Hungarian PM: Europe’s Migrants Aren’t Muslim Refugees, They’re ‘Muslim Invaders’

Source: Orbán: Europe’s Migrants Aren’t Muslim Refugees, They’re ‘Muslim Invaders’

Calling multiculturalism an “illusion”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán slammed the Merkel government’s “chaotic and anarchic” migrant policy, which led to a flow of “Muslim invaders” entering the European Union.

Responding to the suggestion that Hungary was not showing sufficient “solidarity” with the European Union because Germany accepted 2 million migrants but Hungary will not accept 2,000, Prime Minister Orbán told German tabloid BILD on Sunday: “The difference is: They wanted the migrants. And we do not.”

“We do our work by protecting the external Schengen border with Serbia. That cost us an extra one billion euros since 2015 and Brussels will not reimburse us one cent,” Orbán added.

Asked why Hungarians are resistant to the bloc’s forced migrant redistribution policy, Mr. Orbán asserted that, “We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees,” but as “Muslim invaders”. Drawing attention to the fact that migrants had travelled through safe countries before heading to more prosperous parts of Europe, the prime minister added that many are “economic migrants” and not in genuine need of asylum.

“That was not a wave of refugees, that was an invasion,” Orbán told BILD, criticising Germany, “which we consider the best example of discipline and the rule of law”, for descending into “chaos and anarchy” in late September 2015 under the chancellorship of Angela Merkel by permitting mass “illegal border crossings”.

Orbán also raised Germany’s new “sociological problem” of migrant crime and terror, which his Central European nation wants to avoid.

“We believe that a high number of Muslims necessarily leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim societies will never unite,” the Hungarian prime minister told the newspaper, adding that, “Multiculturalism is just an illusion. We do not want that. And we will not have anything forced on us.”

On Sunday, fellow Central European leader and open borders opponent Czech President Miloš Zeman told media that third world migrants’ culture is “not compatible with European culture”, and warned that “If the European Union does not obtain the courage to strengthen its external borders… we will have 10 million refugees from Africa in the course of several years.”

12 thoughts on “Hungarian PM: Europe’s Migrants Aren’t Muslim Refugees, They’re ‘Muslim Invaders’

  1. Amen and hallelujah. Love that guy.

    I hope people in other countries listen and understand what he is saying, but I have major doubts.

  2. People hate the truth but Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said nothing but the truth. The followers of Islam have been using their 7th Century lifestyle to try and conquer the world for over 1400 years. They go in, try to act nice until there are enough Muslims for them to attack and conquer. Repeated over and over again for over 1400 years. The people living a 7th Century lifestyle will never try to get along with Western countries living a 21st Century lifestyle. That fact is ignored by Liberals the world over.

  3. Most white European people are passive cowardly trash and not confrontational or violent but soft in the head and body rationalizing they’re own imagined stupidity over espresso and desert. They will be rapped and murdered in they’re own streets and home and will submit to these demon hords and all because of they’re own self hating leftist white and jewish trash leaders who hate all whites, all christians and anything from the West. These tribal muslim pagan hords believe in the same thing as the one’s who are beheading people and cooking the heads on hot plates then feeding them to the dogs. These terrorist believe and read the thing as these fake refugees do because that’s what that tribal iliterate Muhammad having nightmares spat out a thousand years ago or so. It is really laughably that ultra liberal socialist are directly responsible in assisting the cult of islam with forceable conversion to a ritualistic contractual death cult society. These groups who are violent, ignorant and promote murder and rape will not stop. Not at all, ever. I am only one person. I will not fight alone if the rest of these dumb people sit there like an egg in boiling pot. I won’t throw myself into the fire for the sake of fools. In New York City the NYPD assist in enforcing sharia law as well as local government. It’s also these far left white and jewish wackos here. I did not have this view but am slowly looking back to survival reasons of a European style facism once again to preserve the culture and race. One facism against the current invading facism. This is where it’s going. Thank these lunatics on the left in all countries for it’s distruction.

  4. Orbán is absolutely correct coz…Islam’s secret: Hijra … jihad by immigration….Immigrate and take over by population expansion.

    FACT: Muslims conquer when they can. If they cannot conquer, they try to appear that they have integrated . . . until it is time to conquer.’

    FACT: There are NO peaceful Muslims. ONLY varying degrees of patience. Some are doing jihad now, others are waiting. BUT, all have the same goal…an Islamic world.

    FACT: Islamic ideology is to rid the world of NON-MUSLIMS. If you doubt, read the Koran. It is written.

    FACT: We Americans have NO responsibility to let anybody into our country. Yet, no country has taken in more refugees and immigrants.

    WHY allow immigration for people that do nothing for our country other than take, complain and commit crime?

    WHY allow immigration or refugee status to groups trying to take way our freedoms and completely erase us from the earth?

  5. Oh and did you know what the rich Arab Muslims said about refugees? “We don’t want them, they’ll cause social disruption.”

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  7. There is a damn good reason why Christian and Muslim societies will never unite, Christians worship G_-D & Muzzies worship Satan.

  8. Trudeau fucked Canada. They all come from shithole countries to come to our country and put us out of business. They come here cause they failed their own country and now come to a much better place and ruin it for us. Fix your own fucking country. We never failed our country or our Canadians. Our country never had problems 4 years ago until they all started showing up. They work for nothing collecting welfare getting paid cash under the table and putting guys like me a real Canadian out of business. That’s a fucking fact. Plus they don’t pay interest on any mortgage either cause they are Muslim. I’d like to see a fucking post where a real born and raised Canadian here opened a business and is doing well. My business has gone to shit. I’m construction and they all low ball the shit out of me and have no business licenses or wcb and work for cash. They all work together as a family too and live in the same place while collecting welfare too getting free healthcare dental food bank etc. You know how I know this I know one he told me this is what we do. I can’t work that cheap. I pay taxes paying for there corruptness and I have WCB and a business license but everyone wants the best fucking deal but little do they know they are contributing to destroying their country and Canadian based businesses. Also I give warranty they don’t cause they did the job to cheap. So now you lose too and who wins them.

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