Top Islamo-pandering stooges of 2017

Interesting post from a site aptly titled Useful Stooges.

Source: Top three stooges of 2017 – Useful Stooges

It’s not clear what, if anything will happen to Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding now that its founder, benefactor, and namesake is under arrest in his Saudi homeland for bribery, extortion, and money-laundering, but chances are good that the current director, Jonathan A.C. Brown, will land on his feet. Allah knows there are plenty of other magnificent job opportunities in the Western world for top-flight apologists for radical Islam, and Brown is at the very tip of the top. Since converting to the Religion of Peace in 1997, as we wrote in March, he’s been an ardent apologist for Islamic slavery (which, he’s explained, is “kinder and gentler” than other kinds of slavery, because it’s not “racialized”), a defender of Koranically sanctioned child marriage, and a whitewasher of the sharia-imposed death penalty for gays.

Which brings us to Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, an assistant editor at Foreign Policy who, after Brown came under legitimate attack for his disgusting views, dismissed the criticism as Islamophobia. This, it turned out, was not a one-off: Allen, who’s married to a Muslim, had previously written an article in the Washington Post suggesting that her family was Islamophobic for serving non-halal food on Thanksgiving, and has since painted U.S. government terror probes as acts of bigotry. Yes, as we noted in May, Allen skirted the fact that these probes have uncovered widespread terrorist links, but never mind: in her world, Muslims are always innocent and concern about terror always a front for hate.

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Who would be at the top of your list?

6 thoughts on “Top Islamo-pandering stooges of 2017

  1. My biggest Stooge is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His pandering to Moslems knows no bounds, he never sees a mosque he can’t resist entering, taking the Shahada, and Motion 103 (“anti-islamophobia” motion), now he may bow to Islamic demands for January 29th be deemed a “National Day of Remembrance and Action” to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Quebec mosque shooting (which most people are still asking questions about, as most think it was Moslem on Moslem violence).

  2. These people are biting off, more than they can chew. They better be prepared for what is about to happen to them. Rural, patriotic Americans have just about had enough of their bs. Wonder what they think is about to happen to them?

  3. Ex-nun Karen Armstrong, probably thinks she’s the ‘wife’ of some old muslim. In Muhammed, Legacy of a Prophet, PBS-aired post 9/11 film she said “Jihad does not mean holy war! primarily” also founder of “Charter of Compassion International,” an “interfaith” group that has partnered with CAIR according to its website. Is your city one of Karen’s affirmed by governmental entities “communities of compassion”?

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