Video: Islamophobia Hoaxes Are Not Rare

Source: Islamophobia Hoaxes Are Not Rare – The Rebel

Liberal politicians, university administrators, and the mainstream media are quick to amplify cases of alleged “Islamophobia”. They love to push the narrative that Muslims are innocent snowflakes while the rest of us are racist bigots.

But many of these cases are fabricated lies, Canada’s Hijab Hoax is only the most recent incident.

WATCH my video to see how “Islamophobia” hoaxes have become rampant in Britain, Canada, and the United States.

PS: We demand the Toronto Police Service investigate Saima Samad for misleading police by lying about her daughter being attacked for wearing a hijab.


See more Muslim hoaxes in our Category aptly titled: Hoax. The latest brewing posted yesterday.

One thought on “Video: Islamophobia Hoaxes Are Not Rare

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