Ex-DEA Agent Says Obama Admin Lost ‘Gold Opportunity’ to ‘Crush’ Hezbollah

It’s unclear how the Free Beacon or the retired DEA agent define lost. Source: Ex-DEA Agent Says Obama Admin. Lost ‘Gold Opportunity’ to ‘Crush’ Hezbollah

The retired head of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special-operations division said on Wednesday the Obama administration squandered a chance to dismantle Hezbollah due in part to political motivations to clinch a nuclear deal with Iran.

Derek Maltz, who was in charge of a major law enforcement operation targeting Hezbollah’s trafficking of cocaine, said the United States cannot again succumb to political distractions that allow the Iranian-backed terrorist to continue its narcoterrorism campaign.

“There’s an old saying, opportunities come and go,” Maltz testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “In my personal opinion, having been the guy in charge of the special operations for ten years, we lost a gold opportunity to crush Hezbollah.”

Politico in December first reported the Obama administration’s quiet dismantling of these efforts, dubbed Project Cassandra, out of apprehension over rattling Iran as President Barack Obama pursued a landmark nuclear deal with the country. The piece, written by Politico‘s Josh Meyer, extensively quoted Maltz, who said he had “no doubt” multilateral negotiations with Iran sidelined ongoing operations against Hezbollah’s drug trafficking network.

“There is certainly an argument to be made that if tomorrow all the agencies were ordered to come together and sit in a room and put all the evidence on the table against all these bad guys, that there could be a hell of a lot of indictments,” Maltz told Politico.

Maltz echoed this sentiment on Wednesday, telling lawmakers the United States needs better interagency cooperation to confront Hezbollah’s terrorism ambitions and the transnational criminal organizations that generate tens of millions of dollars for the Iranian-backed group.

“Sadly, 16 years after 9/11, we’re still talking about information sharing. It’s a disaster,” he testified. “If terrorists are turning to criminal networks for their funding, how can we have a system where the terrorist investigators and the intelligence community and others are not communicating properly with the law enforcement agencies?”

He said the Trump administration needs to identify who in the U.S. government is responsible for bringing together federal, state, and local agencies under an interagency task force to combat narcoterrorism.

Sure, because DHS has worked out so well.

Sadly, it’s those who wait until they’ve been retired for several years to go public that allow the swamp to grow and corruption to continue.

3 thoughts on “Ex-DEA Agent Says Obama Admin Lost ‘Gold Opportunity’ to ‘Crush’ Hezbollah

  1. barry soetoro who stole the POTUS was the most Anti-American Traitor to have that position under the name of obama. He did more to aid Muslim enemies of The United States than anybody in history. Iran says ” Death to America ” and he give them cash and a nuke deal. WTF ! obama rolled out the red carpet that allowed ISIS to flourish. The list goes on and on with the scandals the obamanation created and ran away from. Sorry the truth hurts. I’m not racist because I hate his white half too. He was a POS thru and thru, didn’t matter what color he is. His actions are why I can’t stand him. The idiot thought we had 57 states and still got elected, twice. Shows just how many stupid ignorant Liberals are out there who just voted for him because it made them feel good. Same chuckleheads who voted for hillary. Both of them should be in jail instead of being protected by Secret Service at our expense.

  2. Obama failed because he would rather destroy the USA so his fellow Muslims can flourish and kill all infidels plane and simple with the help of the Democrats.

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