Majority of Muslim Migrants in Europe Believe in Supremacy of Sharia Law

The majority of Muslims everywhere believe that. Including the U.S. If they don’t, they aren’t Muslim.

Source: Majority of Muslim Migrants in Europe Believe in Supremacy of Sharia Law: Gatestone Analysis

An analysis of surveys conducted among Muslim migrants in Europe shows that the majority of them value sharia law over national law and believe in the supremacy of Islam over other religions, according to Gatestone Institute.

Citing a recent study done by Ednan Aslan, professor of Islamic Religious Education at the University of Vienna, the Institute reported that for more than 51 percent of the interviewees, the supremacy of Islam over other religions is undisputed, and 55 percent believe in hell for unbelievers.

Aslan interviewed a sample of 288 of the roughly 4,000 predominantly Afghan asylum seekers in the Austrian city of Graz, on behalf of the city’s integration department.

Another 2016 study in the U.K. showed that 43 percent of British Muslims “believed that parts of the Islamic legal system should replace British law while only 22 percent opposed the idea,” the Institute highlighted.

Yet another poll, also from 2016, found that nearly a quarter of all Muslims supported the introduction of sharia law in some areas of Britain, and 39 percent agreed that “wives should always obey their husbands.” Nearly a third thought it was acceptable for a British Muslim man to have more than one wife.

The Institute further cited a 2014 study of Moroccan and Turkish Muslims in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Sweden, which revealed that an average of 65 percent said that Sharia is more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live.

The author of the analysis, Judith Bergman, commented: “None of these studies, polls, and intelligence reports appear to be making the least impression on European leaders. In the starry-eyed words of [EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris] Avramapolous, it is not enough that the mainly Muslim migrants who have come to Europe, ‘have found safety in Europe.’ According to him, ‘We also need to make sure they find a home.’

“The question that remains unanswered — as European leaders seek to make Islam great again on the continent — is where Europeans are supposed to make their homes.”

Other findings cited by Gatestone revealed that 43 percent of Afghan migrants in Graz believe that fathers have a right to use violence on children if necessary, according to Aslan’s survey.

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5 thoughts on “Majority of Muslim Migrants in Europe Believe in Supremacy of Sharia Law

  1. What might they think after a generation or two of being able to convert away and not get killed? It’s time to view Islam as a huge criminal conspiracy, with its secret networks and secret understandings. Unless and until a Muslim can leave this theo-Mafia freely and without fear, rule of law is a fiction and we’ll have a fifth column of criminal goons in our midst. National security agencies need to thoroughly surveill and penetrate this evil entity.

  2. More proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disease. They have their heads in their a$$es and are the Sh!t Midas. Everything they touch turns to crap. These Liberal Politicians are playing Russian roulette with the citizens of their countries by bringing in people who do not share any western values and have no desire to even try and assimilate into any western society. Would you reach into a bag of candy and eat a handful knowing 1 in every handful is poisoned ? That is literally what they are doing. Lets bring in people who hate our way of life and want to destroy us. Yeah that will work, NOT.

  3. Whats new? For 1400 years since this insane concept was developed it has spread like a plague over the civilized world and has caused untold misery and death. It looks like England will soon submit to this vile disease.
    Wake up America !!!!!!!
    “Farewell to England”
    This is an interesting “Farewell to England” list of Islamic accomplishments in that country that I thought might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that’s the takeover of a nation without going to war. Don’t think for a moment that America is not a target or that there are no American cities where Islamic and Sharia victories and takeovers have already occurred. It’s time for border control, or start planning for a very big goodbye America party
    Here’s what has already happened to England within a few years of opening their borders without entry control:
    How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:
    Mayor of London .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLim
    Mayor of Oxford .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton …. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rochdale … MUSLIM
    All the following achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population:
    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosque
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    Muslim Women.. 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Men… 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Families… 6-8 children on FREE benefits/housing and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT where a jizya tax has been paid to the muslim clerics!!

  4. “An analysis of surveys conducted among Muslim migrants in Europe shows that the majority of them value sharia law over national law …..”

    These surveys are deeply flawed.
    For islam and so for muslims, sharia is the perfect way of life, as *revealed* by *allah*, by which humans must live if they are to escape the eternal torture in hell to which non-muslims are condemned.
    Sharia law is determined by reference to the sharia, and is the practical way by which the divine doctrine of sharia is implemented in actual human societies.
    It is therefore undeniable that for muslims, sharia law is higher than all national law.
    A muslim who asserts that s/h/it does not place sharia above national law is either ignorant of islam or, more likely, lying about how s/h/its views on sharia.

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