South Dakota: Sioux Falls mayoral hopeful criticized for calling out terror-linked Muslim org

Terror-linked Muslim groups, the media, ACLU, SPLC and so many others are vehemently opposed to prioritizing Americans first. Source: Sioux Falls mayoral hopeful criticized by equal rights advocates

A Sioux Falls mayoral candidate is taking some heat for posts on his personal social media profile that equal rights advocates say are anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim.

Mike Gunn, a retired business owner and a dark horse in the 2018 Sioux Falls mayoral race, drew attention from the nonprofit South Dakota Voices for Justice for a series of Facebook posts expressing support for tighter immigration laws and alarmism over the country’s increasing Muslim population.

“It should alarm all citizens of Sioux Falls to see that kind of propaganda being released or reposted by someone who wants to be the top-elected official for the city,” said Taneeza Islam, a Sioux Falls immigration lawyer and executive director of South Dakota Voices for Justice.

[Not noted in the article is that Taneeza Islam came from the terror-linked CAIR]

Islam was specifically referring to a post shared Tuesday by Gunn from the Facebook page of Americans First, Task Force of Aberdeen SD, a self-described educational page that regularly shares memes and news stories critical of Islam.

The post in question included a story from the website stating the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is tied to terrorist organizations. Similar claims have been made by Republican and conservative office seekers throughout the country who site a Center for Security Policy report linking the organization to terrorist groups in the Middle East.

But the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializing in civil rights and public interest litigation, has repeatedly defended CAIR and says the Center for Security Policy is an anti-Muslim extremist group.

Another post shared by Gunn on Feb. 3 encourages his followers to report immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally.

Gunn, a German immigrant himself, defended the posts in a phone interview and denied being a racist or a xenophobe.

“Am I anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim? No. I’m anti-radicals,” he said. “I’m all for doing things the legal way. I had to do it the right way, so I don’t see what the problem is.”

Gunn said if elected mayor, he would direct the Sioux Falls Police Department to work with federal immigration authorities to ensure foreign-born residents aren’t overstaying their visas or being harbored by local organizations or businesses.

But he would also welcome foreign-born residents into Sioux Falls if they’re willing to embrace “the American way.”

“Assimilate to our ways or, if you want it to be like your home country, then go home,” Gunn said. “I don’t see why that’s a racist remark. We are the United States. There’s a difference in the name, there’s a difference in the rules, and there’s a difference in the way of life.”

Our previous posts on South Dakota, and Sioux Falls in particular (see here), suggest the state has a serious and growing Muslim problem. That will only get

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8 thoughts on “South Dakota: Sioux Falls mayoral hopeful criticized for calling out terror-linked Muslim org

  1. Just ask the folks in Yugoslavia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Belgium about the wonders of diversity, or ask the folks in Minnesota how it has benefited them. Diversity destroys unity. Look at how unhappy and backward the Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans are for not having masses of diversity within their borders.

    The Left only knows how to destroy. One cannot point to a happy leftist society. Just look at the people fleeing San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia or Detroit.

  2. I am a state away from SD, but I will do what I can to support this guy. I am sending him verbal support and a little bit of money.

    I have seen first hand how out of control the immigrant population increase is there and how little these (mostly Somali?) immigrants want to assimilate and respect our laws that they don’t agree with. I don’t know how a state like SD can afford to give these people all that free rent, food, (money) and healthcare.

    I guess we are all paying for these ingrates that hate us and our world while they slowly try to take over.

  3. Look at Syria, and Mosel and Damascus they are all destroyed because Islam sucks with child molesting, beheading, stoning of women, an inbreeding. Check out

  4. Obama was a sleeper to make sure lots of Muslims come to the USA , he is a p o shit ,checkout and see how all other religions are treated if you like to know which most lib’s don’t.

  5. The truth of Islam’s Anti-Everybody Not-Muslim teachings and ways are like kryptonite to Muslims because it exposes them for what their 7th Century Totalitarian Lifestyle really is. They rely on the Uninformed to flourish and continue their march to conquer the world and force everyone to live under Islam with Sharia Law or Die. It is all in their teachings and actions for over 1400 years and ignored by Liberals the world over.

  6. Sooo many Americans with their heads in the sand, including clergy and educators who starting over forty years ago were subjected to Islamic and Islam supported indoctrination into how to be willfully ignorant.

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