Vermont: Machete Attacker is Foreign-born Muslim Chain Migrant

Source: VT Machete Attacker Is Somali Immigrant | The Daily Caller

A man accused of violently assaulting an elderly volunteer worker with a machete outside a homeless shelter in Vermont earlier this month is the son of a Somali refugee, the Department of Homeland Security told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Abukar Ibrahim, a 32-year-old immigrant, assaulted 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer Johanne LaGrange with a machete outside Harbor Place in Burlington, Vt., in early January after vandalizing vehicles and threatening other individuals nearby. Ibrahim “willfully, deliberately and with premeditation, and with intent to kill” assaulted his victim, Shelburne News reported, citing charges detailed in the court records.

He then barricaded himself in a room for hours, reportedly threatening to slit the throats of the responding police officers. Ibrahim, who ultimately surrendered to authorities, has pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted first-degree murder, which carries a life sentence. A local court judge has ordered that Ibrahim’s sanity be evaluated.

The violent incident in Vermont was widely reported by many different media outlets, but the attacker’s country of origin and immigration status were not included in the initial reports. Working with DHS, TheDCNF was able to obtain this information.

“DHS can confirm that Abukar Ibrahim is a foreign-born naturalized United States citizen who initially entered the United States as the derivative child of a Somali refugee,” a DHS spokesperson told TheDCNF, “This underscores the importance of enhancing the screening of individuals seeking admission to the U.S. as refugees to improve the safety and security of the American people.”

Ibrahim reportedly has a history of violence; he was involved in a domestic assault case late in 2017. A judge prohibited him from possessing any weaponry.

Before the attack on LaGrange, Ibrahim was reportedly banging on cars and smashing windows. He also threatened a man sitting in his vehicle.

“The suspect walked up to my vehicle asking me to open my window,” Alexander Siegel, a Howard Center case worker, told police, according to the Burlington Free Press.”I opened my window and he asked me ‘Are you scared?’ and other words that I could not understand,’” he added.

Ibrahim reportedly shattered Siegel’s back window before moving onto LaGrange’s vehicle.

The volunteer worker noticed the suspect beating on her car when she returned to collect pre-packaged meals for the less fortunate, and when she confronted him, he turned violent, slicing open her right calf with the machete.

Somalia is one of a handful of countries included in the Trump administration’s highly-contested travel ban for countries with a documented history of exporting violence.

Another jihad-waging Muslim chain migrant.  End Chain Migration!

9 thoughts on “Vermont: Machete Attacker is Foreign-born Muslim Chain Migrant

  1. This is what we get for allowing the globalist liberal Democrat communists influence and ruin our national sovereignty and security. I say execute this scum in public and the sooner the better and stop the rest of them from coming in.

  2. If Obama had a son. And Democrats would rather continue chain migration and the Diversity Lottery, instead of building the wall and funding our military. Democrats are enemies of the people.

  3. More proof that Liberalism is a Mental disease. The Democrat leadership who enabled this to get votes and stay in power are playing Russian Roulette with American citizens lives. Would you reach in a big jar of candy knowing 1 in every handful is poisoned and eat them anyway ? That is literally what they are doing. Then they look the other way when the poisoned one rears its ugly head up and try to deflect blame and the cause away from what it actually is. Even if the person actually announces why they are doing an attack by yelling ” Allahu Akbar ” saying they are attacking for Allah and Islam but you will hear ” We have no clue for the motive of the attack ” when it is reported on. Yo dipsh!t Liberals, the person freakin told you why they did it. Get your head out of your a$$ and stop aiding and abetting these people who hate America and our way of life.

  4. Well, well, well I guess that when you come from a shithole nation, there’s a good possibility you are…..dare I say it, A PIECE OF SHIT! Somalia is perhaps the worst nation of all the Sh**hole nations, and this is only one of the reasons!

  5. First, with my entire body/soul/spirit I hope you (and, if u have a family BE SAFE!), 2ND, CONTINUE TO REVEAL THESE STARTLING NEWS, WHICH IS HORRIBLE TO HEAR, BUT MUST BE HEARD! Thank u for taking time out to bring true news to surface. Its only so so few of u left

  6. This is a classic example of “you can take a person out of home nation however home nation beliefs are taught by parents, grandparents etc to children raised in households, no matter if these Muslim immigrants become naturalized they will always follow their homeland beliefs and maintain their Islamic way of life as if in home nation.

    This is just one of many reasons to have Islam removed from operating inside of America, the longer it takes to achieve this goal the easiest it will be for Islam to inject itself into our government which is starting to happen, people of America rethink your thoughts on Islam as a whole and learn all you can…READ THEIR BOOKS..the more you know.

    • I agree with your point that children act as they are taught at home. They are the purest indicator of parental attitudes we can have which is why I recommend an offender AND their family be deported when warranted.

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