining’
New Jersey: Law Center Prevails, Town’s Settlement With Mosque Returned to State Court
New York: Bronx Muslim awaiting ISIS trial got ‘terrorist propaganda’ in jail from Chelsea bomber
New York: Brooklyn: Muslim Immigrant Gets 15 Years, Then Deportation For ISIS Support
New York: Former journalist and Muslim “revert” gets 5 years for bomb threats against Jewish centers
New York: Mother seeks custody because ex-husband teaching son extremist Muslim views
New York: Muslim (Chain Migrant) Woman Converted Illicit Cash to Bitcoin, Laundered Funds to Support ISIS
New York: Muslim Family of Port Authority Jihad Terrorist ‘Outraged’… Over Police Behavior
New York: Muslim Immigrant Was Hezbollah Sleeper Agent
New York: Port Authority suicide bomber a Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh – inspired by ISIS
NY: Muslim woman says “Linda Sarsour supervised my sexual assault”
NYC Muslim Suicide Bomber Arrived by Chain Migration
NYC: Chelsea bomber providing inmates with jihadist materials, terrorist propaganda
NYC: Muslim terrorist targeted Port Authority hallway because of Christmas posters
Ohio Lawmakers Meet With Terror-linked Muslims in the Capitol
Ohio: Somali Muslim woman sentenced to 3 years for vehicular homicide of 7-month-old in stroller
Ohio: Threat of “honor killing” allows Muslim woman to evade deportation
Oklahoma: Muslim who beheaded Christian grandmother at work sentenced to death
Oregon: Hamas-CAIR Demands Portland Sever Ties with Joint Terrorism Task Force
Penn: Drexel University’s Muslim Student Association And Stealth Jihad
Pennsylvania: Muslim who targeted cops in multi-location shooting spree shot dead; chain migrant from Egypt
Rhode Island: Second jihadi sentenced in plot to behead American blogger
Tennessee: Immigrant Somali Imam Preaches For Revenge Upon Zionist Jews (ie, Jihad)
Texas: Convert to Islam died fighting for ISIS, court papers say
Texas: Immigrant Imam Preaches to Muslims About Killing Jews
Texas: Just released Muslim terrorist now facing ISIS charges in Beaumont
Texas: Muslim Arrested For Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS
Texas: Muslim college student pleads guilty to conspiracy to support ISIS
Texas: Muslim immigrant becomes synthetic drug kingpin, third of 15 to plead guilty
Texas: Muslim Refugee Given 16 Years for ISIS Support
Texas: Univ of Houston Muslim professor jailed; transferred drug ring money to Jordan
U.S. state lawmakers took int’l trips subsidized by Islamic cleric’s movement
US Treasury adds Jamaica-based imam to terror list
US TV Show Recounts 1989 Islamic Honor Killing in St. Louis, Missouri
US: Candidates Running for Office in 2018: Who Is Brave Enough to Stand Against Sharia?
US: New Year’s Eve 2017: Heavy weapons, bomb squad personnel, snipers, hotel spys, blocking trucks, drones…
US: Video: An Investigation of the Gülen Charter School Network in America
Virginia: FBI conducts terrorism related raid at Sterling home, Muslim arrested
Virginia: Former D.C. cop convicted of trying to aid Islamic State
Virginia: Muslim gets 20 years for supporting Islamic State terrorists
Wisconsin: Terror-linked Muslim group sues manufacturer for sharia-compliant workplace

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