Minneapolis: Muslim woman arrested for setting 8 fires at St. Catherine University

Tnuza Jamal Hassan

Ten paragraphs in Pioneer Press finally names the Muslim arsonist. Source: Ex-student arrested in St. Catherine University fires  h/t Geller Report

Police arrested a 19-year-old former St. Catherine University student on Wednesday after eight small fires were set in seven buildings on the St. Paul campus.

No injuries were reported, and the St. Paul fire and police departments are investigating. Police had no immediate information about what the motive might have been.

All but one of the fires were in trash cans, mostly in women’s restrooms, said Assistant Fire Chief Mike Gaede. The largest fire was a chair that had been set ablaze in a lounge area, which activated a sprinkler system.

“That, by far, did the most damage to the building and the area,” Gaede said. The university said in a statement that the extent of the damage is being determined, but indicated it was not major.

The incident began when someone alerted St. Kate’s Public Safety to a fire in a basement bathroom in Derham Hall, an administrative building, which was followed by additional reports of fires, according to the university statement.

After a third fire was reported, “a pattern was noted, arson was suspected and university officials along with the St. Paul Police and Fire Departments were immediately alerted,” the statement said.

Officers responded to the campus at 11:40 a.m., along with firefighters, on a report of suspicious fires, according to police.

In addition to Derham Hall, the fires were found and quickly contained in Our Lady of Victory Chapel; Fontbonne and Mendel halls, which are classroom buildings; Butler Center, the fitness facility; St. Mary Hall, a dorm; and Coeur de Catherine, the student center, according to Sara Berhow, St. Kate’s spokeswoman. Two of the fires were set in Coeur de Catherine.

Campus public safety officers worked with the police and fire departments to review security footage and identified a suspect entering various buildings. At about 1:30 p.m., the suspect was found in a lounge in Crandall Hall, a dorm.

The woman, identified in a police report as Tnuza Jamal Hassan, was removed from campus at 2:35 p.m. and police arrested her on suspicion of first-degree arson.

Hassan, of Minneapolis, was a St. Kate’s student during the fall semester, but was not enrolled for January term or the spring semester, according to Berhow.

“While this was an unfortunate and stressful event, I am thankful we are all safe and for the wonderful and fast response of our Public Safety team along with the local police and fire departments,” said St. Kate’s President Becky Roloff. “Their thorough and quick actions helped ensure we were kept informed and the situation was resolved as quickly as possible.”

13 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Muslim woman arrested for setting 8 fires at St. Catherine University

  1. Another follower of Islam with the hateful stare of death in their eyes. Peaceful, huh ? The followers of Islam have shown that they are anything but peaceful for over 1400 years.

  2. Eight counts of arson should be considered a major crime as had the fires spread, lives could have been lost. It will be interesting to see what the charges and penalty will be when all is done. My bet is a slap on the wrist and maybe the Muslim might even be invited back to the university as we have seen how some of these Christian universities have been bending over backwards to please the savages.

  3. Why are people in the western world so ignorant of these haters? All the stupid left want to do is appease them and pretend they can contribute to our culture. They are not compatible with western culture.
    Round ’em up….send ’em back.

  4. They caught her early on but the media never gave her name. I told my wife that I bet she was muslim and sure enough…Why isn’t all of the media using this as their lead story! They down play this crap so much! This is terrorism and she should be tried as a terrrorist and traitor.

  5. maybe the lady is just mentally unstable, people who have mental issues get lumped into a group to whom they belong (ethnicity,faith, etc…)

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