Minnesota: Muslim Who Stabbed 2 at Mall of America Pleads Guilty…to Assault

Where have all the prosecutors gone? Assault? Source: Man Pleads Guilty to Assault in Mall of America Macy’s Stabbing | KSTP.com

A Minneapolis man pleaded guilty to charges after authorities say he stabbed two men in a Macy’s dressing room at the Mall of America in November, according to court records.

Twenty-year-old Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree assault.

Abdiraham is expected to be sentenced on Feb. 16

Police responding to a report of a stabbing at the Mall of America Macy’s store on Nov. 12 arrived to find “a chaotic scene with a lot of blood,” according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint says the two men stabbed were with seven other family members on a shopping trip to the mall. One of the brothers, 19-year-old Alexander Sanchez, of Minneapolis, had tried on pants in a men’s department fitting room and left the room to show his family how the pants fit.

When he returned to the dressing room, he found a man later identified as Abdiraham standing outside the door to the room as if he were considering going inside. Sanchez went back into the fitting room, changed clothes and made to leave, the complaint says.

In exiting the room, he again found Abdiraham, this time brandishing a large knife. Sanchez tried to push past him, but Abdiraham “began slashing and cutting” at the victim, including across his face, head and the backs of his arms, according to the complaint. Some of those cuts went to the bone.

Upon hearing Alexander Sanchez’s screams, his brother, 25-year-old John Sanchez, also of Minneapolis, and another family member came to his defense. In attempting to grab the knife from Abdiraham, John Sanchez sustained cuts to his hands and back, the complaint says. The Sanchez brothers and the third family member were able to subdue the attacker until police arrived.

Alexander Sanchez later required a blood transfusion, and doctors say he could have permanent scarring to his head, according to the complaint. John Sanchez received 42 stitches to his back.

When officers arrived, according to the complaint, they found Abdiraham lying face down “at the command of officers” and arrested him. They found the knife and estimated the blade at 8 inches long.

Abdiraham was also arrested in 2016 for stabbing two staff members of an in-patient psychiatric unit with a pen. He was acquitted in that case in June of this year due to mental illness, court records show.

Jihad, mental instability, etc. All the more reason not to import third world psychopaths.

PS: See what the so-called Mall of America looks like now.

8 thoughts on “Minnesota: Muslim Who Stabbed 2 at Mall of America Pleads Guilty…to Assault

  1. The family members who came to the rescue should have just put this POS down right there. Do the world a favor.

    If I saw someone doing this to a loved one, I would have beaten him to death right there. Doesn’t matter if he is Muslim or not.

    Is this a plea bargain down to assault instead of attempted murder? Why are Minnesota and some other similar states so afraid of treating Muslims EQUALLY – they are getting house arrest or greatly reduced sentences when someone else of any other religion or race would have received harsher (appropriate) sentences.

    These states and the ridiculously ignorant Liberals are just ASKING for the Muslim cockroaches to invade, call everyone islamaphobic, instill sharia law, and take over like they are planning.

    That’s not gonna happen where I live. I will fight.

  2. An imaginary conversation; Comrade dayton this is imam ellison. Keep a lid on these islamic issues until after 2018 election. We don’t want voters upset.
    Imam, praise be to a—–h. I will instruct the new mayor to take care of this.

  3. have you seen the mall of America? it is 99 to 1 muzzie. but I guess if you are the 1 % and need to shop at least go with a group. self defense–beat his azz down…..

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