Canada: Trial starts for Muslim refugee who sexually assaulted 6 underage girls at waterpark

Source: Edmonton Mall sexual assault trial: Traumatized 14 year old victim describes alleged groping (Day 1) – The Rebel

The West Edmonton Mall sex assault trial starts today, and I’m in the courtroom bringing you the details you won’t hear in the mainstream media.

Soleiman Hajj Soleiman was one of Justin Trudeau’s first wave of 50,000 Syrian refugees.

He’s a father of six, currently facing trial for 12 charges— six counts of sexual assault and another six counts of sexual interference against six minor girls all under the age of 16.

The charges stem from a series of gropings that occurred at West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark February 4th 2017.

There’s a publication ban covering the six minor victims but watch as I share what I can tell you so far from day one of this five-day trial.

We heard from the first victim today, who was 14 at the time of the offences against her. In her video taped statement given the day after the incident, she looks every bit a 14 year old child.

I can also tell you the prosecutor, the Zebra Child Protection Centre and the Edmonton City Police are doing everything they can to ease the trauma of testimony on the victims including bringing in a therapy dog to aid them as they testify.

I’ll be here for most of the rest of this 5-day trial bringing you updates every day.

As The Rebel reported previously:  Canadian Media Cover Up Syrian Refugee Sex Assault on 6 Young Girls at Waterpark!

Conveniently, not a single picture – booking or otherwise – exists of the Muslim rapefugee.

3 thoughts on “Canada: Trial starts for Muslim refugee who sexually assaulted 6 underage girls at waterpark

  1. Only rebel would ever cover such news. All the other media outlets in Canada are God damned marxist Antichrist atheists and Islamic (Antichrists) protectors.

  2. The Syrian bastard that entered Canada and now is on trial for groping yang girls MUST HAVE HIS BALLS CUT OFF… CASTRATES THIS BASTARD

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